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Tammy Price Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Million Dollar Hustle

Lifetime’s new TV show, Million Dollar Hustle, which premiered on the network on March 17th, 2022 follows popular health and fitness influencer Stormy Wellington as she navigates the intricate world of transformational marketing with her close-knit group of fellow businesswomen, called the ‘Circle of Bosses.’ Tammy Price fills one position of Stormy’s savvy group of executives and appears on the new Lifetime show.

Let’s learn about Tammy’s Million Dollar Hustle stint, her job, net worth, personal life, and more in this wiki article.

Tammy Price On Million Dollar Hustle

The official synopsis of the Million Dollar Hustle reads: “Women leaders, known as the Circle of Bosses, battle it out to win challenges and bring in the dollars, all while fighting to keep their place within the author, entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire Stormy Wellington’s inner circle.”

Aside from Tammy Price and business mogul Stormy Wellington, Dianna Williams, Maniya Essence Canty, Nathalie Nicole Smith, Bawselady, Bianca Shadai, and Ana Cantera also star in the show.

The trailer for Million Dollar Hustle promised some heavy drama and as people saw in the premiere episode, the show kept its promise to some extent. Another thing the trailer focused on was how extravagant the cast members’ lives were so much so that viewers were even concerned about the legitimacy of the show.

We want to say that, so far, the show seems to be completely legit as Stormy has always been open about her work and even the other women, including Tammy, have their own stories of what brought them together.

Tammy Price Net Worth

Rumored to be the wealthiest cast member on Million Dollar Hustle, Tammy Price’s net worth, according to Press Informant, was a whopping $51.72 million in 2022.

Tammy calls herself “an author, health coach, mentor, actress, model, motivational speaker.”

That being said, Tammy’s main job is at TLC (Total Life Changes). Total Life Changes is a direct selling company offering a diverse product portfolio of health and wellness products.

Tammy joined TLC in October 2015 at the absolute lowest point of her life. She had just through a bad divorce, was homeless, and was taking care of her three kids as a single woman when she reached out to Stormy Wellington. Stormy offered Tammy a sample of the Original Iaso Tea and that very moment changed Tammy’s life forever, literally.

After using the tea for a week, Tammy lost around 7 pounds and understood how effective TLC’s products are, and used her last $300 to sign up to TLC’s program to become a Life Changer. The rest is history.

Tammy’s success at TLC has not been a smooth road. She believes success is spiritual and one must find it in themselves to train their minds to get up and take action every day even through countless rejection and no’s.

Million Dollar Hustle star also appreciates the culture at TLC. She finds it “very giving and loving.” In an interview with Business For Home, Tammy said, “The culture of TLC is absolutely phenomenal. It’s a place where everybody can come; from Yale or jail, you can still be a part of this energy and movement, because we love each other period.”

Tammy also sells clothes through her apparel business, Prayer Sacrifice Action.

Is Tammy Price Married?

Although Tammy Price aka Tammywiththetea was married once, it has been a long time since she divorced her husband, whose identity remains to be a secret to this date.

As of this writing, Tammy is single but busy raising her three kids, two sons, and a daughter.

Tammy features her kids quite a lot on her Instagram. On 2021 Christmas, she uploaded a picture with her kids standing by the side of a huge Christmas tree.

Tammy’s son, David Price, turned 14 years old on March 12, 2022, and another son, Prince Price, turned 8 years old on November 20, 2021. Tammy wished both of them the happiest birthday by making an Instagram post.

Tammy Price Age

As of March 2022, Tammy Price’s age was 34.

Tammy Price Measurements

Although Tammy boasts amazing body measurements of 37-26-39 inches now, it was not always the case. Once she was very fat and it was with the surgery that she lost 65 pounds and became the fit woman that she is now.

Is Tammy Price On Instagram?

Tammy is on Instagram @tammyprice_ and has more than 106 thousand followers on the platform. She is also a huge figure on TikTok, with over 80.5 thousand followers and 2.7 million likes to her name. You can find her on Facebook as well.

Tammy Price Family

Talking about Tammy’s family, she has already lost her mom Tommy and dad Duane W. Jordan. Tammy remembered her mom through an Instagram post she made on August 10, 2021. She also posted an emotional story of how she could not buy her dad a single gift when he was alive on her Instagram.

Tammy’s brother, Williams D Aaron, and her sister, Tomika Gonzalez, from her family, are still alive though.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tammy Price Birthday?

TLC entrepreneur Tammy celebrates her birthday on the 12th of February every year.

  • Where Is Tammy Price From?

Originally from Vernon, Texas, Tammy currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

  • How Tall Is Tammy Price?

Tammy stands at a short height of 5 feet 4 inches.

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