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Storm Reid Mother: Who Is Robyn Simpson? Her Age, Job

Euphoria actress Storm Reid now has not only a skyrocketing career but also a “super sweet” and “super talented” boyfriend. Storm and quarterback Shedeur Sanders made their red carpet debut on 12 January 2023 as they attended the premiere of Storm’s movie Missing. Amid this new development in Storm’s life, let us take some time to get to know about her yet another love of her life, her mother, Robyn Simpson.

Meet Robyn Simpson, Storm Reid’s Mother

Storm Reid’s mother is Robyn Simpson, AKA Robyn Lynette Simpson, and she is really proud of her daughter. Back in 2019, Storm told Teen Vogue that both her parents are proud of her and in turn, she said, it makes her feel good. She also gushed about her mother assuring her that she could quit acting anytime. “As long as I’m happy, that’s what matters to them”, she told the outlet.

Both of Storm’s parents have attended as many of their daughter’s events. Still, people on the internet have seen Storm and her mom together more often.

Together, Storm and Robyn are always on the move, either taking care of Storm’s career or celebrating her wins. Storm too never missed appreciating her mama. To her, Robyn is also a best friend, inspiration, and business partner. It’s hers that Storm considers the “favorite smile” in the entire universe. She also lovingly addresses Robyn as her “dawg” and “shawty”. In addition to being all lovey-dovey Storm also actually gifted her mother a beautiful house. In August 2022, she posted a snap of her mom beaming in the house she bought and built for her.

So, to sum it up in Storm’s words, her mother is the reason her world keeps spinning. She says her “unconditional love and the sacrifices” are just a few things that she can not repay nor thank her enough for. In a May 2021 post on Facebook, Storm also wrote how she is beyond excited to step into a new chapter where she and her mother are closing multiple business deals and building a house together. “I can’t wait for the world to see your magic as a businesswoman.” Also, she said she secretly loves it when people still mistake them as sisters.

Is Robyn Simpson Still Married To Storm Reid’s Father?

Robyn Simpson is likely divorced from Storm Reid’s father. Because in this tweet “Family night at the movies and my step dads bday celebration” from back in 2017’s Thanksgiving, Storm mentioned a step-dad.

Storm’s rumored biological father is Rodney Reid.

Storm as seen with her dad and Paris, Josh, and Iman (from left) (PIC: Instagram)

Robyn and Rodney share three more kids: Iman (on IG @inimanwetrust), Josh (on IG @__jreid7), and Paris (on IG @ps_simp). Storm is the youngest of all and she was born on 1 July 2003 in Atlanta.

Robyn Simpson Age

Robyn Simpson was born in 1967. So, she turned 55 years old in 2022.

Where Is Robyn Simpson From?

Robyn Simpson originally hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Although recently, she had been calling Los Angeles, California home.

She also has family, including her dad and two big brothers, in Charlotte and Greensboro.

Robyn Simpson Job

Robyn Simpson is the co-founder/CEO of A Seed & Wings Productions, which is an independent production house, founded in 2017 by none other than Robyn and her daughter Storm.

On IG @aseedandwings, Seed & Wings‘s entertainment and multimedia services include providing advice and information for music, video, film, television programs concept and script development, and more.

Another company that the mother-daughter duo owns would be Wings2Fly Entertainment. It was incorporated in February 2016.

In October 2019, the two also held a class called “Pick My Brain” on getting other kids started in the TV/Film industry.

So like this, over the last decade, Robyn’s job has also been about moving through cities to support Storm and her other kids.

Meanwhile, IMBD also credits her as an executive producer for the 2004 short film Poultry and Prejudice and The Jamie Foxx Show (1996).

As for Rodney, Storm’s dad, it was not unclear what he did for a living.

Robyn Simpson Height

Beautiful Robyn Simpson with an even great personality stands below 5′ 7” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Robyn Simpson’s Birthday?

Robyn Simpson’s birthday is on October 12th and that makes her a Libra.

  • Is Robyn Simpson On Instagram?

Robyn Simpson could be found on Instagram @pennysfirst where she entertained 826 posts and 13.8K followers as of 19 January 2023. Also, here, she with grace quoted “Through Christ All Things Are Possible ~ “I’m a witness”.

  • How Much Is Robyn Simpson’s Net Worth?

Robyn Simpson reportedly had close to $1 million net worth as of January 2023.

Her daughter Storm, of African American descent, was expected to have accumulated even more, until last year.

From an early age, Storm aspired to become an actress. So, when she was 9, she and her family moved to Los Angeles from their hometown of Atlanta so that she could pursue her acting. And thus the year 2012 saw her make her debut in the television film A Cross To Bear.

More recently, she starred in the science fiction horror film The Invisible Man (2020), The Suicide Squad (2019), and One Way (2020). Next were the leading roles in the mystery/thriller film Missing and the supernatural horror film The Nun 2.

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