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Tad Starsiak Bio, Age, Net Worth, Mother, Is He Married?

Tad Starsiak is the half-brother of Good Bones star Mina Starsiak. Fans have seen him on the TV show but didn’t know much about his personal life. But there have been a few updates on his life.

Read all about it here in this article.

Good Bones: Meet Tad Starsiak, Mina Starsiak Half-Brother

Good Bones Mina Starsiak is more than just the home renovation, she’s a mom, an author, a store owner, and so much more. She is the daughter of Karen E. Laine and Dr. Casimir “Casey” Starsiak.

The now-divorced couple also shares William and CR. There is less information about Mina’s father than Karen’s fourth husband, Roger, with whom she has a daughter named Kelsy. However, given that her father is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, it was evident that Mina inherited her design and construction DNA from her mother.

Casey received his undergraduate education at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. He then pursued his Doctor of osteopathic medicine degree at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. In Indiana, Mina’s father is a physician who specializes in treating musculoskeletal disorders, fracture treatment, sports injuries, arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery, and back, neck, and hand problems.

Mina’s father, after divorcing Karen married another woman named Cheryl. The couple welcomed one son and his name is Thadeus “Tad” Starsiak. Tad is close to his sister Mina.

On Mina’s birthday in 2019, Tad wished his older sister, “Happy birthday big sis @mina_starsiak_hawk. I appreciate and love you dearly and am grateful for all the free drunk haircuts you give me! You’re an incredible mom and person. We are quite different, but it doesn’t make it harder to love you, just get along sometimes 😉 enjoy your day. I’m a better person because of you in many ways. I love you ❤️.”

How Much Is Tad Starsiak Net Worth?

Tad Starsiak’s net worth is above $500 thousand. He has been working at Two Chicks and a Hammer since 2017. According to his LinkedIn, Tad works as a General Contractor/owner of Hammer Construction. He also owned Love Heals Apparel.

Tad was a talent at High Noon Entertainment. He attended Indiana University. He completed high school at Cardinal Ritter High School and graduated in 2012.

Tad Starsiak Height

Tad Starsiak’s height is above 6 feet.

Is Tad Starsiak Married?

No, Tad Starsiak is not married but soon to be. He stated on his Facebook that he was single but not anymore.

HGTV’s Tad shared what had transpired in his life during the previous month on his Instagram account, on June 9, 2023. And the first thing he said was that he had “asked” his best friend Anna Spiars, the love of his life, to marry him. “I’m so excited to keep doing life with you, being weird, growing closer, and loving you more every single day. Thank you for being life’s greatest blessing baby. Thank you for all of your support in every realm of my life. ❤️”, he lovingly wrote.

In addition to their engagement, he added, he and Anna had just finished remodeling their ideal house in Bates Hendricks. He claims that they have all moved in at this time. However, Thadeus has previously mentioned Anna in his posts on social media. He had done that many times in the past.

Anna has been his girlfriend for a while now, as have his followers on social media and even his HGTV viewers. The two most recently commemorated their anniversary on May 30, 2023. Happy anniversary, darling,” Anna captioned a series of photos from their party when she posted them on social media on that day. You fulfill every wish I have had.

Having said that, the pair stepping into the Mr. & Mrs. period has not yet revealed the exact date of their wedding.

In 1997, Anna was born. She consequently turned 25 in 2022. She describes herself as an experienced customer service representative, skilled in event planning, communication, and public speaking.

Tad Starsiak Age

Born in 1993, Tad Starsiak turned 29 years old in September 2022.

Tad Starsiak Mother

Tad Starsiak’s mother is named Cheryl Ann (Rake) Starsiak. She was born on 19 December 1970 and died on 20 November 2005. On the 14th anniversary of Tad’s passing, Tad shared on a Facebook post that each year he has focused on the warm things about her.

He added, “Her sorrel brown eyes, her electric energy, the energy with which she loved us kids. This year I want to be a bit more vulnerable and mention the not-so-warm things.”

Cheryl had a drug addiction and overdosed, which was the cause of her death. He added, “I can’t tell you the anger that coursed through me. The self-doubt that I was worthy of love because my own mother didn’t have the resolve to beat her addiction. I took her overdose as having everything to do with me and my self-worth.”

Tad also added that he found out a lot about his mom’s life. He discovered that she got beat as a kid. She had an abortion at the age of 14 and endured bipolar tendencies. Additionally, she struggled financially and had a difficult life as well.

Cheryl also had two daughters: Jess with Casey, and another daughter Kaliegh Nicole Marsh (@kalieghmurrell) from her marriage with Leonard (Lenny) E. Murrell. Cheryl and Leonard married on 12 March 2000 in Marion Indiana.

Kaleigh married in January 2017.

In the wedding-related post, he wrote, “She is the first to get married. The first wedding without Mom here… She would have loved it, and her joy would have been vibrant enough to light the horizon from coast to coast. The loss of her though, has given birth to beautiful lessons. Lessons that helped lead my sister to her soulmate even though she suffered much along the way.”

Before she died, Cheryl was married to Good Bones general contractor, Lenny Murrell — so Lenny is Tad’s stepfather.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tad Starsiak From?

Tad Starsiak is currently based in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • When Is Tad Starsiak Birthday?

Tad Starsiak’s birthday is on 20 September.

  • Is Tad Starsiak On Instagram And Facebook?

Of course, Ted Starsiak is on Instagram (@the_demogod) and Facebook (@tad.starsiak).

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