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Love After Lockup Travis Bio, Age, Instagram, Last Name

Love After Lockup Season 4 premiered on 16 December 2022 and introduced to viewers all new casts including long-time couple Ashley and Travis.

Before finding their way in Love After Lockup, Ashley and Travis were together for over four years. Despite Travis being a convict, these two were determined to prove that they can actually stay in this romance until they came across a few things working against them. What are these? Are the two still together? Let us tell you all about it and more in this writing.

Are Love After Lockup Travis And Ashley Still Together?

We see on the reality TV show that Travis and Ashley are already engaged. There is also a bit of a past story we are told, how they first met after being set up by Travis’s sister who purchased jewelry from Ashley almost four years ago, and all. The story goes on to tell that Ashley was not originally interested in an inmate. But when she saw a photo of this “most gorgeous” man, she changed her mind. The next thing she knew, she slid into his JPay, and the rest is history.

Travis had proposed to Ashley with a “fun” engagement ring over a video visit about a year prior. Ashley who not only said Yes had teasingly ensured her beau that she does not care about a “5-carat diamond…yet”.

Ashley did at the time fall head-over-heels for Travis while he was behind bars, but now that he was set to be released in just two days, as seen in the sneak peek of the season’s premiere, she appeared worried about what people will think.

Two days before the release, the couple is seen bantering back and forth about sleeping positions, and Ashley’s nerves about Travis coming home are on full display. She admits to being overwhelmed with everything coming their way in just a couple of days.

Now, the question is did the two make their new lives together work, despite their unlikely pairing? The answer to this was not that obvious at the time of this writing, particularly with Ashley’s flirty neighbor Martin also in the picture.

As per the show’s description of Martin, he is a “handyman” who against Travis’s wishes makes regular visits to Ashley’s. Ashley also did some questionable flirting with this guy interested in her.

The other couples taking on this journey this season on Love After Lockup were Aris and Cameron from Tampa, Florida, Monique and Derek of Chicago, Illinois, Nathan and Skylar of Zanesville, Ohio, Gabby and Chris of Union, New Jersey, and lastly, the Johnstown, Pennsylvania natives Michael and Justine.

Why Did Love After Lockup Travis Go To Jail?

Love After Lockup Travis was convicted of arm robbery 13 years before season 4 of Love After Lockup happened. Details of it were yet to follow.

Also, this Season in the series Travis was to be released. So, while he was inside the cell, Ashley admitted that she spent quite a bit of money, around $80 thousand, on him. Yet, she may have instead talked about spending that much of the amount on her shop.

Ashley said she is not at all concerned about Travis being an armed bank robber. What she worried about was that people might think he could rob her of jewelry. Fans meanwhile were busy making humor out of their speculation that “Travis is only entertaining a relationship with Ashley because he is planning on robbing her ass once he gets out of prison.”

Love After Lockup Travis Age

Travis was 44 years old when the Love After Lockup chose to document his story in 2022. While Ashley, at the time, was 38 years old.

What Is Love After Lockup Travis Last Name?

Travis’s last name had not been revealed yet.

Love After Lockup Travis Job

So far, Love After Lockup was yet to tell its viewers what Travis did for a living before he decided to loot the bank and get himself locked up.

In the meantime, his girlfriend Ashley seemed to be planning about employing Travis in her own jewelry business, once he was out of prison.

Ashley is clearly the first cast member in this series to film the inevitable engagement ring shopping scene at her own business. Yes, she is a jewelry designer or in her words, an antique fine jewelry purveyor. She even insisted that in those four years she has gotten to know Travis really well and that she can trust him around her safe filled with valuables.

In the meantime, people have taken to Twitter to call Ashley “dumb as f*ck” for supporting Travis. Others were worried for Ashley that Travis might take advantage of her.

Is Love After Lockup Travis On Instagram?

Love After Lockup Travis was not on Instagram or any other social media platforms as of the time of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love After Lockup Travis From?

Love After Lockup Travis comes from Port St. Lucie, a city on the Atlantic coast of southern Florida.

  • How Tall Is Love After Lockup Travis?

Love After Lockup‘s Travis stands above 5’10” in height.

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