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Tiffany Bolton Bio, Age, Instagram, Height, Love After Lockup

Meet Tiffany (Nicole) Bolton one of the cast members of the fourth season of Love After Lockup that premiered on WE tv on 4 March 2022.

Tiffany took on this journey looking from love behind bars. So, now let us tell what was it like for her dating having a lover outside when locked up inside jail serving for her time in jail, and more in this ‘Tiffany Bolton Bio’.

Love After Lockup: Are Tiffany Bolton And Kevin Hale Still Together?

Love After Lockup is a reality television series chronicling the lives of freshly released felons and their significant others.

In the show, Tiffany Bolton is introduced to the viewers as an inmate who fell in love with Kevin Hale when still outside and before she got into trouble. She was sent to prison before they closed the deal. So, as the story progresses, we find out they have kept in contact and had plans to pick up where they left off once. And eventually, it was up to the show to reveal to its fans if they find their ways to be together after Tiffany is released.

On the show, it is also said that Kevin, a self-proclaimed player, had many women sliding into his DMs, but that Tiffany had especially stood out to him from the crowd.

They met on Facebook after Kevin reached out to her finding her good-looking. And Kevin said they never get to have sex or “anything like that” before she went into prison.

Fans of this show get to see some ‘love during lock up’ and the other ‘love after lock up’ moments. The S04E03 sees Kevin having major doubts about Tiffany when she changes her release day plan. The next episode “Rule Breakers & Love Makers” then sees Kevin stunned when he is not the only man at Tiffany’s release. Yes. That is when Kevin is aware of the love triangle that his relationship with Tiffany had turned out to be. The second man in the scene is Kurtis. In the S04E05 episode titled “Get Right Or Get Left” chaos erupts as Kevin and Kurtis face off at Tiffany’s release.

All along fans also gets to the drama between Kevin and his crazy ex. Indierra Treadwell aka Indie.

Speaking of if Tiffany and Kevin are still together, Kevin was seen hopeful saying things like when she gets out, they can start building their life together; going out for dinners and date nights; have a good steady relationship. But on this Valentine’s Day (in 2022) we saw him getting intimate with his hard-to-let-go ex Kyla Miller aka Kay of.

On the other hand, Tiffany on her Facebook revealed being ‘in a relationship’.

Tiffany Bolton Arrest History

Tiffany Bolton was incarcerated for drug charges. From what Kevin said in recent episodes of Lock Up Tiffany had 20 years in prison. From what he said, Tiffany almost already served her 5 years.

Kevin, here, was also in prison. He said he did two years on a five years sentence, also for drug charges.

Another update from the Lock Up would have to be the fact that Tiffany’s other suiter Kurtis also has found himself in lock-up arrested for assault. This development seemed to have happened following the altercation between Kevin and Kurtis.

Tiffany Bolton Age

Every year the 14th of June marks Tiffany Bolton’s birthday making her a Gemini. On this day in 2021, she turned 31 years old. (She was born in 1990.)

Is Tiffany Bolton On Instagram?

Tiffany Bolton had accounts on Instagram @texass_baddie_loveafterlockup and @idntfukwityou_. With 33 posts and 426 followers on it, the former seemed to be the one where she was active in as of 27 March 2022. The profile however was set on private.

The reality TV star also entertained 1.7K friends on ‘Tiffany Nicole Bolton’ Facebook, likely before she found trouble with the law.

Tiffany Bolton Height

Tiffany Bolton stands below 5’4” tall. In Kevin’s words, she looked pretty damn good with a beautiful face, amazing eyes, long dark hair, and great body, when he first saw her on Facebook and met her in person.

Tiffany Bolton Job

It is not clear what job Tiffany Bolton did when she had still not been sentenced. All we know is she is hones language skills in English, Spanish and British English.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Tiffany Bolton Live?

Tiffany Bolton was born and bred in her hometown of Mineola, Texas. In recent times (March 2022), she was based in Dallas, Texas.

  • What Do We Know About Tiffany Bolton’s Family?

Tiffany Bolton comes from a family of baptists. Her mom Julie Bolton turned 54 in November 2021. As per her Facebook, she worked at JPMorgan Chase and EDS. Currently based in Arlington, Texas, the matriarch seemed to be still married to Gary C Bolton, Tiffany’s dad. He turned 54 in January 2022.

As for siblings, Tiffany appeared to have a sister only. Named Kendal Bolton, the other Bolton worked as facilities clerk at Bell Flight. She also formerly worked as a reservationist at Lone Star Park and studied Music Business at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Then, there is Tiffany’s aunt Elizabeth Sims Thomas, also of Arlington.

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