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Tanner Smith Age, Job, Height, Kate, Love on the Spectrum

Tanner Smith from Clemson, SC is introduced to us in Season 2 of Love on the Spectrum. Tanner, who was given an autism diagnosis at the age of four, is constantly happy and enjoys making other people happy.

Tanner is excited to go on his first date despite never having gone on one before. He assigns a 12 to the significance of finding love in his life on a scale of 1 to 10. He informs program producer Cian O’Cleary that he is seeking a Christian girl who is kind and polite as far as what his type is. Tanner also tells his roommates that he wants a girlfriend with whom he can dance, sing karaoke, and discuss history. He also wants to be able to hug and high-five her.

Tanner is obviously a model gentleman, but did he fall in love during Season 2 of Love on the Spectrum? Read all that we know about him here.

Tanner Smith On Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum

Tanner Smith, a resident of Clemson, South Carolina, identifies himself as “a kind young man who spreads joy all around the world.” His job at a nearby downtown hotel is the ideal setting for him to pursue his purpose of improving the world.

Tanner, who was given an autism diagnosis at the age of four, is constantly happy and enjoys making other people happy. He currently resides in downtown Clemson with two roommates and works at a hotel a short distance from his apartment. In addition to being a social butterfly while interacting with hotel visitors, he is passionate about his work.

Moreover, Tanner is a novice in the dating scene, but his excitement to meet his true love is unmatched—a solid 12 on a scale of 1 to 10! When he’s not enticing hotel patrons, he dreams of finding a relationship with someone who appreciates both American history and animals.

Are Tanner Smith And Kate Still Together?

Regretfully, it seems that their relationship eventually faded out even though neither Tanner Smith nor Kate Liggitt felt awkward with the other or was pressing the other for anything they didn’t want. They were merely close friends at this point, even though they had undoubtedly stayed in contact in the year after filming concluded because there was never any sexual chemistry between them.

Furthermore, based on what we can gather from their individual social media accounts, they are both unmarried right now, which means that they are still searching for true love or “the one.”

Tanner was first diagnosed with autism at the age of four, but it wasn’t until he was almost adolescent that he started to truly come out of his shell without any major problems. His mother has recently accepted responsibility for this, acknowledging that he likely felt angry every day as a result of her attempts to “fix” him before recognizing that all he required was love and support.

At that point, he completely turned around and began to shine through. However, he soon began to assert that his mission in life is to bring joy to the world, which he genuinely already achieves by being himself.

However, Tanner’s vivid presence, unshakable sincerity, and sparkling personality actually surprised no one when it came to dating until he was well into his 20s. The 24-year-old, self-sufficient Shepherd Hotel employee and native of Clemson, South Carolina, had not gone on a single date prior to his unexpected casting in this reality series. However, the fact that his expectations for his perfect spouse are similarly low and should have been extremely, extremely attainable a long time ago, makes the whole thing seem a little blue, at least to us.

In the production, Tanner stated, “I want to meet a nice girl.” “I want to meet a girl who’s a Christian… nice and kind. And I want – – I want her to have good manners and I want her to be polite. That’s all.” This is how he met Kate Liggitt; their blind date took place at Passerelle Bistro, a neighborhood French restaurant, where they could converse and get to know each other more slowly. Their original goal was to visit the Greenville Zoo, but the weather forced them to make last-minute modifications.

Everything turned out flawlessly, but we say “perfectly” because there was a spark.

At times, Tanner felt compelled to speak more because Kate would just answer with a single word or a short remark, but it was clear from her reactions that she was just nervous as well as in love. In addition, he subsequently acknowledged that he thought she was gorgeous, which prompted him to take her out on a second date after finding out what it was that they had in common. They also had a love of animals.

This romantic meeting happened at the Greenville Zoo, where the couple decided to continue meeting up after further exploring their relationship through casual discussions and hand-holding.

Tanner Smith Age

In 2024, Tanner Smith is 25 years old.

Tanner Smith Height

Per his pictures, Tanner Smith’s height measures under 6 feet.

Tanner Smith Job

Tanner Smith reportedly works at a hotel a block away from his apartment. He works as a receptionist at Shepherd Hotel. In addition to being a social butterfly while interacting with hotel visitors, he is passionate about his work.

Tanner’s work ethic is remarkable because he began working at an early age. In 2017, he had two jobs on campus at the Division of Undergraduate Studies and the Fike Recreation Center, in addition to serving at Chick-fil-A Orangeburg.

Tanner enjoys working out and has competed in several running events, such as cross-country. Among his extracurricular and academic achievements is the Orangeburg Mayor’s Committee Student of the Year award. Tanner wrote, “My favorite part of being at Clemson was all the people I got to meet and build relationships with and my roommates.” in his reflections after graduating.

He completed his schooling at Glenforest School Columbia and went on to receive his graduation degree from Clemson University.

Tanner came to Harbison West School in 2019 to interact with pupils and provide them with information on autism. He posted photos of himself with the youngsters on social media, sharing his experience there and saying, “I had a terrific week! I discussed autism with the pupils at Harbison West School on Monday.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tanner Smith From?

Tanner Smith hails from Clemson, South Carolina.

  • When Is Tanner Smith Birthday?

Tanner Smith’s birthday is not available.

  • Is Tanner Smith On Instagram?

Yes, Tanner Smith is available on Instagram (@tannerwiththe_tism).

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