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Survivor 43: Who Is James Jones? His Wife, Height, Family

Meet James Jones, one among the lineup of competitors ready to challenge for a $1 million prize on Survivor 43.

James has always been able to adapt, ever since he became a fish out of the water on a college campus of 13,000 and so he thought ‘why not go on the Survivor show as well?’. So, his season of the series kicked off on 21 September 2022. And so here’s the writing to tell you all about who James Jones is, his height, family background, journey through Survivor 43, and more.

James Jones On Survivor 43

James Jones still remembers watching the first season of Survivor. When Earl Cole won Survivor back in 2007, James realized Survivor was just the show for him. Why? Because he thought in this game, he could use his personal ability to communicate with people. Also, James said he wants to see if he can be as good of a Survivor player as he thinks he can be when somebody challenges him mentally, physically, and emotionally. He also just wanted to have fun and have a cool experience, and of course, win $1 million. Thus, he applied and was lucky enough to get chosen.

James grew up as a competitive chess player competing across the United States. As a result, he did not see many other kids who looked like him throughout these competitions, which he says actually gives him a strategic edge in the game.

Then, when asked who are the Survivor winners and non-winners he identifies with the most, James said, it should be Earl (for the winner), and the person that he feels that has not won and still is the best is Cirie.

As for his guest list for alliances he thought he would be purposely seeking out people who are his opposites, even if that means going against his instincts and opening up his heart.

How Old Is James Jones?

Born in 1985, James Jones turned 37 years old in 2022.

James Jones Family

James Jones grew up in the church. He was an usher and sang in the choir from age 6 to 17. And there, his dad was a deacon and my mom was a deaconess.

His mom, Natalie Jones is no more. She lived until the age of 59.

In James’s words, before she passed away on 7 September 2016, she overcame a lot to raise him and give him the foundation to be the person that he is today. James went on to share on social media that she made sure he was raised in a safe house, he went to church to develop a moral compass, and also took him to black history workshops as a child so he had a sense of self-worth. She also made sure James got into the best public school in the city, then made sure he could travel the country as a middle schooler playing chess.

James also seemed to have had a good relationship with his dad, James Johnson Sr.

James Jones as seen back in the day with his dad and mom (PIC: Instagram)

It’s been also written in James’s mother’s obituary, that she and James Sr. married on 28 January 1983, they loved to travel to Hawaii of all places.

Lastly, because, on social media, James also mentioned a 23-year-old niece, Kira, he also maybe has a sibling or more.

James Jones Wife

James Jones’s relationship status was unconfirmed as of 2022. So, if he had a partner, a wife, or a girlfriend, no one knew of it. But then, by the look of how he was seen on Survivor 43, he seemed single at the time.

Is James Jones On Instagram?

James Jones could be found on Instagram @j2dajones (as Jay Jones) with 915 posts and 5,153 followers.

James Jones Job

Professionally, James Jones is an event planner. He claims that he has planned happy hours, brunches, and different assorted events. He also claims to have thrown a ‘First Friday Happy Hour’ for young Black professionals in the city before the COVID pandemic.

So, from this job, James should likely earn $22.00 per hour working around Philadelphia, as per’s estimation. But then this might also differ largely as for a while now he has been the owner of his own event planning business.

Additionally, James spent nearly 15 years working as a healthcare professional before coming to Survivor. On this show, Jones also spoke of his travels from SEPTA and to Masterman.

And when he was asked to tell about the accomplishment he is most proud of, he chose the incident of him winning the United States Chess Open (the largest chess tournament in the USA) for his rating bracket when he was 12. Playing against grown people, he had won $1,200 and that was like $100,000 to him at the time.

As for his education, James acquires a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

James Jones Height

Confident, casual, and self-aware James Jones stands around 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is James Jones’s Birthday?

James Jones’s birthday is in the month of May.

  • Where Is James Jones From?

James Jones was inhabiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as of 2022, and he was also born and bred here.

Also So You Know: Pet peeves that James finds annoying are”really” bad customer service and “pushy” salespeople.

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