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Sydney Errera Bio, Farmer Wants A Wife, Job, Age, Family

Sydney Errera is probably the fan-favorite among the girls who appeared on Farmer Wants A Wife. She linked with farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and has given the viewers at home some “aww” moments. Learn more about her age, job, and family in this article below.

Scroll down as we bring you information about Sydney in this short bio.

Sydney Errera On Farmer Wants A Wife

Sydney Errera of South Jersey debuted on FOX’s reality dating show “Farmer Wants a Wife.” She saw an ad for the second season on Instagram and she thought, ” ‘wait, this is so me. Like, yeah, I would totally date a farmer.’ I honestly didn’t even apply. I just texted one of the casting girls, and the next day, I had a Zoom call with her. And then a week later, she was like, ‘You got it. Pack your bags, you leave tomorrow.'”

Sydney made a connection with one of the four bachelors on the show, Mitchell Kolinsky, in the premiere of Season 2, and he invited her to continue her search for love at his Tennessee farm.

About choosing Mitchell, Sydney said, “He was not my first pick, but then when I saw him walk in, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so my type.’ I thought he was so hot. I was freaking out. But what really drew me to him was the fact that he’s super outdoorsy – he loves to hunt and fish. And so, that was my main thing. My main thing was that I wanted someone I could do that with.”

Sweetwater Marina and Riverdeck, a riverfront tavern where Sydney and her sisters worked for years, hosted a watch party to commemorate her TV debut. Errera was in Los Angeles enjoying the premiere with some of her “Farmer” cast friends, so she was unable to attend, but she could still feel the love from South Jersey.

“I wasn’t sure how people would react if they would be supportive of me,” Sydney said. “And then I saw videos from Sweetwater and I was just literally crying in my Uber to the premiere party. I was so overwhelmed with love.”

There were sparks between Sydney and Kolinsky from the first minute they met in the episode. Sydney told Kolinsky she was seeking for someone to go hunting and fishing with during their first discussion, to which Kolinsky remarked on her “beautiful” eyes and smile. Her construction job and heavy machinery operating skills also intrigued him. The couple compared the calluses on their hands to further cement their amorous feelings.

“I come with baggage,” Sydney joked in the teaser.

“Yeah, I was referring to my two pet sheep,” Sydney revealed. “I tried to convince my parents for years to get me sheep. But it wasn’t until like eighth grade that they were like, ‘Fine. We’ll get you a sheep.’ I saved that money. And I bought them. And I still have them, like, they’re literally my best friends. … Their names are Teddy and Tucker.”

Fans at home are also rooting for Sydney and Mitchell. They found the one-on-one time very cute. They have also become this season’s favorite couple for the ones watching at home.

Sydney Errera Age

According to her bio, Sydney Errera was 22 years old.

Sydney Errera Family

Sydney Errera is one of three daughters of Charles “Chuck” Errera and Suzanne Suzie Errera. Growing up her dad Chuck owned a construction company and he would always bring Sydney and her two older sisters to work. He would always throw them the machines and teach them so that they could even help them on the job.

“Then as I got older, I went to college for two years, and it really wasn’t something that I was interested in or wanted to do. So I started working for my dad, and I just honestly loved it. I loved waking up every day and getting my hands dirty. It was cool. I was always the only girl on the job site. It just made me feel good, like I’m in a man’s world. I love this,” Sydney said.

Chuck graduated from Salisbury State University. He is now 63 years of age.

Whereas, Suzie turned 52 in January 2024.

Sydney has two older sisters Samantha and Sage Errera. Samantha is now married to Brandon LaManna. She is a graduate of the University of New Haven. Sage on the other hand works as an Administrative Assistant at Stomper Excavation and Septic Installation. She went to Saint Joseph’s University.

Sydney Errera Job

Sydney Errera introduced herself as a construction worker. She also appears to be a model signed to Wilhelmina model.

Sydney Errera Height

Sydney Errera’s height measures above 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sydney Errera From?

Sydney Errera calls Sweetwater, New Jersey her hometown.

  • When Is Sydney Errera Birthday?

Sydney Errera’s birthday is currently unavailable.

  • Is Sydney Errera On Instagram?

Yes, Sydney Errera is available on Instagram (@sydneyerreraa).

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