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Meet Lacy Merchant, Street Outlaws Damon Merchant Wife!

The brand new season of Street Outlaws: OKC premiered on Discovery on 10 January 2023. Viewers thus were introduced to the regular crew of racing legends alongside a new face Damon Merchant, aka HD, The New Guy. For someone driving an impressive 1968 RS Camaro, it did not take Damon to become a formidable force on the tarmac. His fast-growing popularity among fans has led them to pry just about anything about him. So, recently when he shared a picture of his wife on social media, people have also grown fond of her. Her name is Lacy Merchant and here’s what we know about her.

Street Outlaws: Meet Lacy Merchant, Damon Merchant’s Wife

Having done street racing for more than two decades, Damon Merchant also decided to make this a family affair just at the time of his Street Outlaws debut. How? He included his wife, Lacy Merchant too in his crew. But, certainly, this is not Lacy’s first time riding alongside her husband. From the looks of her social media, she is just as much of a car lover as Damon.

So, Lacy and Damon have been together for a long time now. On 11 September 2022, the two celebrated their 17 years of marriage. A day later, Damon took to his Facebook to gush about how this woman “dealing” with him and keeping him “straight” from day to day have been pretty damn amazing. Ten days later, Lacy also showed off her “Anniversary flowers” still looking fresh after that many days. “Damon Ray always gives the best flowers, with a little help from Alex Florist ❤️”, she wrote in the caption.

Likewise, on March 14th of the year, Lacy revealed on social media that 23 years ago on that day her “babe” swept her off her feet. Since then, she raved that this man she now calls her husband has continued to do the same on the regular. Despite their life, love, and marriage not always being “easy” Lucy wrote that she would still not want it another way.

So basically, her life with Damon the way she puts it is fun-filled, adventurous, challenging, and fulfilling.

Lacy Merchant And Damon Merchant Children

Damon Merchant and his wife Lacy Merchant are also blessed with three beautiful kids of their own. They are daughters Teagan and Logan, and son Bryson.

As of August 2022, they were in studying in grades 11th, 7th, and 6th.

Lacy Merchant’s precious family as seen in September 2019 (PIC: Facebook)

Daughter Teagan had her sweet 16th birthday party on 16 August 2022 when she and the family had a shrimp and crab leg boil at Pier 88 and Dirt Puddin for the birthday cake.

The other daughter, Logan Rae turned 13 years old on 30 September 2022.

Meanwhile, Bryson being the youngest reached the age of 12 on 3 January 2023. His parents are really proud that among other things he also plays football really well.

Lacy Merchant Age

Lacy Merchant was born in 1982. So, she reached the age of 40 in 2022.

What Is Lacy Merchant Maiden Name?

Lacy before getting married to Damon went around with the name Lacy Wells, which is her maiden name. Even today, she is either called Lacy Merchant or Lacy Wells Merchant.

Lacy Merchant Family

Lacy’s mother is Donna Hall Tumey and she turned 64 years old in January 2023. She is the owner of Skyland’s Art Studio, and also the business owner of Skyland Malamutes, studied at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Community College, and Anadarko High School.

As for Lacy’s father Rick Lee Tumey, he turned 63 years old in February 2023. Both these people were still married and based in Yukon, Oklahoma thus far. On her Facebook, Lacy can be seen speaking about her love for living in the country outside of Yukon with her husband Rick and her Malamutes and the herd.

Lacy also has a brother named Casey Wells.

The family also mourned the loss of Lacy’s aunt Pamela Spicer-Lindloff in September 2014. She passed away at the age of 57 after a short but hard fight with AML Leukemia.

Speaking of Lacy’s parents-in-law, there are Roger Merchant and Carol Merchant, of Alex, Oklahoma.

Lacy Merchant Job

According to Lacy’s Facebook, she is just as much of a car lover as Damon is. Besides her full-time job would be working as a social work case manager at the Oklahoma State Human Services Department since 2022.

If you also need to know about her salary, she is expected to make more or less $55,108 per year working as a social worker/case manager in the United States area.

Since 2023, Lacy also can be seen as a gearhead working on cars alongside her husband on the new season of Street Outlaws.

Lacy Merchant Height

Lacy Merchant stands above 5’7” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lacy Merchant’s Birthday?

Lacy Merchant’s birthday is on March 18th and for that reason her sun sign is Pisces.

  • Where Is Lacy Merchant From?

Lacy Merchant hails from Chickasha, which is a city in and the county seat of Grady County, Oklahoma, United States.

  • Is Lacy Merchant On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Lacy Merchant could be found on Instagram as of 11 January 2023. But, the account @mrsdrm_rogue405 with 10 posts and 398 followers was kept private. Lacy also showed occasional glimpses of her life on Facebook.

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