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Terry Burns Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Job, History TV’s Alone

After an interval of almost a year, History TV’s adventure reality game show, Alone, is back for its 9th season and it looks like this season is going to be crazier than ever (Spoilers: the contestants have a new enemy, the prey-stalking polar bear). Terry Burns, a commercial fisherman, is one of the 10 contestants appearing in Alone Season 9.

Learn about Terry’s Alone stint, job, family, wife, and more in the article below.

Terry Burns On History TV’s Alone

In case you, our viewers, have forgotten what History TV’s Alone is about, let me give you a quick overview of the show. The show documents the struggles of 10 individuals–coming from all around the United States–as they survive alone in the wilderness (Northeastern shores of Labrador in Season 9) for as long as possible. They do so using limited survival equipment and contestants may “tap out” at any point in the game. The individual to survive the longest wins a grand cash prize of $500,000.

All the previous seasons of the show have been filmed in different remote locations, which include Vancouver Island, northern Mongolia, and Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, to name a few. This season, the contestants are put in the harshest condition yet, on the Northeastern shores of Labrador. Known for the merciless conditions such as rain and snow, the location also brings in a new enemy that is the prey-stalking polar bear.

As per History’s announcement, the survivalists’ ingenuity, willpower, and wilderness skills will be tested as they have to build their own shelters, find their own food, and overcome dangerous predators while enduring the challenging environment of Labrador.

Besides Terry Burns, the individuals appearing in this season of Alone are Adam Riley, Jacques Turcotte, Jessie Krebs, Juan Pablo Quinonez, Karin Lee, Tom Garstang, Benji Hill, Igor Limansky, and Teimojin Tan.

According to History TV’s website, Terry decided to take these 10 essential items–Ax, Sleeping Bag, Bow and Arrows, Fishing Line and hooks, Ferro rod, Paracord, 2-quart pot, Trapping wire, Multitool, Crosscut Saw–with him in his journey.

Terry confirmed his participation on History Channel’s Alone by making an Instagram post on May 21, 2022.

Terry Burns Job

The one word–or maybe two–for this question would be “commercial fisherman.” However, we are pretty sure you want to learn how he ended up being a fisherman? Was this profession Terry’s dream since his childhood? Let’s find out.

Growing up in Hurricane, West Virginia, Terry spent a lot of time outdoors–mostly hunting and fishing. At 21 years of age, he was hit head-on by a semi-truck. Although he survived the accident, that near-death experience gave him a new perspective on life and made him realize that there’s more to life than just materials.

Soon after the accident, Terry moved to Alaska. There, he started a job working on the deck of a salmon seining boat.

Terry has pursued his passion across all 50 states and 7 continents, surviving a handful of close calls. From surviving a plane crash in the Amazon to nearly losing his feet to frostbite, Terry is a man with stories.

In short, yes, fishing was Terry’s passion since his childhood.

While we don’t know how much money Terry made in Homer, Alaska, fishing, the average salary for a commercial fisherman in Alaska is around $31,610 per year. We guess his earning was somewhere around that.

Is Terry Burns On Instagram?

Yes, Terry Burns is on Instagram @terryburns1990. His IG bio is “Hunting. Fishing. Travel. Passionate Outdoorsman” and as of this writing, he had only 129 followers on the platform. Terry only has made two posts on Instagram to this day; the latest one being the announcement post for History TV’s Alone.

You can also find Terry on Facebook where his bio goes: “Avid Outdoorsman and Traveler. Participant on History Channel’s survival series ALONE Season 9.”

Terry Burns Age

As per the information provided by online sources, Terry Burns’ age was 31 as of May 2022.

Terry Burns Family

It might be a little surprising to you but Terry Burns’ father’s name is also Terry Burns. According to his Facebook, he studied at Hurricane High School and worked at the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Talking about other members of Terry’s family, his mother’s name is Suzette Angell-Burns and she was 61 years old as of 2022. According to Terry’s mother’s LinkedIn handle, she works as a domestic engineer at Burns Sweat Shop.

Terry’s father and mother celebrate their wedding anniversary every March 4th. On March 4, 2011, Suzette Angell-Burns had posted about going out to dinner with her hubby for their anniversary.

Other Terry’s family members include Cindy Burns, Josh Burns, AJ Burns, and Melissa Burns. According to AJ Burns’ Facebook, he is a former Generator Mechanic at Western Branch Diesel.

Does Terry Burns Have A Wife?

Unlike what most people do these days, Terry Burns prefers to keep his love life personal. Alone star posts very little on his socials and whenever he does post, either it’s about him or the giant fish he caught that day. Therefore, as of this writing, we had absolutely no information about Terry Burns’ relationship. That is to say, we don’t know if Terry has a wife.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Terry Burns Birthday?

According to some sources, Terry Burns celebrates his birthday in the month of September.

  • Where Is Terry Burns From?

Although Terry has been commercially fishing in the town of Homer in Alaska for some time now, he is originally from Hurricane, West Virginia.

  • How Tall Is Terry Burns?

The Alone star stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet 2 inches.

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