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Steve Almond Wife: Who Is Erin Almond? Her Age, Job

Steve Almond called out Laura Ingraham on her Fox show. He was on the show to discuss the injury of Damar Hamlin. This commotion has turned heads towards his professional and personal life, more importantly, his wife Erin Almond. Who is Erin? How old is she?

Learn all that we’ve discovered here in this article below.

Meet Erin Almond, Steve Almond Wife

Erin Almond and her husband Steve Almond met each other in their twenties when she was balancing fiction writing with a full-time job as a tech writer. But, it isn’t clear for how long they have been married as of 2022. The couple has never shared detail regarding their wedding. Moreover, they have never made any anniversary post on their respective socials.

Steve conducted an interview with Erin after she launched her debut novel for GrubStreet. She spoke recalling the time when she met Steve. Erin said, “And most of my weekends were devoted to my dating/social life, which felt as important at that stage of life as family life does to me now.”

Steve had once published a memoir titled Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life. Later in 2010, he was interviewed by Vanity Fair, where he mentioned that his wife almost slept with Winger’s lead singer Kip Winger. He said, “That alone is a reason to write a book. How many people get to say, “My wife came dangerously close to having dirty hotel sex with the lead singer from Winger?””

Steve added, “And it could still happen! I’m reminded of that every day. She was worried about me writing about Kip at all because she didn’t want to burn that bridge. “I’m serious, honey, don’t fuck this up for me!” And the thing is, she was being deadly serious. There’s some part of her holding on, like “Maybe I could do better than this dweeb.” She’s keeping her options open.”

So, they have been married for more than 12 years as of January 2023.

Steve And Erin Almond Wife Children

Steve and Erin Almond are parents to three children. Their oldest daughter Josephine “Josie” is 16 years old. She performed with the Boston Children’s Chorus. She also performed at Wang Theater in Boston in 2019 with the theme of “strong women“.

Their middle child, a son, is named Jude. She has stated on several posts on her IG that her son is vegan. The mother-son duo has also traveled to Boston VegFest. Jude, who is reportedly color-blind, also loves playing instruments like guitar and piano. In fact, he has also performed at several libraries such as Robbins Library and Bedlam Book Cafe.

Their youngest daughter is named Rosalie Almond.

On Mother’s Day 2019, Erin posted on her IG, “Despite what the Hallmark cards would have you believe, motherhood is complicated and messy and the “easy” moments are often few and far between. But sometimes you wake up to these goofy monkeys bringing you breakfast in bed and making you laugh hard enough to snort maple syrup out your nose. That’s a good morning in our house, and I’m so grateful for it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, trying their best every day! I hope you all have your version of breakfast in bed today. #motherhood #writermom #grateful #husbandswhocook #messykids #mothersday.”

In order to balance home life and writing life, after having kids, they hired babysitters so that she could work on her novel.

She said, “This is something many parent writers don’t talk about, that it’s pretty much impossible to write while being a full-time caretaker unless you have an involved grandparent or can pay for someone to do some caretaking for you. I felt very guilty about babysitting, at first. But it didn’t take me long to realize that I’m a much better parent and partner when I have the ability to devote some of my time to the creative projects that feed my soul.”

Erin Almond Age

Presently in 2023, Erin Almond is 48 years old. She was born in July 1974.

What Is Erin Almond Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Erin Almond is Falkevitz. She was born Erin Eileen Falkevitz.

Erin Almond Job

According to Erin Almond’s website, she is a novelist, short story writer, essayist, and reviewer. Her work has been published in The Boston Globe, Literary Mama, Colorado Review, Normal School, Small Spiral Notebook, and WBUR’s Cognoscenti column, and The She is a graduate of the UC-Irvine MFA program and Wesleyan University, and a recipient of a St. Botolph Foundation Emerging Artists Grant. She was also a Cognoscenti contributor.

Erin published her debut novel Witches’ Dance in October 2019. Steve during his interview with Erin for GrubStreet, praised his wife’s work saying, “I love my wife’s new novel. But don’t take my word for it. Ramona Ausubel calls Witches’ Dance “a symphony of genius and insanity,” Grub Goddess Jenna Blum promises the book will “mesmerize you,” and the litany of praise goes on and on.”

The story follows the turbulent and sexually explosive connection between Hilda Greer, a disobedient student, and Phillip Manns, a violinist who thinks he is Niccolo Paganini’s reincarnation.

Erin had wanted to be a professional musician. She began playing violin at the age of 9. She grew up loving classical music, but as a teenager, heavy metal felt much more relevant to her life.

Erin was in a teen metal band named The Virgin Saints.

During her interview with her husband, she addressed “what’s at the heart of the book for her” and her love for music. Erin said, “The violin. When I first sat down to write, I started with my own vague longing for that instrument, and my grief over the fact that—despite enrolling in a conservatory right out of high school—I would never be a professional musician. Much of the work I did in revision was trying to transform that vague longing into a specific emotional experience for my characters, to bring them to life on the page.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Erin Almond From?

Erin Almond, her husband, and her kids are currently residing in Arlington, Massachusetts.

  • Is Erin Almond On Instagram?

Yes, Erin Almond is on Instagram (@erinalmond1) and Facebook (@ErinEileenAlmond).

  • When Is Erin Almond Birthday?

Erin Almond celebrates her birthday in July.

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