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Grace Helbig Siblings: Timothy Helbig And John Helbig

Meet Grace Helbig’s siblings Timothy and John Helbig. The YouTube star opened up about being diagnosed with breast cancer. Grace described how she found out about her diagnosis a month ago in a roughly eight-minute video that she uploaded to her YouTube and Instagram accounts on Monday.

Fans of Grace are leaving kind words for her family members. Hence, this article is an opportunity for you to learn briefly about her siblings. So, keep on scrolling down to learn more.

Who Are Grace Helbig Siblings?

Grace Helbig is one of the three children of John and Theresa Helbig born in South Jersey. Grace, formerly known as itsGrace and Graciehinabox, is an American Catholic Comedy vlogger. Her YouTube channel and her previous role as host of the channel DailyGrace are what made her most famous. Weekly-themed videos are posted on her channel.

Additionally, she serves as a correspondent for G4’s Attack of the Show!, played Idol on FBE’s web series MyMusic, and presented the erroneously canceled Bedtime Stories on My Damn Channel.

Grace Anne Helbig was born at the same time that Hurricane Gloria was striking the northeastern United States. She was born in South Jersey to John Helbig and Theresa Mcginnis. Her dad is 71 years old in March 2023. John works at The Somers Point Green Team. He served as a chairman of Somers Point.

The Somers Point Economic Development Advisory Commission (EDAC) was established to provide recommendations to City Council regarding the state of Somers Point’s economic development. Its duties include promoting the city’s economic vitality, ensuring the stability of existing businesses, and fostering future development.

Her paternal grandparents are named Leonard F. “Len” Helbig Jr. and Marie V. Bevans.

Her mother is named Theresa Mcginnis, the daughter of  John J. Tull and Betty Bradshaw. Theresa is 66 years old. Theresa is married to William McGinnis.

Grace’s parents are no longer married. John has a new wife named Maureen Helbig.

Back to details about her siblings, John and Theresa shared other two sons named John and Tim. Learn more about them below.

Meet Timothy Helbig, Grace Helbig Brother

Grace Helbig’s brother is named Timothy “Tim” Helbig. Widely recognized as a YouTube sensation like Grace, TimWillDestroyYou is well recognized for his widely followed vlogging channel.

In March 2015, on Tim’s birthday, Grace wrote, “It’s my brother Tim (@raginbotanist)’s birthday. He told me he wore his #camptakota shirt today because he was proud. Not because it was laundry day and he didn’t realize he was wearing it until I asked him about it.”

  • Timothy Helbig Age

As of July 2023, Timothy Helbig is 35 years old. He was born in 1988.

  • Timothy Helbig Job

Timothy Helbig started his career as a Plant Records Intern at Native Plant Trust. He then joined data engineer at Athena Health from 2014 to 2016. Later, he was promoted to data scientist, and then to Senior Manager of Health Analytics in the company.

From January 2020 to June 2021, Timothy worked as a Senior Data Analyst at edX.

Tim is now working as a Lead Data Scientist at Linus Health. He studied Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University and Microbiology at MIT for graduate studies.

  • Is Timothy Helbig Married?

The marital status of Timothy Helbig is unclear.

Meet John Helbig, Grace Helbig Other Brother


John Helbig is the father of Grace Helbig.

  • John Helbig Age

John Helbig turned 41 years old in 2022. He was born in August 1981.

  • John Helbig Job

John Helbig is working as a “Biomedical Account Manager Penn-Jersey Region Northeast Philadelphia.” He is currently employed at American Red Cross since 2012. Besides working as a Biomedical account manager and quality assurance specialist.

Furthermore, John joined American Red Cross as a Manager of Fixed Sites.

  • Is John Helbig Married?

Yes, John Helbig is married to his wife Maureen Hutchinson. The married couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary in October 2022. The married couple shares one daughter named Hope Helbig.

About Maureen, she is working as a Hair Stylist/Colorist/Owner at Studio M Hair Artistry since December 2020. 

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Grace Helbig Siblings Reside?

Grace Helbig’s brothers John and Timothy Helbig reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Do Grace Helbig Siblings Have The Same Parents?

Yes, Grace Helbig’s siblings share the same parents as her.

  • Are Grace Helbig Siblings On Instagram?

No, Grace Helbig’s siblings are not on Instagram. But, you can find her brother John on Facebook (@john.helbig.50). On Twitter, Tim goes by the handle @RaginBotanist.

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