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The Ultimatum Shanique Imari Family: Dad, Mom, Siblings

Meet Shanique Imari family.

Shanique recently appeared on Netflix’s new dating show The Ultimatum. She is relatively quiet about her family members but we’ve dug a little information related to her folks. learn more about them below in this article.

Netflix’s The Ultimate: Meet Shanique Imari Family

Netflix’s The Ultimate featured six couples who were ready to put their relationship to the test. One of the pairs we saw on the show was Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin. They merely dated for a year and a half, she gave the ultimatum to Randall.

Shanique explained in the show, “He’s a little comfortable with going with the flow, and I want to make sure that we’re planning to build together in a way that includes marriage.” But, he has his goals that he would like to reach before getting ready to settle down with her.

But, we’ve covered her journey in the show here if you’re interested to look into that.

From here on, we will be discussing details related to her family.

Shanique appears to be the child of Jamaican immigrants. However, whether it was her parents or her grandparents who first moved to the states is unclear. Although she has remained relatively private about her family in her IG post, she has mentioned her parents on her Twitter.

On 12 April 2020, Shanique tweeted, “Being the child of parents who literally had nothing and still “made it” just hit different.” She also lets into details regarding her parents’ involvement in her love life. Like in August 2020, “My parents love my bf so much. It’s so cute.”

Who Is Shanique Imari Dad?

Shanique Imari hasn’t shared personal details regarding her father. She wrote a lengthy IG post about her father in June 2016.

As already stated, Shanique has tweeted about her dad. In October 2019, she tweeted, “My dad always said I’ll never appreciate the growth that comes from the discomfort until I realize how much opportunity convenience would cost me.”

In another tweet in January 2020, she wrote, “I’m a whole adult, but I still call my dad when somebody hurt my feelings”. From these tweets what we can definitely take away is they share quite a strong father-daughter bond. She is basically a daddy’s girl.

The proof of this is her next tweet from February 2021 where Shanique wrote, “My father still gets me gifts for Valentine’s Day… this is why I’m a whole princess at my big age.”

Who Is Shanique Imari Mom?

As for Shanique Imari’s mother, we know that her name is Pearl (@bigmamapearl). Pearl celebrates her birthday on 10 November. Same as her father, she has also made a few tweets about her mother.

In August 2020, Shanique shared on her Twitter that growing up her mother used to eat crab legs all the time. When she got pregnant with Shanique’s sister Pearl craved them just about every other day. When her sister was born, her mom couldn’t stand the smell of any seafood because she got sick of the smell.

This was something she felt bad for her mother.

Does Shanique Imari Have Siblings?

Shanique Imari has at least one sister and a brother. She hasn’t given away her sister’s name. In August 2021, she shared her sister’s “two dating deal breakers”. She tweeted, “My little sister just said her two dating deal breakers is if he ever asks to split the bill and if he grown and still lives with his mom…. Idk, I’m kinda proud”.

Whereas, her brother’s name is CeeJay. On his 18th birthday in May 2016, Shanique wished him via an IG post where she wrote, “Happy 18th Birthday to my favorite guy!!! Love you to the moon and back Lil bro.” He is currently 23 years old.

CeeJay is a 2016 graduate of Judson Early College Academy.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Shanique Imari Family Ethnicity?

Shanique Imari is of Jamaican-American ethnicity.

  • Does Shanique Imari Family Appear On The Netflix Star’s Instagram?

Yes, Shanique Imari has featured her parents at least once on her Instagram.

  • Where Does Shanique Imari Family Reside?

Shanique Imari’s parents live in Austin, Texas.

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