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Meet Theranos Ian Gibbons Wife, Rochelle Gibbons! Today

Meet Rochelle Gibbons, wife of ex Theranos scientist Ian Gibbons. She mourns for her husband’s death every day hoping to see Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes get what she deserves. Learn about Rochelle Gibbons’s life below.

Where is Rochelle now? What does she do for a living? Where does she live? We answer it all below so keep reading.

Meet Theranos Ian Gibbons Wife, Rochelle Gibbons

Theranos scientist Ian Gibbons met his wife Rochelle Gibbons in 1973. They were both attending the University of California, Berkley, and studying molecular biology at the time. After living in the U.K., they returned to California where prospects and pay for scientists were much better.

Rochelle remembers her late husband and describes him as “very, very old-fashioned”. She added, “He was very straight and was astounded when someone did something like this.” He was also “overwhelmingly kind” and couldn’t conceive of scientists lying.

Like many, Ian had also gravitated towards Elizabeth Holmes’s can-do spirit. He joined the company as the chief scientist of Theranos. But, Rochelle claimed that when her husband dared to challenge Elizabeth, it cost her husband’s life.

Ian had understood that Elizabeth’s grandiose claims were actually putting patients’ lives at risk. The night before he was summoned to Elizbeth’s office for what he was certain would be his sacking and given that he was 67 — the end of his career — he took an overdose of painkillers.

On 16 May 2013, Ian committed suicide after coming under distress and died at the age of 67. Rochelle said she never offered condolences instead called her to hand over all of the work and research papers in his possessions. Rochelle told Daily Mail, “She never offered condolences or helped or anything. She was just a b****.”

Where Is Theranos Ian Gibbons Wife, Rochelle Gibbons Today?

As of today, Rochelle Gibbons is following the case closely and wished her husband was here to witness it. Rochelle told Daily Mail, “It’s really hard to think that he committed suicide not knowing the rest of the story.”

Rochelle shared with the outlet that her husband used to tell her about how Elizabeth would act at board meetings. She would unbutton her blouse and be really flirtatious with the older guys. She said, “I think she charmed the pants off them.” However, she didn’t care about fellow women according to Rochelle.

“I would be right there with Ian and Elizabeth never addressed me. It was like I wasn’t there — she never looked me in the eyes.” Rochelle told DailyMail.

Rochelle mourns the loss of her husband every day after more than eight years. she told the outlet, “I’ll never get over it. That basically ruined my life. It’s just there, so close to the surface.” But, the fact that Elizabeth is going to get convicted gives her “a little satisfaction”.

Meanwhile, she expects justice for her husband with Elizabeth’s conviction. She had also voiced her frustration with The Times. She told The Times, “She lives in a £100million estate. How is that punishment?. I’m hoping that she gets ten years [in prison] or more than that.”

Rochelle told CBS, “Satisfaction in knowing she’s going to suffer because, believe me, I’ve suffered and Ian suffered.” Journalist and author John Carreyrou had also interviewed prior to him exposing Theranos. After the downfall of the company, she has been interviewed several times.

She was recently featured in the TV show The Dropout where she was played by actress Kate Burton.

Rochelle Gibbons Age

Born in February 1947, Rochelle Gibbons is 75 years old as of March 2022.

Rochelle Gibbons Job

According to LinkedIn, Rochelle Gibbons has been working as a staff attorney at Immigration Services of Mountain View in Sunnyvale, California since January 2011. She reportedly attended Concord Law School and has been active in California since 2009.

As already shared, Rochelle also attended the University of California Berkeley.

She has also received an IMDB credit for her appearance on The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley 2019.

Is Rochelle Gibbons On Instagram?

No, Rochelle Gibbons doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rochelle Gibbons From?

Rochelle Gibbons appears to be from Southern California. But, she is currently living in Portola Valley, California.

  • What Is Rochelle Gibbons Maiden Name?

Rochelle Gibbons’s maiden name is Steiner. She was born to her mother Dr. Sylvia Steiner. Rochelle had two siblings. Her sister Laura Cuthbertson, a former employee of the San Francisco Newspaper agency died on 1 January 1996 at the age of 47 in San Francisco. Laura received her high school education in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1970.

Her husband was Doug, the Guild’s executive officer, and had a daughter named Anna.

Rochelle’s other sister is Judith Steiner of San Anselmo. You can find her on Flickr.

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