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Storm Reid Father: Who Is Rodney Reid? His Age, Job, IG

Storm Reid might be content with her body now. But the actress once feared “being too tall” because of her father Rodney Reid’s genes.

So, who’s her towering father? Keep reading this article to learn all about him.

Meet Rodney Reid, Storm Reid Father

Storm Reid is Rodney Reid’s loving father. Though he wasn’t always physically there for Storm, she said that he was the one who taught her important life lessons.

On father’s day 2017, she posted a picture of him on her FB, captioned, “Happy Father’s Day daddy! Love you to the moon and back. Thanks for always supporting me even from on the other side of the world. Thank you for teaching me important lessons in life. Thanks for loving me.”

Also, later in the post, the actress thanked her dad for letting her call him “to talk about the latest underground rappers.” Guess, the dad-daughter duo was into rap music.

But Storm’s dad isn’t only the one she calls to talk to about music and life. The actress is also equally close to her mother, Robyn Simpson. Infact, her mother is so supportive of her that she told her she could quit acting anytime.“My mom has always said, if I didn’t want to do it [acting] anymore, then I could just quit, but I haven’t wanted to. I feel like that’s everyone’s outlook,” Storm explained before adding, “As long as I’m happy, that’s what matters to them.”

Knowing that her dad and mom love her the most and are “really proud of [her],” makes her “feel good.”

Is Rodney Reid Still Married To Storm Reid’s Mother?

No, Rodney Reid has likely divorced his daughter’s mother, Robyn Simpson.

Infact, there’s a possibility that Robyn could have already remarried. (Storm once mentioned “stepdad” in one of her FB posts — “Family night at the movies and my step dads bday celebration.”)

Rodney’s possible ex-wife, Robyn Simpson is an actress who has graced the shows Poultry and Prejudice and The Jamie Foxx Show. Also, she’s an Executive Film Producer who owns A Seed & Wings Productions — a multi-media production she founded with her daughter Paris in 2020. Initially, they founded the production to build an independent multimedia production house rooted in the narratives that forge multicultural conversations, entertain, educate and uplift.

The last we checked, the mother-daughter duo was producing the movie Darby Harper Wants You to Know.

The story follows Darby Harper (portrayed by Storm), who after suffering a near-death experience as a child is granted the ability to see ghosts. To combat the existential boredom of high school, she then runs a side business counseling local spirits in her spare time. But an unexpected occurrence happens between Darby and Capri (the most popular girl at her high school) which forces Darby to help her and in the process learn how to fit in with the living world again.

Here’s Robyn’s IG @pennysfirst and Twitter @StormEntWorld.

How Many Kids Does Rodney Reid Have?

Rodney Reid has fathered four kids —  Iman, Josh, Paris, and Storm.

Amongst them, Storm (born: July 1, 2003) was the youngest. Her older brother, Josh stepped into this world on April 11, 2001. According to the 12 Years a Slave star, her brother was the “most incredible boy in the world. my real-life ride or die. best friend. the person I call when my stomach hurts, when I’m mad, sad, excited, or just wanna talk. my sneaker & tattoo buddy.”

As for Paris, she celebrates her birthday on August 16.  She is one half of A Seed & Wings Productions and has worked at The Late Late Show production office. Here’s her IG @ps_simp and Twitter @PS_iiLoveYou

Sadly, we don’t know much about, Iman. Here’s her IG @inimanwetrust.

Rodney Reid Age

Rodney Reid was reportedly born before 1967. That made him at least 55 years of age in 2023.

On the other hand, we can confirm that his wife Robyn was 55 then.

Rodney Reid Job

Rodney Reid didn’t reveal his job. But we’re sure it’s not related to something that grabs a lot of attention like that of his daughter.

His daughter, Storm Reid is an actress notable for her childhood role as Emily in the acclaimed 2013 film 12 Years a Slave. Also, many may know her as “Abigail” in the feature Killing Winston Jones and “Sparkle” in the film Santa’s Boot Camp. In 2019, she also starred as “Gia” in HBO’s Euphoria.

Related FAQs

  • Is Rodney Reid On Instagram?

No, Rodney wasn’t on Instagram or any other social media. He was even absent from his daughter’s IG @stormreid.

  • Where Is Rodney Reid From?

Rodney didn’t reveal his hometown. But he welcomed Storm in Atlanta, GA and as her acting ambitions became a viable option for an early career at the age of 9, the family (except Rodney) moved to Los Angeles.

  • How Tall Is Rodney Reid?

Rodney reportedly stands tall at a height of above 6 feet (183 cm). And it was also because of his intimidating height, Storm feared she’s be towering as well. Fortunately, she didn’t.

In her words, “I had a fear of being too tall because my dad is very tall, and both my sisters are very tall. And they’re drop-dead gorgeous, but I just didn’t know if I, as Storm, wanted to be 6 feet tall, because I feel like that’s pretty tall.”

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