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Thomas Wlaschiha Relationship Status: Wife Or Girlfriend?

Remember Thomas Wlaschiha, the “faceless man” from Game of Thrones? Well, he’s now starring in season 4 of Stranger Things as “Enzo.”

But today, we aren’t here to discuss the actor’s on-screen life. Rather, this article explores everything you need to know about Thomas’s past relationships, and who he’s currently dating.

Is Thomas Wlaschiha Gay? Does He Have A Partner?

Thomas Wlaschiha never publicly commented on his sexual preference. So, it’s unclear if he’s gay or not. But we do have a clue on how his gay rumors started.

First and foremost, Thomas portrayed a gay character in the movie No One Sleeps in 2000. Though the movie didn’t get a good review, Thomas’s character “Stefan Hein” made quite an impression on the fans. A dissatisfied viewer tweeted, “I’d nominate No One Sleeps, directed by Jochen Hick, to be the gay equivalent of The Room, although technically it’s much worse.  It stars a young Tom Wlaschiha awkwardly speaking terrible dialogue.”

Secondly, Thomas made a post with John Krasinki where he was crossdressing. Naturally, the fans then soon started making speculation that Thomas is finally out of the closet with one even stating that “Tom Wlaschiha is what he wants to be.”

And the last would be Thomas’ habit of avoiding questions related to his dating life. The last someone asked him who he was dating, Thomas replied that he was in love with his Giulia car.

As of 2022, Thomas didn’t seem to have a partner.

Thomas Wlaschiha Dating History

Thomas Wlaschiha is a private person. But it’s reported that he has been in at least one relationship. So, could one of them be his co-star? Well, at the time of writing this article, Thomas had worked with dozen of female stars but none of them seemed like his girlfriend.

However, with that being said, Thomas seemed very close with the 2002 Miss Universe Oksana Fedorova Mezzo. They two even hosted the first Dresden Opera Ball in St.Petersburg in September 2019. At the time, Oksana frequently starred on Thomas’s IG with lovely captions like “Partners in Crime.”

Prior to Oksana, Thomas was also often spotted with the actor Victoria Jancke. The two have attended several photoshoots together including the one hosted by Clos19 in collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

Besides them, Thomas was seen having a good time with her co-star Joana Ribeiro as well as the public speaker Nova Meierhenrich.

But though Thomas may be shipped with many stars, his relationship with the child actress Maisie Williams certainly makes it to the top of the list. A few fans even claimed that Maisie has great chemistry with older actors and that her best moments in Game of Thrones were when she was partnered with older men like Thomas.

The duo even talked about their “on-screen relationship” to have a “very much love-hate” kind of thing and at one point Thomas joked that they were more like “friends with benefits.”

Thomas Wlaschiha Relationship Status: Wife Or Girlfriend?

Thomas Wlaschiha seemed to be single as of 2022. And as always, he was busy filming things. So, he might have had no time for a wife or a girlfriend.

Also, to confirm things, we even took a thorough look through his socials (IG @tomwlaschiha and FB @tom.wlaschiha) but found no hints about his relationship.

Related FAQs

  • What Character Does Thomas Wlaschiha Play On Stranger Things?

Thomas portrayed “Enzo,” who first came to the scene after Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) got a Russian doll that has a message concealed, “Hopper is alive”, and also had a contact number for her to call.

All excited to see himself on Stranger Things, Thomas took it to his IG on May 28, 2022, to post, “ bring news ….from America — S4 pt1 is now streaming on @netflix !! Dmitri’s bets are not on Hopper ;)”

  • Who Are Thomas Wlaschiha Parents?

Thomas didn’t talk much about his parents. The last time we saw the actor with one of them was in October 2020. He, his dad, and his brother were on a trip to the High Tatras mountain in Slovakia at the time.

Talking about his brother, Stefan Wlaschiha is a Dresden University of Technology graduate who went on to work at Deutsche Bank. He resided in Berlin, Germany as of 2022.

Also, Thomas has a loving uncle who was a popular opera singer.

To recall his childhood, Thomas was born and raised in Dohna, German Democratic, where he had to learn Russian in school. And by the time he was 14 or 15, he decided to become an actor and started pursuing a theater education.

He is now a well-established multi-lingual actor who speaks German, English, French, Russian and Italian.

  • How Much Is Thomas Wlaschiha Net Worth?

Thomas flaunted a net worth of above $2 million in 2022.

An actor by profession, Thomas feels that every character has its own unique flow and personality, and lets the audience do the judging, while he just plays his part. At the time of writing this article, he was credited to over 77 movies and TV shows including Jack Ryan, Das Boot, Last Light, and Game of Thrones.

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