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Tati Gabrielle Parents: Traci Hewitt And Terry Hobson

Meet Traci Hewitt and Terry Hobson, parents of actress Tati Gabrielle. Find out about their marriage, their job, their age, and more in this article.

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Who Are Tati Gabrielle Parents?

California native actress Tati Gabrielle was born to her parents Traci Hewwit and Terry Hobson as one of three children in the Bay area of California on 25 January 1996. Growing up, Tati was too busy observing others to seek out the spotlight for herself. “My mom says I was people-watching from the time that I was a little baby,” she told EliteDaily, and she still sees people-watching as the foundation of acting.

Tati Gabrielle described her upbringing as African American with hints of Asian culture. “If you walk into my house in the Bay” — and you do have to take your shoes off at the door, she says — “it’s decorated in all kinds of like Asian decorations.”

“I really enjoyed growing up as a mixed kid, […] the Bay being such a diverse place and this beautiful melting pot,” she told the outlet.

Tati was a karate student who wanted to be an animator. She used to be a tomboy and occasionally people still mistake her for a boy, which doesn’t bother her. She made a friend at the Oakland School for the Arts named Kehlani, who frequented Gabrielle’s home and assisted her in her quest to adopt an abandoned kitty discovered during a party.

“The energy it took to hide this cat from her mom in her room was so funny,” says Kehlani. “She’s always been like that, you know; she’s always seen when a person that didn’t have friends needed a friend or a person or an animal that didn’t have a family needed at home.”

As they dealt with the stress that comes with being in the public eye, Gabrielle and Kehlani developed a sisterly closeness over time that served as a support system. “Only people who really, really know you and understand what you’re going through can help you in that situation,” Kehlani told the outlet. “It’s nice to have someone that I know in both ways and that I know I can rely on their advice because they love me genuinely and I love them genuinely.”

Tati left Northern California to study drama and French at the Atlanta historically Black women’s college Spelman, and, she says, “It wasn’t until I got into college actually that it started becoming… not difficult, but it became more apparent to me that I was different or that the way that I was raised was different.”

Meet Traci Hewitt, Tati Gabrielle Mother

In Spring 2022, Tati Gabrielle and her mother Traci Hewwit visited South Korea. However, some elders didn’t consider her to be truly Korean because of her mixed heritage. Traci is half-Black and half-Korean. Tati went on her first trip, and her mother returned for the first time since she was adopted by a Black American family when she was 4 years old. They searched for Gabrielle’s mother’s birth parents for a month without luck.

“It was a very emotional trip, a very insightful trip,” Gabrielle told EliteDaily. “None of it felt foreign, which was really incredible to me… I got drawn to [the culture] really quickly, which was really comforting — to know that, even though you’ve never been to a place that’s a part of your roots, that it can still connect to you in such a way.”

  • Traci Hewitt Age

Traci Hewwit is 65 years old as of Jan 2023. She was reportedly born in May 1957.

  • Traci Hewitt Job

Traci Hewwit is currently working as Business Intelligence Solutions Architect at MUFG. She has been working that job since December 2015. She previously worked at SVB Financial Group as Senior Business Implementation Manager, Mellon Capital Management as Senior Business Analyst (Consultant), WaMu Capital Corp as Vice President, and Montgomery Asset Management, LLC as Vice President.

Traci graduated from Virginia Union University with BA in English and Journalism.

  • Is Traci Hewitt On Instagram?

No, Traci Hewitt is not on Instagram but has a Facebook (@traci.h.hobson).

Meet Terry Hobson, Tati Gabrielle Father

Tati Gabrielle’s father Terry Hobson is African-American. But, she struggled to get accepted into the African-American community. She told EliteDaily, “I had friends jokingly tell me — jokingly to them, but to me it was hurtful — in certain conversations that we were having, if it was a Black subject, they’d be like, ‘Tati, you don’t count.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean I don’t count? I’m more Black than I am Asian. Like what do you mean?”

  • Terry Hobson Age

Terry Hobson turned 66 years old in 2022. 1956 marked the year he was born and celebrates his birthday in November.

  • Terry Hobson Job

According to, Terry Hobson is working as a registered agent at Diamonds and Pearls Residential Care Home, Inc. According to his Facebook, he studied at Shaw High School and Kent State Uni, Cal State Hayward, NYU.

  • Is Terry Hobson On Instagram?

No, Terry Hobson is not on Instagram but has a Facebook (@terry.hobson.39).

Related FAQs 

  • How Many Kids Do Tati Gabrielle Parents Have?

Besides Tati, her parents also appear to have a son named Tahje Hobson. Tahje was born in July 1994 and is 28 years old. Tahj majored in Film And Video, Minored in Theatre, at Georgia State University, Class of 2018.

According to Meritpages, Tahje worked at Lobby Bar & Bistro, Doraku Sushi, and AC Hotel Downtown Atlanta as a server.

  • Are Tati Gabrielle Parents Still Married?

No, Tati Gabrielle’s parents are no longer married, according to her dad’s relationship status where he writes he is single.

  • Where Do Tati Gabrielle Parents Live?

Tati Gabrielle’s parents live in Hayward, California.

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