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TikTok Lexi And Hayden Ages, Jobs, Married, Who Are They?

Who are the viral couple on TikTok Lexi and Hayden? How old are they? Where are they from? What jobs do they have? Why are they famous? Are they married yet? These are the questions we will be answering in this piece as you keep on scrolling down.

So, join us and learn more about them here.

Meet TikTok Couple Lexi And Hayden

TikTok couple Lexi and Hayden gained fame on the platform for their unconventional lifestyle. The couple has been living a camper lifestyle in Oklahoma. With their newfound fame, the couple with their camper lifestyle was able to gain 137.5k followers and 3.3 million likes for their videos.

Both Lexi and Hayden updated clips of their day-to-day activities on their platform. Moreover, Lexi in particular is very interactive with their followers.

But, despite having a lot of fans, they have also garnered haters that are active on Reddit. Most of the hostility, according to the r/Lexi and HaydenSnark Lounge, appears to be directed at Lexi, who is the main face of the account.

Lexi is despised because her stories frequently contradict one another and she “begs, stating [that] they can’t afford groceries or laundry, but then goes out and buys a $200 gaming monitor,” according to a commenter. Someone in another thread noted that Lexi was sporting an Apple watch despite claiming to be having financial difficulties.

In another post, one user offered more alleged details as to why folks weren’t too keen on the couple, especially Lexi. “They leave rotting food in their fridge, they leave raw meat on their stove. They just don’t clean, don’t pick up after each other yet she claims she’s a ‘housewife’ all because she makes him a pb&j for lunch,” the user wrote.

Users also harped on Lexi’s alleged tendency to lie in her videos. One person wrote: “It’s just a bunch of weird, small lies. That makes one wonder, ‘What is the point of that? Why lie?’ For example: She once claimed she’s an only child, and grandchild, and has no cousins. Then says she has one cousin. It’s just weird.”

Are TikTok Lexi And Hayden Married?

The pair started dating each other in January 2022. On their 2 monthly anniversary, the couple posted a series of clips together with a caption on the video, “Two months and many more to go.” Exactly a month later, in another TikTok, they revealed that they met each other on the dating app Tinder.

Following that, she invited her burgeoning followers to join in their journey to turn the campers into their first home.

In June 2022, a follower noticed a ring on Lexi’s finger and asked about their relationship and if they were engaged. She shared that they had ordered a promise ring and were already on their way and any jewelry she was wearing was from her grandparents.

On 11 June 2022, the pair celebrated their 6 month anniversary. However, they aren’t married yet. A month later in late July, she shared her wedding plans and revealed that she has already planned everything including dresses.

Lexi also talked about her favorite memory with Hayden. The first one was when Hayden took her on a date as they drove around looking for Christmas lights, sitting in a car listening to music, which she found wholesome. The second memorable moment was when she told him that she needed to leave her parents’ house.

The pair have also discussed having kids and Lexi picked out a girl for their prospective future daughter “Samantha” because her paternal grandfather wanted a granddaughter but he passed away in April 2002. Her parents got pregnant with her in October of that year as they had her via Invitro procedure.

Lexi shared about her plan to have two to three kids and adopt one.

TikTok Lexi And Hayden Ages

TikTok star Lexi turned 19 on 28 July 2022 whereas Hayden reached 21 years old in September 2022.

TikTok Lexi And Hayden Jobs

In mid-June 2022 a follower asked why Lexi is not working to support Hayden if she had gone to college. However, Lexi revealed in the post that she went to college for one semester before her parents pulled her out. She then revealed that she does dispatch of the security company that Hayden works for.

Whereas, Hayden worked in security at Safety and Security Services Incorporated. He has been working there since 2019 and before that, he was a cook at Boomerang Diner in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Lexi shared that, Hayden’s dad is the vice president of the company, and the dispatcher position opened so Lexi interviewed and landed the job. However, Lexi’s dream was always to be an elementary school teacher which she assured she will be doing in the future.

In July 2022 TikTok, Lexi addressed a follower’s question about Hayden getting a better position in the company. She revealed that he was the highest-paid security official there. In order to land an office job in the company, Hayden has to have a business degree which he doesn’t have. He was planning to study business after Lexi gets done with her first year of college where she is an elementary education major.

Lexi is hoping to have an associate’s degree in music so that she could become an elementary music teacher.

However, she was still on her family’s insurance, only because it was cheaper for them. Other than that, Hayden and Lexi pay for their expenses themselves.

In one TikTok a follower asked if Hayden traveled for work or if they just bought a camper to live in. Hayden gives a hilarious response saying, “cause we’re broke.”

How Tall Are TikTok Lexi And Hayden?

According to Lexi and Hayden’s TikTok from 20 June, Lexi is 5’3” and Hayden stands tall at 5’9”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are TikTok Lexi And Hayden From?

TikTok Lexi and Hayden are currently based near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hayden is an Oklahoma native. As for Lexi, she was born in Chicago, and her family moved to Dallas Texas.

  • Are TikTok Lexi And Hayden On Instagram?

Yes, TikTok Lexi and Hayden are on Instagram (@lexi_and_hayden) and YouTube (@lexiandhayden9883).

  • What Are TikTok Lexi And Hayden Last Names?

The last names of TikTok Lexi and Hayden are Mullins and Wertman respectively. Their full names are Lexi Mullins and Hayden Wertman.

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