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Syabira Yusoff Bio, Husband, Job, Height, Age, GBBO 2022

The Great British Bake Off returned with Season 13 on Channel 4 on 13 September 2022. And fans did not take long to pick a clear favorite to win the competition. Following the “cake week” episode, a poll was conducted among viewers who their favorite bakers are so far and a few clearly stood out amongst the rest. Syabira Yusoff, who we are going to discuss now, was found to be the third most popular baker at this point in the series. Here’s what we know about her.

Syabira Yusoff On Great British Bake Off GBBO 2022

Even Giuseppe Dell’Anno, who won the 2021 series of Bake Off, recently predicted that as long as there are not any major surprises along the way, Janusz, Sandro and none other than Syabira Yusoff could make it to the final.

Yet, in the first episode, fans were staggered by her NSFW coconut tree. A specific element of her cake bore an explicit resemblance to a certain body part and fans including presenter Matt Lucas was left stunned by what they were seeing.

While Syabira, reliving the very moment yet again on the TV screen during its launching, had cozied up for the evening with a homemade blueberry swiss roll. And soon after former Bake Off winner, Rahul congratulated her on her efforts in the first week.

Syabira indeed excelled in the competition, earning the number one spot during the Technical challenge. However, it was not her but Janusz who was crowned “Star Baker of the week”.

Syabira started baking relatively recently, in 2017, with a red velvet cake, which reminded her of the treats she shared with her friends back home.

As much as baking or maybe a little less, she also loves gaming and often spends evenings playing an online World-War-II simulation game, which she credits with teaching her about leadership in the real world.

Syabira Yusoff Job

Do not let Syabira’s exceptionally well-baked cakes fool you. She may appear as a full-time pro-baker only. But she is not.

More than anything else, Syabira is a cardiovascular researcher and a bioinformatician by profession. While baking, it came to her naturally.

As per LinkedIn, she has been a full-time postdoctoral researcher at King’s College London since August 2019. Here, as part of the job, she conducts research to understand mechanisms and pathways involved in vascular smooth muscle cells in aging, in the context of vascular hypertension.

Long before that, Syabira worked as an agronomist at AgronomistAgronomist Green World Genetics Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Also, at Universiti Putra Malaysia, she investigated the desiccation tolerance of ornamental palm embryos as a research assistant.

Does Syabira Yusoff Have A Husband?

Syabira Yusoff did not have a husband as of the time of this writing. She also did not seem to have married in the past.

However, during GBBO she did have a boyfriend and she also did not shy away from admitting it publicly. In fact, she even said that she was happily settled (in London) with her boyfriend. His name is Bradley Saunders.

Lately, Syabira’s beau took to his Facebook to write that he is proud to announce that his girlfriend will be a contestant in The Great British Bake off. He said he was finally allowed to share this with the world. “I am very proud of her”, he added at last.

Bradley according to LinkedIn, is an artworker in London. More likely a freelancer now, his last job was as a creative worker at Ventiv HealthinVentiv Health.

How Old Is Syabira Yusoff?

Sabira Yusoff was 32 years old when her season of GBBO was filming.

Syabira Yusoff Height

A natural beauty, Syabira Yusoff stands 5’4” in height.

Syabira Yusoff Family

Syabira Yusoff is one of seven children born to her parents. So, she has six siblings.

Leaving them back home, Syabira immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2013 to pursue her Ph.D. But still, she keeps her roots near and dear to her heart as not only has she lived there for most of her life, but she also worked there for several years.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Syabira Yusoff From?

Syabira Yusoff was born in Malaysia. That is one reason she is all for giving Malaysian flavor twists to British classics, chicken rendang cornish pasties are a particular favorite, whenever she is in the kitchen baking.

She moved to the United Kingdom in 2013 to study for her Ph.D.

  • Is Syabira Yusoff On Instagram And Facebook?

Syabira Yusoff handled two accounts each for her personal and baking endeavors on Instagram as well as Facebook. So, while her IG @syabira_bakes was available for public viewing, the other @syabira.yusoff was kept private.

Syabira also shared now and then glimpses from her life and all kinds of bakes on ‘Syabira Yusoff’ and ‘Syabira bakes’ Facebook.

A few of these pages, as Syabira revealed, was was lovingly created by her and her partner collaboratively to share with the others her baking passion.

  • Where Did Syabira Yusoff Recieve Her Education?

Syabira Yusoff had not yet mentioned where she did her schooling, bachelor’s as well as master’s. But fortunately, she did put it on LinkedIn that she got her Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics and Genome Biology from the University of Leicester between 2014 and 2017.

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