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Dani Bowman Parents: Robert Bowman And Myrna Vielma

Dani Bowman is the daughter of her parents Robert Bowman and Myrna Vielman. However, she is no longer with them. In the show, Dani shared that she is residing with her uncle and aunt. So, who are her parents?

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Love On The Spectrum: Who Are Dani Bowman Parents?

Dani Bowman of Love on the Spectrum resides with her aunt and uncle, who adopted her when she was eleven years old. She, one of the more vocal cast members, is clear about what she desires.

A passion for animation, Dani instructs kids on the autism spectrum in animation around the nation and, on occasion, even abroad. At the age of eleven, she even started her first animation firm. She founded DaniMation, her namesake company, today.

Jessica is a CCO, Founder, Animator, Illustrator, and Graphic artist at Danimation Entertainment. She studied M.B.A at Woodbury University.

Dani is currently living in California with her uncle Patrick Eidemiller and aunt Sandra Vielma, who are also featured on the show. Fans were intrigued to learn what had truly happened to them as a result. She claims that after moving in with her aunt and uncle when she was eleven years old, she discovered she was on the autistic spectrum while out on a blind date.

Dani added, “I used to live with my parents um, but it didn’t last that long. It’s a sad story.”

Even though Dani is sad that her parents don’t get to see her as much as they would want, it seems that moving live with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Patrick was the right choice for her because they could provide her the love and support she needed to thrive. Dani asserted that her aunt and uncle helped her realize her aspirations and start her animation business in an interview with podcaster Bruce Nachsin of Fails, Falls & F-Ups.

“Sandy and Patrick noticed it all. They just noticed my gifts. So what they did is that they helped me get my company started,” she said.

Find out more about Myrna Bowman and Robert Bowman.

Meet Robert Bowman, Dani Bowman Father

Dani Bowman disclosed information about her father Robert Bowman on Facebook in December 2015. By sending a link to a story titled “Austim’s Lost Generation,” she informs her audience that getting mental health care is something that should never be put off.

Dani adds: “I really wish my own father would have gotten a diagnosis, but he is now lost among the homeless.”

Dani has alluded to the idea in previous blogs that her parents were unable to manage her autism, which is why she moved in with her aunt and uncle. She wrote, “I can’t imagine the disappointment, and/or the terror that you must have felt when I was first diagnosed or when you first realized I was different,” in a fictitious letter to her parents that she shared on Facebook. “I wish I could go back in time and comfort you.”

Not much is clear about Robert yet.

Meet Myrna Vielma, Dani Bowman Mother

Dani Bowman still appears to have somewhat of a relationship with her mom Myrna Vielma. Born in 1966, Myrna is 57 years old.

Myrna was reportedly working as a Corporate Travel Agent at Corporate Travel Management US. Before that, she was working for Montrose Travel from 2005 to 2016.

Related FAQs

  • Are Dani Bowman Parents Still Together?

Dani Bowman’s parents reportedly filed for divorce in 2010.

  • Where Do Dani Bowman Parents Reside?

Dani Bowman’s mother is residing in Glendale, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Dani Bowman Parents Have?

Besides Dani, Myrna Vielma also has a daughter named Jessica Lack O’ Sani-tea. Jessica worked as an Autopsy Assistant at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. She is also a Histology Technician at Charles River Labs.

Moreover, Jessica studied at La Canada High and North Hills Prep. She studied at CSULA. She is married now and is known as Jessica Reel.

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