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TikTok Audrey Peters Mother: Who Is Jenny Peters?

Audrey Peters, the TikTok star, is born to her mother Jenny Peters. The fashion influencer recently sat down with Distractify for an interview about her career and rise to family. She didn’t share much about her family but here is where we fill the gap.

This article explores details about Jenny Peters’s age, job, marriage, and current residence among other things. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Audrey Peters’s mom Jenny.

Meet Jenny Peters, TikTok Audrey Peters Mother

Fashion influencer and TikTok star Audrey Peters was born to her mother Jenny Peters. Audrey has a few posts about her family members and her mother in this case but, there is no questioning about their bond.

In May 2019, Audrey gushed about her mother on her Instagram stating, “the best mom I could’ve ever asked for, je t’aime maman💕.”

And surely Jenny too is proud of what her daughter has been able to accomplish via several social media platforms.

Due to her Vine addiction, Audrey Peters launched her TikTok in 2020, just before the pandemic. Before becoming a full-time content developer, she spent a year working in fashion for Harper’s Bazaar. She had a fashion blog in high school before that, where she posted images of herself wearing various outfits. But she endured a lot of bullying because of it. Despite the criticism, she persisted through college before deciding she was done.

What Your Favorite Designer Says About You was her first TikTok video that went viral. Overnight, the video gained over 2 million views and gained her 10,000 platform fans. She did, however, decide to remove the video since she talked about clothing companies. She nevertheless made the decision to continue with the format and began producing content that ultimately developed.

Audrey explained, “If you’re not in finance or real estate, you’re not signing a contract the year before and showing up in August when the summer is over. If somebody’s hiring in journalism, fashion, or PR, you’re interviewing and then two weeks later, you’re meant to start. They would never hire somebody a year in advance. All my friends got their jobs in finance and real estate and consulting, and they all knew exactly what they were doing at the end of summer.”

She added, “And summer rolled around and I was the only friend that was in a more creative industry, so I started to apply and it’s going to be a total shot in the dark as to whether or not they hire me. And there’s really only a few hiring seasons throughout the year, which you also don’t realize when you’re in college.”

Audrey Peters completed her college education at George Washington University. She graduated in 2019.

Is Jenny Peters Still Married To Mark Peters?

No, Jenny Peters is not married to Audrey’s father Mark Peters. In 2023, Jenny re-married in 2016. Audrey shared photos from her mother’s second wedding on her IG.

Audrey wrote, “The most perfect bride there ever was 👰🏼💍❣ #igotitfrommymama.”

In June 2016, Audrey shared a pic of her mom and her step-dad and captioned the post, “pre-wedding fun!!!!! 🙆🏼🍋👨‍👩‍👧.”

Jenny Peters Age

Jenny Peters is 61 years old as of July 2023. She was born in September 1961.

What Is Jenny Peters Maiden Name?

Jenny Peters’s maiden name is unclear. She also goes by Jenny Veitch which is likely her current husband’s last name.

Jenny Peters Job

Jenny Peters is the co-founder of Peters and Mbiango Home. She also works in the company as an interior designer.

When Jenny and Rachel decided to convert their love of design into a business, Peters and Mbiango Home was founded in 2003. Beautiful homes are something Peters and Mbiango genuinely love to create. They are dedicated to building environments where each customer can flourish and feel their best. The aesthetic of Jenny and Rachel’s old and modern approachable, living rooms with a twist, where the magic happens, is well known.

Check out the company’s portfolio here.

According to her LinkedIn, Jenny Peters is a president at J Richard Peters LLC.

You can also find Peters and Mbiango Home on Instagram (@petersandmbiango), Pinterest (@petersmbiango), and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jenny Peters From?

The public record reveals that Jenny Peters hailed from Miami, Florida.

  • When Is Jenny Peters Birthday?

Jenny celebrates her birthday in September.

  • Is Jenny Peters On Instagram And Facebook?

Jenny is only on Instagram (@jrichardpeters) and not on Facebook.

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