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Tig Notaro Family: Mother, Father, Siblings, Kids, Wife

Fans are looking to learn more about the family of Tig Notaro after the news of the comedian joining the third season of The Morning Show on Apple TV+ made a headline. This announcement also shifted the attention from her to her parents, siblings, wife, and kids. Here you’ll learn about different aspects of their life.

Hence, keep scrolling down this article to learn more about Tig Notaro’s family.

Meet Tig Notaro Family Members

Comedian Tig Notaro was born to her parents Pat Notaro and Mathilde “Susie” O’Callaghan in Jackson, Mississippi in 1971. Raised until kindergarten in Pass Christian, Miss., she moved with her family to Spring, Texas, a Houston suburb.

Tig dropped out of high school in the ninth grade after failing three classes (getting her GED at age 19). She founded Tignation Promotions in Denver in the middle of the 1990s in order to manage and book bands. In order to make ends meet, she worked at restaurants, and coffee shops, and babysat in Los Angeles before trying stand-up for the first time.

Later in 2004, she appeared on “Comedy Central Presents.” In 2011, she released “Good One,” her debut stand-up CD. Her 2012 CD “Live” (pronounced “liv”) was a performance captured four days after she received her cancer diagnosis in both breasts and after being admitted to the hospital with the crippling intestinal condition Clostridioides difficile.

A 2015 Netflix movie called “Tig” chronicled her attempts to become pregnant with her fiancée Stephanie Allynne, an actress and comedian. They married that year and welcomed twin sons in 2016, conceived using Allynne’s eggs via a surrogate.

Learn more about her Tig Notaro family members here.

Who Is Tig Notaro Father, Pat Notaro?

Pasquale Walker “Pat” Notaro is the father of comedian Tig Notaro. Pat was at most a sporadic presence in her life. Pat’s parents were Anthony Louis Notaro (the son of Pasquale Notaro and Frances R.) and Mary Mildred Rawls (the daughter of John Marshall Rawls and Georgia Roberta McGuffee).

Pat’s grandparents were born in New York, to Italian parents, with at least his father being from Sicily.

Who Is Tig Notaro Mother, Mathilde “Susie” O’Callaghan?

Tig Notaro’s mother is Mathilde “Susie” O’Callaghan. In March 2012, after coming out of the hospital after being diagnosed with Clostridium difficile, she got a call from her dry-witted stepfather, an attorney step-father that her mother had tripped and hit her head at home and was now in a coma, about to die.

In Tig’s memoir, she mentioned that her mother was so dazzling she outshone everyone in the room. She saw the party in everything, even a school sports day; as soon as her kids were in bed, she would go out dancing until dawn. Tig told, “She was just so outrageous and funny and without any boundaries.”

When people questioned Tig, age 7, about why she preferred to wear T-shirts and jeans rather than fancy dresses, Tig’s mother stood up for her and accepted her as she was. Tig added, “My mother was so stylish, but she never pushed that on me. She always thought I looked cool.”

Speaking to VanityFair, Tig added more about her mother, “My mom was a freethinking artist—she was wild and would do anything to get a laugh from me. She’d go in reverse through a drive-through so I could order from the window: ‘Hi, can I get a milkshake?’”

Susie was born to her parents Mathilde Adelaide Fitzpatrick (the daughter of John James Fitzpatrick and Laura Agnes Renaud) and William James O’Callaghan (the son of John Henry O’Callaghan and Annie Elizabeth Coffey). John Fitzpatrick (John James Fitzpatrick), the father of Tig’s great-grandfather John, was born in Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont, to Irish parents James Fitzpatrick and Catherine McGettrick. He served as mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, from 1892 to 1896.

Marie Francoise Mathilde Gaerthener, who was born in Liepvre, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France, was the mother of Tig’s great-grandfather John. Laura, Tig’s great-grandmother, was the child of Adele Mealy and Aristide Charles Renaud, a Frenchman with ancestry in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, and the Pays de la Loire.

Sadly, Tig lost her mother Susie on 29 March 2012 at the age of 66 in Spring, Texas. At the time of her death, she was married to Laurie J. Cusack of Spring, TX.

How Many Siblings Does Tig Notaro Have?

Tig Notaro has a brother named Renaud L. Notaro. Renaud resides in Denver, Colorado where he is a radio personality. He was born in January 1970, he is currently 52 years old.

Renaud has been working as a radio host for more than 16 years. He worked at 104.3 KKFN The Fan / ESPN Radio 1600, AM 1510 Mile High Sports Radio, FM 93.7 Mile High Sports, and AM 1340 Mile High Sports Radio. He shared that his career highlight is interviewing Michael Phelps one-on-one following his eight gold medal performance.

According to his LinkedIn, Renaud is working in sales at Lee Auto Malls. He is also a voice-over artist at Notaro Media.

Renaud and Tig also seem to have a sister named Madelaine Notaro (@mz.notaro).

Tig Notaro Wife

Tig Notaro is married to her wife Stephanie Allynne. Their path reportedly crossed each other on the set of the 2013 film In a World…, in which they both played minor characters. Before Tig, Stephanie had only dated men. At the time the actress considered herself straight, but the couple clicked with each other.

“I was so into Tig and I was falling in love with her and I didn’t know how to identify it because I thought I was straight,” Stephanie told Cosmopolitan in 2015. “I kept gravitating toward her and wanting to spend time with her, and then in the process of recognizing that in myself, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I am fully in love with this person.'”

The two actresses were previously dating before getting married in October 2015. They have been married ever since.

“I bring a good amount of material from my real life, for sure. I always tell people I live with a writing staff, because just waking up every day, it’s endless stories and experiences,” Tig told The Columbus Dispatch about bringing her family into her act.

She continued, “I try to keep some stuff under wraps and find a happy medium. I try to remember my sons are still young and aren’t able to make choices about what’s shared about their lives. But it’s hard to let a good story go. … I might run it by Stephanie: “Hey, do you mind if I tell that story when that thing happened with the cat?”

She was previously in a long-term relationship that tragically came to an end which had left her heartbroken.

Tig Notaro Kids

Tig Notaro had a set of twins Finn and Max Notaro on 26 June 2016 with her wife Stephanie via surrogate. Instagram is Stephanie’s main social media platform, and she occasionally shares photos of the two of them together there.

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  • Where Does Tig Notaro Family Reside?

Tig Notaro’s brother is currently living in North Yarmouth, Maine. She and her wife is living in Los Angeles, California.

  • Do Tig Notaro Family Appear On Her Instagram?

The only family members who are on Instagram are her actress wife Stephanie (@stephanieallynne) and her brother Renaud (@renaudnotaro).

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