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Taryn Delanie Smith Parents: Robert And Wendall Smith

It’s not uncommon for beauty pageant winners to turn the life of an influencer. But no one expected the Miss New York 2022, Taryn Delanie Smith, to take the TikTok world by storm with her comedic “Heaven” series.

However, we aren’t here to discuss Taryn’s achievements today. Rather this article explores everything you need to know about her lovely parents.

Who Are Taryn Delanie Smith Parents?

Taryn Delanie Smith was born to her parents, Robert And Wendall Smith. They’ve been her number-one supporters since day one, and are proud of what their daughter has achieved young.

At just 26, Taryn has already garnered over a million followers on her TikTok, got Crowned Miss New York in 2022, became runner-up in the Miss America the next year, and has graduated with her Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Communication from St. John’s University.

However, Taryn revealed she never really imagined herself taking this path. She said that she just wanted to be herself on both TikTok and the pageant circuit, and making it “big” was never her goal. ( In fact, she didn’t even have TikTok on her phone until her mother insisted that she try it.

“I was a receptionist at the time, and I was working at a call center, and I was horrible,” Taryn recalled. “I hated it, and I was a grad student, and my mom was like, ‘Taryn, you got to get on this thing because you’re so silly and funny.’

“But everyone’s mom thinks they’re great and funny and should have their own show, right?” she thought at the time.

Finally, after a lot of persistence, her mother finally convinced her. “I made a TikTok, and I sent it to my mom, and then I was like, ‘Ya happy?’” Taryn shared. But to her surprise, the video racked up 3 million views overnight! Thus, a new TikTok star was born.

Meet Robert Smith, Taryn Delanie Smith Father

Robert Smith is Taryn Delanie Smith’s father. On Father’s Day 2014, she took to her IG to reveal that her “pops” was a “good guy.”

Let’s get to know him better below.

  • Robert Smith Age

Robert Smith was born in November 1959. That made him 63 years of age in 2023.

Also, this means Robert was 37 when he had Taryn.

  • What Is Robert Smith Ethnicity?

Robert Smith is Black.

  • Robert Smith Job

A Roosevelt High School 1977 graduate, Robert Smith retired as a Sergeant from Marine Corps Air Station El Toro CA.

Thanking her veteran dad, Taryn took to her IG to write, “Thank you for your service dad!”

  • Is Robert Smith On Instagram?

Robert wasn’t on Instagram. But here’s his Facebook @robert.smith.52056.

Meet Wendall Smith, Taryn Delanie Smith Mother

Wendall Smith is Taryn Delanie Smith’s mother and also the reason for her online fame. If it wasn’t for Wendall’s persistence, Taryn would never have gotten into TikTok!

According to Taryn, her mother was the “selfless human” she knew. She added that  Wendall was “forever an elite beauty” and she was “everything I aspire to be as a mother.”

Also, it’s Wendall’s “sarcastic sense of humor” that Taryn inherits.

  • Wendall Smith Age

Wendall Smith was born on July 19, 1957. That made her 65 years of age in 2023.

She is two years older than Robert.

On her 65th birthday, Taryn took to her IG to write, “Happy birthday Mom!!! Thank you for a million things but the top of my list today is car rides listening to Norah Jones, and dancing in the living room, and sitting in the garden together, and embracing your loud and silly and talkative children.”

  • What Is Wendall Smith Ethnicity?

Wendall Smith is White.

  • Wendall Smith Job

Wendall Smith was the Vice President of Human Resources at Washington Athletic Club.

Her company, WAC is a nonprofit that exists to preserve and enhance the WAC Clubhouse, built in 1930 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Is Wendall Smith On Instagram?

Wendall wasn’t on Instagram.

But find her on Facebook @wendall.smith.90.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Kids Do Taryn Delanie Smith Parents Have?

Taryn’s parents share two kids — Taryn and Tre Smith.

Their son, Tre (aka TR Isreal) attended West Seattle High School, South Seattle Community College, and Seattle University. He worked as a sheriff of Cowlitz County in Washington State.

Find him on FB @tre.smith.92 and IG @tmsmith88.

Tre was also once featured on Taryn’s IG on March 6, 2021 (his birthday). The post was captioned, “Happy birthday to my big brother !!! thank you for being one of my closest, dearest friends all of my life. I’m so proud of you! Cheers to another 70 years of me impatiently waiting for you to blow out your candles so I can eat the damn cake already.”

Besides him, Taryn’s dad also has two more sons from his other relationship. They are Taylor and Travis Smith.

His son, Travis is a Videographer and Editor who resided in Seattle.

  • Where Are Taryn Delanie Smith Parents From?

Taryn’s father Robert hails from Seattle, Washington, while her mother, Wendall is an Orcas, Washington, native.

As of 2023, they both resided in Seattle, Washington.

  • Are Taryn Delanie Smith Parents Still Together?

Sadly no, Taryn’s parents have gone their separate ways.

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