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Steven Lee Hall Jr Bio, Net Worth, Married, N*ked And Afraid

N*ked And Afraid fans would definitely remember Steven Lee Hall Jr. He was the one who declared himself “King of the Forest” as he ate a rattlesnake’s still-beating heart.

Let’s get to know him better as this Steven Lee Hall Jr Bio proceeds.

Steven Lee Hall Jr On N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing

Some competitors on N*ked And Afraid leave an everlasting impression on their viewers. Acknowledging this, Discovery Channel brought back the most formidable competitors from past seasons on the N*ked And Afraid spinoff N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing — which premiered on May 7, 2023.

Steven was one of these 12 competitors who were dropped in South Africa’s punishing Oribi Gorge where they faced multiphase challenges that tested their survival skills as they competed to win a $100,000 grand prize.

Fans remember him from N*ked And Afraid XL (where he grace 38 eps from 2016 to 2022), and N*ked And Afraid (2016 – 2019).

This survival expert also appeared on Shark Week (2018).

Now, coming to the N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing challenges — it unfolded in three phases within 45 days. Phase one tasked pairs of survivalists to last 21 days in the wilderness. Each pair had to hunt for food, water, fire, and shelter after earning the tools they need to survive, which are cached in the surrounding environment.

As for the second phase, the remaining survivalists entered a group challenge where they competed both with and against their teammates.

Finally, in phase three, it’s every man for himself. A three-day journey to extraction — the first person who comes out on top of that challenge will earn the six-figure prize and Naked and Afraid’s first perfect 10 Primitive Survival rating.

Steven Lee Hall Jr Job

Steven is a survivalist and also a self-taught professional artist who goes by the moniker Nevets Killjoy. He claims to have painted “several murals and over a thousand canvases.”

You can find the artworks he likes to call “TRACKS” at “”

According to Steven, every one of his paintings has a song or “TRACK” that gave him the inspiration for its creation. Hence “TRACKS” is the compilation of all of them together, paintings made from music. “Just as music conveys emotion, I feel when you combine it with the visual aspect from the painting it gives the art a “soul”. I prefer acrylic, but have worked with all mediums,” he said.

Surprisingly, Steven never had formal training. He just developed his own style.

Prior to becoming an artist, Steven worked as a bartender for several bars in downtown Orlando, FL.

The survivalist also makes a few bucks from his Camero @allterraintitan.

How Much Is Steven Lee Hall Jr Net Worth?

By 2023, Steven Lee Hall Jr garnered a net worth of above $700 thousand.

Steven Lee Hall Jr Age

Steven turned 40 years of age in 2023.

But he was a year younger when he filmed  N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing.

Who Are Steven Lee Hall Jr Parents?

Steven has always looked up to his parents, Steven Lee and Debbie Hall. “One of the main reasons I am who I am!… I got an Incredible dad and if I end up a quarter of his cool as he is one day I will have succeeded,” he said.

The survivalist also thanks his dad and his grandfather for teaching him survival skills from a young age.

His dad, Steven is an adventurer who’s circumnavigated the globe countless times. He turned 72 in March 2023.

As for his mother, Debbie is an Amarillo, Texas native. She is an “incredible woman that was always been there for me, whether I was getting into trouble growing up or running around naked on national television,” he said.

Trivia: Steven has a sister who’s taller than him.

Is Steven Lee Hall Jr Married?

Steven Lee Hall Jr is likely unmarried.

For now, he’s just wrapping his head around life and living the moment. “Life’s a trip, it’s downright HARD but when we pray for strength, God gives us Opportunities to be Strong,” he said.

Seems like the survivalist is a man of considerable faith. Even back when he had a difficult night filming the show in Alabama, he confessed to having said the Lord’s Prayer in his head for hours.

Also, Steven openly supports the LGBTQ community and shames anyone who uses God as an excuse to hurt them.

Steven Lee Hall Jr Height

Steven stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features — Steven has baby blue eyes, brown hair, and tattoos on his sides.

Also, the survivalist lost a lot of weight in early 2023 and was at 53 kg (117 lbs) after a 60-day challenge in the Amazon. 

Did you know: Steven lost all his front bottom teeth while filming N*ked And Afraid. He later got a new set with his own money!

Related FAQs

  • Is Steven Lee Hall Jr On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @stevenleehalljr and Facebook @StevenLeeHallJr (page) and @nevetskilljoy (private).

  • When Is Steven Lee Hall Jr Birthday?

Steven receives his birthday wishes on March 23 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Steven Lee Hall Jr From?

Steven hails from Amarillo, Texas. But in 2023, he resided in Orlando, Florida.

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