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Summer Homayed Age, Family, Net Worth, Survive the Raft

Summer Homayed might be loud, fierce, and brutally honest, but she also loves cooking for her co-stars on Survive the Raft — which might just be her strategy to get on people’s good side.

Get to know her better below.

Summer Homayed On Survive the Raft

Summer Homayed is one of the cast members of the Discovery Channel competition series, Survive the Raft. Known for her vibrant personality and fierce determination, Summer is ready to embark on this unique social experiment set against the stunning backdrop of Panama’s Pearl Islands.

A mother, Summer understands the importance of protecting and supporting her loved ones, making her a natural “mama bear” figure among the strangers she’ll be living and working with on the show. She brings an abundance of energy and a brutally honest approach to everything she does, which will undoubtedly add excitement and drama to the group dynamics.

Having grown up on a lake, Summer is also well-acquainted with boating, fishing, and basic survival skills. This gives her an advantage in navigating the challenges of life on the raft. Moreover, her experience as a trained chef allows her to utilize her cooking skills strategically, aiming to win over her fellow contestants and foster a sense of camaraderie through shared meals.

In an interview, the show’s host, Nate Boyer, praised the unique and special nature of Survive the Raft, and Summer was thrilled to be part of this thrilling adventure.

“Are you ready to watch the survival show of the year! Stay tuned @discovery,” she promoted the show on her IG.

As the series unfolds, viewers can expect to witness Summer’s passion, determination, and commitment to teamwork, all of which will play crucial roles in determining who will share the communal cash prize at the end of the nine-episode journey. 

How Much Is Summer Homayed Net Worth?

Summer Homayed flaunted a net worth of under $450 thousand.

A trainer chef, Summer’s culinary journey began with a blend of American and Lebanese traditions in Dearborn Heights. Growing up in a large family, she relished celebrations featuring both turkey and traditional Lebanese dishes. The cherished Lebanese tradition of serving lamb with rice, known as Kharouf, captivated her with its two-day process of marinating and roasting to perfection.

Watching her father, who owned the Arabian Village Bakery, she learned the art of cooking. After some time away from the food scene — pursuing a career in education and earning an associate’s degree in childhood education — Summer returned to the kitchen and launched her home-cooked meal business on Instagram, crafting diverse menus with cultural fusions.

Now, she caters to friends and neighbors, crafting a diverse menu each week with a delightful blend of cultural influences, just like the family gatherings where American and Lebanese traditions intersected. Whether it’s chicken fettuccine alfredo or Kusa (stuffed squash), the heart of her meals lies in the love and care she puts into crafting each dish from scratch.

Besides cooking, Summer also worked as a Gymnast Instructor at Dearborn Civic Center for eight years.

Summer Homayed Age

Summer Homayed was 42 years of age when she appeared on Survive the Raft in 2023.

She was the oldest cast that season.

Summer Homayed Family

Summer Homayed comes from a family of at least six, and she’s the youngest.

Her mother, Susie Homayed is a Dearborn Heights, Michigan native who sometimes drives her crazy — but she knows that just comes with age. Nevertheless, Summer acknowledges that there’s “no woman in the world that can” replace her mother.

As for her father, Esmaha Homayed (born:  Sep 1947) owned Arabian Village Bakery and also previously worked for Ford Motor Company. He immigrated to the US from Lebanon when he was 27.

Sadly, Summer’s brother Mohamed Jamil Saleh Homayed passed away in March 2022. She was very close to him.

Likewise, Summer was close to her sister 5-year-older Julia Homayed Chammout (a mother of four).

Connie Kazan, from Great Chocolate Showdown, is likely her sister as well.

Is Summer Homayed Married?

Yes, Summer Homayed is married to her husband Jake Sareini @jsareini. The two celebrated their anniversary on December 6.

Her husband, Jake Sareini (born: April 30, 1969) is a former Marine. He once made the news in November 2015, thanks to his message to Donald Trump. After retiring, he worked as a T/L at Ford Motor Co.

In IG, Summer once joked her husband “can’t do life without me.”

Together, Summer and Jake share four sons and a daughter.

Their oldest turned 16 on September 19, 2022.

Summer Homayed Height

Summer Homayed stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Related FAQs

  • What Is Summer Homayed Nationality?

Summer is American. She hails from Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

But her family has a Lebanese background, and she’s a Muslim.

“To Trump, or anyone who needs to know I’m a Muslim. Well, let me start and finish with a very simple answer, ‘I’m wearing my special identification symbol on my head as did Mary mother of Jesus peace be upon her’,” she once wrote on FB.

  • When Is Summer Homayed Birthday?

 Summer celebrates her birthday on August 6.

  • Is Summer Homayed On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @summers_homemade_meals and Facebook @summer.homayed.

Also, here’s her TikTok @summers_homemade_meals.

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