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Thakur Wint Bio, The Big D, Age, Height, Job, Girlfriend

While some are addicted to alcohol or drugs, Thakur Wint confessed that he was “addicted” to lying and cheating. He’s cheated multiple times on his ex-wife Dede. And yet, he wants her to stay in his life!

Learn more about him as this Thakur Wint Bio proceeds.

The Big D: Are Thakur Wint And Dede Lewis Together?

No, Thakur Wint and Dede Lewis have separated for good. Now, each of them has different partners.

The former couple first met on a dating app and got engaged in 2015 after having 2 kids — Kieren and Kylan, who turned 12 and 17 in September and October 2022, respectively.

Fast forward to 2018, the duo then the knot in an intimate wedding. But unfortunately, despite their dedication to their children, they realized that they did not make a good pair and ended their marriage before 2020.

As per the reports, it was Dede who immediately filed for divorce after discovering that Thakur was cheating on her for a year and a half into their marriage.

In Thakur’s defense, he said that he was “addicted” to lying and cheating on Dede. And while he seems to understand the “damage” he did to their marriage, he still “resent[s] her for leaving.” Thus, he signed them up for The Big D in hopes to win the back.

Unfortunately, their marriage was way past saving. On top of that, Thakur’s actions on the USA Network show weren’t helping their case at all. “It’s super inappropriate for Thakur to be making comments about me being here just to hook up with other people because that’s what he was doing our entire relationship,” Dede said to the camera after he accused her of wanting to “hook up with somebody’s ex-husband.”

Furthermore, besides exploiting his ex-wife, Thakur also manipulated other participants after he and Dede perform poorly in the first challenge. Playing the victim card, he even received Ally and Ariel’s praise for being “raw and honest.” Those two later also argued that Thakur deserved to stay because he had “some unfinished business there” with Dede.

Thakur Wint Girlfriend

After divorcing Dede, Thakur Wint went on to date Meleah Clinton — someone who “calms you in the chaos.”

His girlfriend first appeared on his socials back in December 2022. However, her presence on his profile only grew in 2023. On May 6, 2023, Thakur posted a photo of them sharing a kiss in West Palm Beach.

Meleah described herself as a “Workaholic, severe OCD, basically miserable. Terrible sense of humor. Boring.” Find her on IG @meleahclinton.

Thakur Wint Age

Thakur Wint was 37 years of age when he appeared on The Big D in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he filmed the show.

Who Are Thakur Wint Parents?

Thakur Wint didn’t reveal his parents. But they are likely named Ian K Wint and Vicki Craig — 71 and 61 years of age respectively in 2023.

As for his siblings, Thakur has sisters named Rajni Wint, Lalita K Wint, and Amala. They were 28, 36, and, 40 years of age respectively in 2023.

Amongst them, Rajni studied Nutrition at SUNY Westchester Community College and Herbalism at Herbal Academy and went on to work as a yoga/Hiit Instructor at Bikram Yoga Yorktown Heights. She has also been a Kid’s Yoga Instructor at Yoga SolC and Creative Movement/Yoga with toddlers at Childrenspace North.

Trivia: Thakur’s former parents-in-law both have passed away.

Thakur Wint Height

Thakur Wint stands tall at a height of under 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Thakur has brown eyes, blond hair, and a ripped body.

But Thakur wasn’t always ripped. Infact, just before 2022, he was in a depression and tried ending his life on more occasions. “I was the abyss. Things were dark, but when you spend enough time there, your eyes adjust,” he said.

The reality star then turned his life around in 2022 and celebrated his 1 year of sobriety in March 2023. “The Devil whispered in my ear, you are not strong enough to withstand the Storm. I whispered in the Devil’s ear, I am the Storm,” he wrote in an FB post.

Thakur Wint Job

Thakur Wint has been working as a Talent Acquisition Consultant in New York since 2007. He primarily freelanced and has over 2,000 job placements under his belt.

Also, it seems Thakur has dabbled in modeling — thanks to his intimidating physique.

In April 2019, he also appeared in a Power Of Your Voice podcast (Episode 017) where he discussed why it is important to take risks, action, be accountable, and what it takes to be a leader instead of being a boss. 

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Dede initially worked as a Spa Manager in Texas. But now, she has since redirected her skills to administration. The last we checked, Dede was working as a Medical Office Manager for the Grand Central Podiatry in New York City for over a decade.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Thakur Wint Fromm?

Thakur hails from Putnam Valley, New York.

But he resided in New York, New York in 2023.

  • Is Thakur Wint On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @thakur_wint.

Also, here’s his Facebook @thakur.wint, Twitter @ThakurDWint, and Youtube @thakurwint6270.

  • When Is Thakur Wint Birthday?

Thakur likely receives his birthday wishes on October 5.

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