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Tara Colucci Bio, Age, Married, Job, Survive the Raft

Tara Colucci from New York has joined the cast of Survive the Raft. It is a brand-new show which premiered on 30 July 2023. Nine strangers from various backgrounds will join the Acali II for 21 days in the two-hour episode. As three different teams, they will complete a variety of tasks to raise the overall reward pool.

Each week, the nine players have the option of evicting a member of their own team, replacing that person with another contestant, or keeping them on the show. At the end of the season, the team with the lowest overall score will receive the prize money, which will be distributed equally among the team members.

Learn all about Tara in this article below. Here are a few things about her age, job, marriage, and parents.

Tara Colucci On Survive The Raft

Survive The Raft is a new reality show that places nine Americans of diverse races, geographic areas, and religious and political beliefs on a 60-foot-by-40-foot barge on the Pacific Ocean near the Pearl Islands of Panama. The goal is to see if the participants will behave cooperatively or competitively in the face of physical, mental, and monetary challenges. Newcomers join when some get eliminated.

Survive The Raft re-creates anthropologist Santiago Genovés’ controversial 1973 study of whether internationally diverse people would work together to survive at sea. The show is hosted by former Green Beret and NFL pro-Nate Boyer.

Tara filmed the show in September 2022 hoping to “prove to myself what I am capable of!” she wrote on Facebook. ” … Of course my boys[’] futures are playing a role as well and both my boys agreed to my choice.”

“I have to be the best me in order to be the best mom and this day is the start of me finding me and proving to myself who and what I am!” she added. Plus, she has been a survivor, she lost her mother very young. But more on that later.

She is a fighter who puts “Facebook Jail” as a badge of honor, given that she is a trump supporter. She is “unapologetically patriotic and steadfast” and is very conservative. Tara is known to fight her liberal friends, which might not be good for the show.

Tara also said that the show’s mental hardships were more challenging than the physical. But, “I think growing up on Long Island and being around so many different types of backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs gave me an upper hand.” The raft’s diversity “wasn’t so much of a culture shock for me.”

As for the other cast members they are named CJ Duffie, Elliot Capella, Jonathan Dade, Lashanna Lintamo, Maddie Witt, Merissa Underwood, Russell Ellis, and Summer Homayed.

Tara Colucci Age

In 2022, Tara Colucci turned 37. She was born in October 1985.

Who Are Tara Colucci Parents?

Tara Colucci’s parents are named Carolyn Ann Sonnenberg and Michael Nuzzi. As stated earlier, Tara lost her mom when she was young. In fact, she had drug problems and she had issues.

“I was 12 when my mom was murdered. She had a drug problem,” Tara, the eldest of four children, said of her mom. “And somebody … shot her in the head” in July 1998. Tara was living with her maternal grandmother on Long Island when news reports said Carolyn and a boyfriend, living in Anderson, South Carolina, died in an apparent murder-suicide after a loud argument.

Tara’s life had been complicated from the start. The name of her biological father, Michael, was not on her birth certificate. As it turns out, her father Michael, who is the son of Mineola’s Nuzzi Fuel, impregnated her mom very young but were never together. Her mom then married someone else, Robert Amos, who is on her birth certificate.

The couple divorced “when I was only 2 or 3. And then I lived with my mom until I was 5, and then with my [maternal] nana … who had taken me from my mom because of the drug problems. … By the time I was 15, I had moved in with my biological dad and my [paternal] grandmother” after disruptive, acting-out issues.

In 2023, Tara is still in a good relationship with her dad Michael. She wrote, “Happy Father’s Day ❤️ (you’re still annoying but I love you all the world and 2 cents 🤣❤️😘) Hope you enjoyed your day 😘.”

Tara Colucci Job

Tara Colucci has previously worked at Alter EGO Hair Studio and Cactus Salon & Spa. She is currently working as the president at Angelo Cartar, Inc. since July 2019. Angelo Cartar is a private Pennsylvania-based Marketing & Sales firm.

Is Tara Colucci Married?

As of this writing, Tara Colucci is a single mom to two sons Brody, now 11, and Nicolas, now 14. She shared both of her children with her ex-husband Philip Colucci.

Philip is 45 years old.

Most young children send letters to Santa Claus. The son of Tara Colucci, a mother from North Babylon, wrote to “The Presidential Elections” to express his political inclinations. “My younger son was like 8 or 9, and during the 2020 election he wrote on a piece of paper that he wanted me to mail, ‘I know I’m not 18, but I still vote Trump 2020.’ And I was, like, ‘Oh, man, kid,’ y’know?” Tara said with a chuckle. She posted a photo of the note online. “And after that, I started getting messages. … That’s when they reached out.”

Then, in 2014, less than two weeks before embarking on a cruise, 5-year-old Nicolas was found to have liver cancer; as a result, the family lost $4,000 that Norwegian Cruise Line would not reimburse them for because they had not obtained travel insurance. Celebrity Cruises intervened and granted the family a cruise when the situation made headlines.

The family-friendly cruise, in partnership with the Nickelodeon channel, was scheduled to start on June 1, but Nicolas got sick on May 19. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his liver and had surgery a few days later. He is still undergoing chemotherapy. “They said we should have gotten insurance, traveler’s insurance,” Tara told Fox & Friends.

Following chemotherapy, Nicolas has long been in remission.) And in 2020, the COVID pandemic caused the shuttering of a successful direct marketing and sales firm she had founded.

Philip told the show he couldn’t believe the cruise line’s stance. “I felt that a cruise line that is family-oriented, who caters to families . . . it was a Nickelodeon cruise; I was just astounded,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that they wouldn’t have helped us out.”

Tara Colucci Height

Tara Colucci’s height is under 5 feet 2 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tara Colucci From?

Tara Colucci was born in Queens and raised in Garden City Park/New Hyde Park, New York.

  • When Is Tara Colucci Birthday?

Tara Colucci celebrates her birthday in October.

  • Is Tara Colucci On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Tara Colucci is on Instagram (@tara_lynn_co) and Facebook (@tara.amoscolucci).

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