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Megan Meza Bio, Age, Married, Height, Food Stars

Gordon Ramsay is back again with a new show Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars and is looking for the next great food and drink industry entrepreneur. And Megan Meza who we are going to talk about in this writing just might be the one the celebrity chef is looking for.

It was important for Megan to show up for the FOX culinary competition in general and go through this experience to set an example for other Latina business owners. Keep reading and we shall tell you more about her, including her personal life, in this ‘Megan Meza Bio’.

Megan Meza On Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Fifteen culinary entrepreneurs were invited to participate in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. So, in this competition, Megan Meza and the others were made to take the challenge to convince Gordon to make a $250,000 personal investment in their business and become their partner in their business.

So far in the show (until episode 3), Kagen Cox, Elisa Strauss, and Jake Aronskind were no longer in the competition. Megan was safe up until the episode. The final result was not yet out. So, at this point, it was not known if Megan made it through.

Most recently, when talking to FoodSided, Megan said, regardless of the final outcome, the process was a learning experience that will benefit her and her brand in the long run. In her interview, Megan also talked about the lessons she learned, and what is next for her and her brand.

Megan Meza Career

Per LinkedIn, Megan Meza has been the CEO & founder at Bandida in New York City since August 2019. Bandida, if you need to know, makes dairy-free Horchata Cold Brew Coffee. Megan claims that it breaks the glass ceiling by empowering other female entrepreneurs by working with women from diverse backgrounds at every opportunity, from coffee farmers and sourcing, down to their accountants.

Before this, from August 2017 until August 2019, she was the associate director of engagement planning, and customer experience lead at Ogilvy & Mather.

Even prior, she studied B.S. with Political Science major and Environmental Science and Policy minor at Duke University.

Later, for a year in 2016, she studied Culinary Techniques at International Culinary Center. She also studied Japanese 1 at Kaplan InternationalKaplan International.

Is Megan Meza Married?

Megan Meza was not already married as of now. But, her wedding is soon happening one can tell. On TikTok, she has been hinting at it. It is maybe happening in the winter of 2023 as she has been looking for the winter bridal wardrobe here and there. From the look at her social media, one can also tell that she has been trying out bridal makeup. So, who is she going to get married to?

There is this man Megan shows to her people on social media every now and then. There is no confusion as to them being together since at least 2018. Also, they just got engaged in 2022. Writing “Say yes? Say less. 💍🍀” while also showing off her beautiful emerald” Megan had given away the news on 13 May 2022.

Megan, however, had not already given away details as to who her handsome fiance is. Even his name was a secret.

Megan Meza Age

Megan Meza was born in 1990. So, she reached the age of 33 in 2023.

Who Are Megan Meza’s Parents?

Megan’s mother is Diana Marie. She can be found on IG @dimeza. She is also known by the name Diana M Tarbell and she reached the age of 56 in November 2022.

Often on social media Megan has been seen gushing about her mother, about her being her biggest supporter, her co-conspirator, travel buddy, getaway driver, her creative spark, her favorite brainstorm partner, and the list goes on. On what looked like a birthday post, she also added that one day is not enough for celebrating “Dr. Diane”.

Another family member of Megan that we know of is her brother Jayme, a 24-year-old film photographer, filmmaker, and artisan living in San Diego, California. He is into travel, food, photography, and film and this we can see on his IG @theadventuresofjayme.

Megan is just as much fond of her brother and also very proud of him.

Megan Meza Height

Beautiful Megan Meza stands above 5 feet and 6 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • Is Megan Meza On Instagram?

Yes. Megan Meza could be found on Instagram and a few other platforms as of 14 June 2023. Her IG @wtf_tacos, included 894 posts and 2,052 followers at the time. On its BIO, she mentioned being an entrepreneur and highlighted her illness to travel for tacos, wherever it be.

One could also give her a follow on ‘Megan Amaze’ Facebook and on TiTTok @wtf_tacoss.

  • Where Is Megan Meza From?

Megan originally hails from San Diego, California. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Brooklyn, New York. Also if you need to know about her nationality, she is a Mexican-American.

Often on social media, she has been seen celebrating Mexican independence. She is really proud of her Hispanic/Latinx heritage one can tell.

  • When Is Megan Meza’s Birthday?

Megan Meza’s birthday is on April 14th and that makes her an Aries. This year on her birthday she had a mash-up of a surprise birthday trip and bachelorette. Calling it the “loveliest adventure” she had ever had, she thanked everyone who did it for her.

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