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Tasya Van Ree Gender, Partner, Net Worth, Amber Heard

Tasya Van Ree and Amber Heard shared “5 wonderful years together.” However, during their romantic days, Amber was arrested in 2009, after allegedly striking Tasya at an airport. And now, that the Depp v. Heard trial is at its peak, Tasya is speaking in her ex-girlfriend’s defense stating that the “incident was misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a powerful position.”

So, did this event get you intrigued by Tasya Van Ree? Well, get to know all about her gender, partner, and net worth as this article proceeds.

What Is Tasya Van Ree Gender?

Tasya Van Ree is a female.

However, her gender doesn’t define who she is. “I am a cowboy, at heart. I really am… Part alien, part cowboy, part male, part female,” she explained.

Also, she believes that people become what they wear, and their personality aligns with what they look like from the outside.

Tasya Van Ree And Amber Heard’s Relationship

Tasya and Amber Heard first met in 2007 and quickly fell in love with each other. “There was something about her that I couldn’t quite understand. It was beyond her physical beauty, she captured something inside of me artistically. We instantaneously formed a connection,” Tasya recalled.

Soon the couple was then making headlines as power couples who influenced each other. Some even compared their relationship to Marilyn Monroe and Milton Greene, one of sensual reciprocity between artist and muse.

At the time, Tasya described Amber as a “magical entity” who kept her inspired.

Later, the two even collaborated on a book Tasya described as a “cinematic tale of one woman and her life in private, public and everything in between.”

Fast-forward to 2 years of dating, in 2009, Tasya and Amber again made the news, but this time, it was for a different reason. Reportedly, the Port of Seattle Police arrested Amber after she allegedly struck Ree at the Seattle-Tacoma International airport. The next day after, their case was assigned to King County District Court in Seattle. However, the prosecutor declined to press charges against Amber.

Speaking about the incident, Tasya later shared that Amber was wrongfully accused and the incident was misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a power position. Also, she added that she felt hints of misogynistic attitudes toward them which later appeared to be homophobic when they found out we were domestic partners and not just friends.

Sadly, Tasya and Amber broke up in 2012. However, to this day, the two are still close friends. No wonder, Tasya came to her defense during the 2022 Depp v. Heard trial.

Tasya Van Ree Partner Now

Tasya Van Ree appears to be single now, as of 2022.

Sadly, we have no information about her previous partners except Amber.

Tasya Van Ree Net Worth

Tasya Van Ree garnered a net worth of above $450 thousand by 2022.

A celebrity photographer by profession, Tasya is popular for taking black and white pictures. Initially, she started her career after she moved to LA and started doing some commercial work, and drawing paintings. Eventually, she picked up photography and held her own exhibitions.

This talented photographer defines her works not just as pretty faces posed in cool places, but as something raw, sexy, and gives you pause. “It’s really just a combination of raw imagination and uninhibited technique. Taking those two elements and turning it into what I interpret as beauty. I see it as photojournalism infiltrating fashion and finding a home in the fine art world,” she explained.

Her main sources of inspiration were Henri Cartier-Bresson and Weegee.

According to Huffpost, if Ellen von Unwerth and Helmut Newton had a love child the result could be the photographer Tasya Van Ree.

The last we checked, her most recent exhibition was titled “Theory of Daydreams” – which featured colored photographs of butterflies.

Find her works on IG @tasyavanreegallery.

Besides photography, Tasya also was involved in the clothing business. She even launched her own line of T-shirts under the brand name Die Wilder.

Also, Tasya has an on-screen experience. She graced the 2013 short film Kill of the Night as a kidnapper for hire, who took a suburban family man for the ride of his life.

How Old Is Tasya Van Ree?

Tasya was reportedly born on April 30, 1976. That made her 46 years of age in 2022; a decade older than Amber.

Surprisingly, Tasya and Amber shared the same birth month and zodiac, i.e. Taurus.

Tasya Van Ree Family

Tasya described her family to have of having a certain demeanor, which could be interpreted as artistic. Also, since she was born to interracial parents, i.e. Japanese + Dutch, Tasya confessed that she had “very strong presences from both lineages in (her) life.”

Overall, Tasya summed herself up as a “wild kid,” who always got into trouble.

Tasya Van Ree Height

Tasya stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Related FAQs

  • What Pronouns Does Tasya Van Ree Use?

Tasya uses the pronouns “she/her.”

  • Where Is Tasya Van Ree From?

She hails from Mililani, Hawaii, but spent a lot of time on North Shore.

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