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Sydney Webb Bio, Eyes, Age, Boyfriend, Food Stars

At the age of 21, Sydney Webb was diagnosed with colon cancer. And when no other ways were working for her, she was introduced to this “extremely powerful, rare, healing” class of superfoods called adaptogens. Her life has never been the same, she loves to tell everyone today. Three months after introducing them into her diet, she was completely cancer free. And so Toto, her adaptogenic cookie brand, also happened. Fast forward to 2023, she also decided to bring that very concept of food as medicine to Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. She is one of the 15 contestants/entrepreneurs invited to participate in the FOX network’s culinary competition show.

Sydney Webb On Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Fifteen culinary entrepreneurs were invited to participate in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. So, in this competition, Megan Meza and the others were made to take the challenge to convince Gordon to make a $250,000 personal investment in their business and become their partner in their business.

So far in the show (until episode 3), Kagen Cox, Elisa Strauss, and Jake Aronskind were no longer in the competition. Sydney, like Megan Meza, was safe up until the episode. The final result was not yet out. So, at this point, it was unknown if Megan made it through.

Sydney seemed really excited about her journey on Food Stars. Approximately 48 hours, she took to her social media to tell people how all of it has been so surreal. Not only because she was being seen on a television show but because of all of the work, tears, cookies, and people. She said making her national TV debut has in so many ways felt like she has lived so many lives to get here.

For over a year, Sydney was not allowed to tell anyone she went to Gordon Ramsay’s new TV show. So, in April 2023, when she was able to finally talk about it, she said the journey was by far one of the most “INSANE, rewarding, challenging, impactful” experiences of her life. Most importantly, she said she feels so humbled to have done it with so many badass entrepreneurs by her side.

Sydney Webb’s Net Worth

Sydney Webb reportedly had less than $600K net worth as of June 2023.

In case she wins the Food Stars competition, she will be taking to Toto the investment of $250,000. Toto, as they claim it, is the world’s first superfood cookie dough made from 8 superfood ingredients and nothing artificial- ever.

Sydney has been the co-founder & CEO of Toto since January 2020. To her, Toto is the culmination of her decade-long healing journey. Also, she has said it is so much more than a cookie company.

Before this, Sydney got her Associate’s Degree, Cinematography and Film/Video Production at El Camino College (2013 – 2015). Later, between 2016 and 2018, she did her bachelor’s in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia at the University of Southern California.

Sydney Webb Age

In 2023, Sydney Webb turned 28 years old.

Sydney Webb’s Boyfriend

Sydney Webb’s boyfriend Bennett Quintard and he also is the co-founder of her business Toto. He can be found on IG @bennett.quintard, where he described himself as an “excessively passionate entrepreneur”. He turned 27 years old on 10 June 2023 and as of this time, he had been residing in Thousand Oaks, California.

From the time when Sydney and her boyfriend Bennett, AKA Benny, decided to take a trip up to Seattle for a change of pace in March 2023 (PIC: IG)

What’s more, since dropping out of college during his sophomore year and dropping into being a full-time founder, Sydney’s boyfriend claims to have cut his teeth building startups in the worlds of food, esports, supplements, crypto, tech, and startup studios.

Just on 12 August 2022, Sydney took to her social media to share how she met Bennett six months ago. Though they were just friends at first, she said, she knew after the first day she met him that he was one of the most special people she had ever met. At this point, Sydney was moving in together with him in their new home in Santa Monica.

Sydney Webb Eyes

Sydney Webb stands below 5’3” in height. But did you also know what color her eyes are?

Clearly, her different-colored eyes caught the attention of Food Stars viewers. Sydney has two different colored eyes. But they were not like that always. A while ago, she shared a snap of herself from before where she is wearing an eye patch. She then explained she got an eye infection in her early 20s, and it turned both of her eyes blue. She was put on meds at the time to keep the infection under control, and it allowed one eye to heal, turning back to brown, & leaving the other one blue. And so her eyes were like that for about 6 years. And then in December 2022, she went to see her doctor again and found out that the infection was active again. She was said she was likely to go completely blind in her left eye within a year. Of course, she underwent surgery as prescribed and was assured that she should be fully healed by the end of the week- and back to brown. And now, we see on her social media pictures both her eyes look back to brown.

Related FAQs

  • Is Sydney Webb On Instagram?

Yes. Sydney Webb can be found on Instagram. As of 15 June 2023, her IG @sydneyoliviaaah included 201 posts and 12.7K followers. Here she has shown glimpses of her everyday wellness and entrepreneurship mostly.

  • Where Is Sydney Webb From?

Sydney Webb originally hails from Torrance, California. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Santa Monica, California.

  • When Is Sydney Webb’s Birthday?

Sydney Webb’s birthday is on May 27th, making her a Gemini.

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