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TikTok Jade Amber Baby Daddy, Net Worth, Parents

TikTok star Jade Amber has always been at the center of controversy. Fortunately, most of them have disappeared with time except her baby daddy drama — which shall always be a hot topic as long as she keeps her baby father a mystery.

So, today, we’ll be shedding light on whatever information we have on her baby daddy, and also her net worth and parents.

Who Is TikTok Jade Amber Baby Daddy?

Jade Amber might have kept her baby daddy anonymous but she was always open about her relationship with him.

In a podcast with Kail Lowry, the TikTok star even revealed why she broke up with her baby daddy and explained how she kept herself from becoming bitter over the situation. Also, the two single moms later talked about the line between posting their lives and exploiting that of their children and discussed tips for not losing themselves as a mom.

Likewise, Jade joined Bunnie for the “Dumb Blonde” podcast to talk about leaving her toxic relationship and keeping the baby daddy drama in the past. There, she also opened up about the blessings and challenges that came with being a young single mom.

It seems that Jade and her baby daddy broke up back in late 2020 — after multiple fights. And since they always fought and Jade always told him that she would leave him, the actual split wasn’t so hard on her.

Now, Jade and her baby daddy are on talking terms. Infact, she even moved closer to him so he could help her watch their kid when she was not around.

Talking about their kid, they welcomed a son named Prince on March 19, 2019.

“I still can’t believe you’re one year old today I don’t want to cry but like where has the time gone already stay happy forever baby you are the sweetest little human ever and I love you more than anything binky,” Jade celebrated her Prince’s first birthday on IG.

As for her plans to have more kids, Jade confessed that she will now only have kids with the person she wants to marry. And given her past experiences, her husband-material standards are too high now.

TikTok Jade Amber Net Worth

Jade Amber flaunted a net worth of above $2 million in 2023 — all thanks to her time as a reality star.

At the time of writing this article, Jade entertained 2.2M followers on her TikTok @jade.amberrrrr, 209K followers on Instagram @jadeamberrrr, and 146K followers on Youtube @jadeamberrrr.

Also, Jade makes generous money bartending. “It just depends on the night, like somedays I’ve made $500. Wm when I used to work by myself like full shits I used to make like $800 – $900. Most days, I make like $300-$400.” she explained.

And not to mention, she has a DePop store and Amazon storefront, which has aided her quite a bit.

Prior to becoming a social media star/influencer, Jade was a manager at Zaxby’s (making $12.50 an hr) and an employee at Walmart (making $12.70 an hr). And after realizing she wasn’t making enough, she then joined Hooters (making $170 a day).

So, for anyone (especially single moms) working hourly, she urges them to go serve somewhere busy because “you will make way more!” One day, Jade even made $900 because she worked double.

As for her education,  Jade has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Campbell University.

How Old Is TikTok Jade Amber?

Jade Amber was born on September 1, 1999. That made her 23 years of age in 2023 and of the Virgo zodiac.

TikTok Jade Amber Parents

Jade Amber didn’t reveal her parents. But she did talk about her mother who supported her “physically” to take care of her child.

What Is TikTok Jade Amber Real Name?

Jade Amber didn’t reveal her full name. She said, “Y’all don’t need to know my last name.”

As for those of you confused, “Amber” is Jade’s middle name — not her last.

TikTok Jade Amber Height

Jade Amber stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Jade has brown eyes, tattoos on her arms and chest, and a voluptuous body that’s 100% natural. She doesn’t have any type of plastic surgery. However, she did get a lip filler and an age-preventive botox. “I literally love that face that I have lip filler like it’s made me so much confidence and I think it really helps my face,” she explained

Related FAQs

  • Where Was TikTok Jade Amber Born?

Jade was born in Fayetteville, NC. But when she was 6 months old, her family moved to Middletown, Connecticut, and that’s where she grew up.

  • What Is TikTok Jade Amber Ethnicity?

TikTok star Jade Amber flaunts White ethnicity. But she does speak with a Black accent because of which she has been scrutinized for quite a while now.

“Not Jade Amber on TikTok, trying to say that Clarence got something for her like girl sit your white ass down. This n**ga can’t do anything if Queen was to like a guy’s picture nobody says nothing but once Clare does, it is such a problem,” a user tweeted.

Talking about her blaccent, the TikTok herself once said, “I was not trying to cosplay a black woman or impersonate a black moment when I was literally lip-syncing the song. I literally do that and almost every single video that I make on TikTok. That’s how I talk — I talk about hands, I talk my neck,  my head and that’s never been me trying to cosplay a black woman.”

  • Does TikTok Jade Amber Have Siblings?

Jade didn’t reveal info on her siblings.

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