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Meet Naila Sanders, Actor Henry G Sanders Wife! Age, Job

Meet Naila Sanders, wife of actor Henry G Sanders. Henry is currently starring in Fox’s action drama 911, where he plays Samuel Carter. Learn about his wife and kids here. Also, we cover details on her age, job, and maiden name.

Meet Naila Sanders, Veteran Actor Henry G Sanders Wife

Naila Aladdin Sanders is the wife of Henry G Sanders. According to LA Times, the outlet reported that Henry and Naila were married for 17 years (in 1995). So, they tied the knots in 1978. Hence, as of 2022, they have been married for 43 years. In the article, Henry talks about his wife and children.

Henry and Naila now are parents to two children, but they had problems having children and infertility. “It took us four years to have children before they found out it could be taken care of with a simple operation,” Henry said. “We were lucky, it’s an issue that plagues many couples, and it will plague Robert E. and Grace for several episodes.”

Now in 2022, they have two children; Azizi Cowins (Sanders) born in 1984, and Naeem who was born in 1986. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Azizi worked in finance as a debt collector for 11 years, a notary, and a loan signing agent. She is currently working as a seller of “adult toys” or “naughty girl toys” on the side.

Leaving the toy market, she then moved to selling lingerie. She said, “Not appreciating the pieces many local stores had to offer, I did my research on elegant french lace pieces. And Sex’e Skins was born. The name was more than being “sexy” The mission is to embrace and empower one’s sexuality and love the skin you’re in.”

Azizi also endured homelessness in 2020. She went into full grind mode, daily. She was told to get a 9-5, constantly scrutinized about the choice of name for my business, and the field of choice, and almost gave up everything. On January 24th, 2021 we opened 1600 sq. ft of our lingerie showcase during a pandemic.

Where everyone is telling me it was crazy to do, I did it! Also, having The Sex’e Studio (photography) catering to boudoir photography educates women on how to love themselves as they are (in this moment). She is a mother of two kids.

Their son Naeem Sanders. Naeem was an airforce veteran.

You should know that Naila is Henry’s second wife. He was previously married to his ex-wife while he was in service. He had one daughter named Chanel in 1967. The marriage only lasted for two years, and soon after Henry returned to civilian life. Chanel has a son named Brendan making Henry and Naila, grandparents.

Naila Sanders Age

Naila Sanders’s year of birth is 1954. As of September 2022, she is currently 68 years old.

Naila Sanders Job

Naila Sanders started her career as a costume designer working at Los Angeles Actors Theatre in 1975. She worked in the theatre for a year. In 1983, she became costume shop manager at Los Angeles City College where she is still working to date. Her job is to instruct acting students in beginning costume construction and wardrobe maintenance. Moreover, she also instructs and assists Costume Design Majors in Advanced Costume Construction, Pattern Drafting & Draping, Millinery, Dyeing & Painting for Theatre.

From 1998 to 2010, Naila was employed at Robey Theatre Company. A principal costume designer for the company, she designed and constructed French and Haitian military uniforms and civilian costumes for the 3-part retelling of the Haitian Slave Revolt in 1795.

Naila also worked as a wardrobe and costume design teacher at Los Angeles City College.

Moreover, Naila also spent 11 years of her career at Greenway Arts Alliance working in the same role. And, she worked for seven years at Fountain Theatre as a costume designer. According to her IMDB, she has worked on projects such as Berkeley, Carla, Reflection Day, and The Tragedy of JFK (as Told by Wm. Shakespeare).

Naila studied Costume Design/Theatre at Los Angeles City College. She also attended Los Angeles Theatre Academy and studied art at Immaculate Heart College. Moreover, she studied Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Talk about her husband, Henry was born in Houston, Texas to Henry and Mildred Sanders. Henry attended Catholic schools for the first three years of his life. He was sent off to a boarding school in Louisiana until the ninth grade. Back in Houston, he attended a public high school.

In 1960, Henry started a military career at Fort Livingsworth, Missouri, and Fort Knox, Kentucky. After basic training, he was transferred to Sturbering, Germany. Henry fell in love with Germany and decided to reenlist. His unit was transferred back to the “States” and stationed at Fort Mead, Maryland. Anxious to get back to Europe when his “tour of duty” ended, he reenlisted and was stationed in Berlin, Germany. Before leaving the service completely, Henry felt it was important to go to Vietnam [November 1996].

Henry spent the next four years writing and trying to get a novel published about his experiences in Vietnam. Uncertain about what he wanted to do with a nearly-completed novel, but certain that if “one was going to starve, it should be done in warm weather” [November 1996].

Henry moved to Los Angeles where his closest companion was his Underwood manual typewriter. Anxious to put the past behind him, Henry used his G.I. bill to enroll in Valley College. There, on a bulletin board, he saw an announcement for an acting workshop at the Oxford Theater. To Henry, the workshop classes were like therapy. He found himself with emotions he thought he no longer had and could not express. Acting opened him up. “It was like a dam burst,” says Henry. “I cried for the first time in over ten years.”

Is Naila Sanders On Instagram?

Naila Sanders is not on Instagram. But you can find her on Facebook (@naila.a.sanders).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Naila Sanders From?

Naila Sanders is a native of Los Angeles, California. She is currently living in Altadena, California.

  • What Is Naila Sanders Maiden Name?

Moreover, Naila Sanders’s maiden name is likely Alladin.

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