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Susan Boasi Bio, Job, Age, Family, TLC’s Match Me Abroad

TLC’s new dating series, Match Me Abroad, premiered on 14 May 2023 and introduced to viewers seven singles hoping to find love outside of America. Following their unlucky history within their home country, these seven singles went searching for love outside of the United States. Susan Boasi who we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing was one of them.

She decided to hire a matchmaker expert to find herself a man tired of dating in New York City. Keep reading to find out more about her.

Susan Boasi On TLC’s Match Me Abroad

On TLC’s Match Me Abroad, matchmaker Juan Nino will be taking care of Susan Boasi alongside fellow cast members Nathaly, and Chad. So, Susan will be on the other side of the world in Colombia with Juan and the guys he sets her with.

Barranquilla, Colombia-based Juan has been the CEO of Relationship Coach Colombia since 2020. Susan, tired of chasing after American men, is clearly in good hands as Match Me Abroad is also most likely not scripted. Susan’s matchmakers, like others on the show, are believed to have for real taken up the task of giving his clients a chance at love.

People already, for more than one reason, have believed that this particular reality TV show is not scripted. Each episode this far has definitely felt like what we are presented is an accurate depiction of real-life events.

Susan, on Match Me Abroad, is introduced as a proud dog mom, and single who loves spending most of her time traveling the world with her furry friend, Calliope, a Havanese pup. Calliope seemingly also accompanied her mom to South America for the TLC show.

Match Me Abroad was mostly filmed in the countries of Colombia, the Czech Republic, and Morocco. Because these places are home to the featured matchmaking experts who have welcomed their chosen singles in their respective home countries so that they can help them in their quest to find love.

In season 1 of the show, Susan Boasi and Nathaly, of Sri Lankan heritage, travel to Columbia to find their potential match.

Is Susan Boasi Dating Anyone?

Susan Boasi’s relationship status was unclear at the time of this writing. If she did manage to be together with the man Juan matched her with on the show, it was yet to be known.

In the TLC’s new experiment, Susan was seen looking for the man of her dreams with Juan’s guidance. Not only Susan appeared seemed tired of the impediments that have made dating impossible in the United States, but she also did not feel confident in her choice anymore, at that point. “My picker’s broken. Have somebody pick for me”, she even told the cameras on show.

So, in this process of finding her man, Juan tries to alleviate Susan’s major concerns, while also keeping in mind a few of her non-negotiable requirements. One is she told Juan that she wants him to match her with a man with a head full of hair.

Susan Boasi Age

Susan Boasi was born in 1976. So, she turned 46 years old in 2022.

Susan Boasi Family

Susan’s mother is Marie C Boasi. She turned 80 years old on 22 December 2022. She hails from New Braunfels, Texas, and long ago, she also went to Plainedge High School around there.

“To my hilarious ‘modified’ keg-standing mother who somehow survived raising me without being committed…Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️”, often Susan has been spotted making these kinds of social media posts about her beloved mother. Another instance is when she confessed to loving her dearly and even more than she (her mom) loved the St. John suits.

Also, in Susan’s words, her mom, back in the day, wore hot pants and had a head of hair that defied logic.

Not much is known about Susan’s father Paul S Boasi though. He reached the age of 80 in July 2022.

Susan Boasi Job

Susan Boasi, per the internet, is a children’s clothing designer and an employee at Oilily USA in Madison Ave, New York City.

Previously, Susan also was a registered agent of the business at Elfkin, Inc, a business entity in Bremerton, Washington that got dissolved in December 2014.

At the time of this writing, these were only a couple of things that we learned about the New Braunfels High School alum’s job/career

Susan Boasi Height

Beautiful Susan Boasi stands around 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Susan Boasi Birthday?

Susan Boasi’s birthday is on October 31st and that makes her a Scorpio.

  • Is Susan Boasi On Instagram?

Yes. Susan Boasi can be found on Instagram @elfkinworld and as of 15 May 2023, it included 94 posts and 343 followers.

  • Where Is Susan Boasi From?

Susan Boasi originally hails from New York, New York. From there, she left for Brazil when she was just 15. At the time, her parents had thought that they were nuts for letting their 15-year-old move to South America alone.

Again, in 2009, when the economy collapsed and she lost her job, she packed a bag, with a one-way ticket and just moved to Palermo in Italy. She continues to reside there and in August of 2021, she was beyond excited to be getting her Italian citizenship.

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