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TikTok Star Meche Bio, Age, Full Name, Height, Boyfriend

TikTok star Meche is beefing with her best friend Tessa Ortega and it includes her ex-boyfriend Angel. Here are a few things about Meche that you should know. The article covers details about her age, full name, boyfriend, and family.

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TikTok Star Meche And Tessa Ortega Drama

TikTok group ATM’s two members Meche and Tessa Ortega are feuding and their beef reportedly led to the break up of their group.

Although Tessa and Meche’s drama may not have started with a boy, it seems that boy was the cause of their feud’s eventual eruption. Meche formerly shared a love relationship with influential figure El Compa Angell. However, a video of Tessa and Angel kissing appeared online in August.

Later, Tessa used TikTok Live to refute accusations that she had taken her best friend’s boyfriend. Tessa claimed the kiss was “more of an in-the-moment thing” and that “it just happened.”

“If you hang out with someone — like opposite same gender or whatever — if you’re attracted to them, you’re obviously going to gain feelings for them as well,” Tessa said in the video.”So it is what it is. And I can’t go back on that.”

Tessa continued by saying that since Meche and Angel’s relationship was merely for appearances, she wasn’t legally in violation of the law.

“They never had anything. Literally at all,” she added further. “They never kissed they never did anything. They barely met in person in Arizona. They went on live with each other learning for the views, for the clout.”

Tessa hinted that Meche might not be who she says she is during the live feed. “It’s like you’re not who you really are when you meet her in person,” the author said. Meche and Tessa’s actual ages were disclosed amidst the controversy. They appear to be far younger than we previously thought.

A fan page of Meche posted another video where Tessa claims that it wasn’t her in the first place. She also claimed that she has the same mirror in her home.

In her TikTok live, Tessa also clarified about the situation. She explained that Meche and Angel were “together” only for clout. And, she is friends with her best friend’s ex now.

Meche also had a few things in her mind to say to Tessa. She mocked Tessa in one video uploaded by thistea2good.

TikTok Star Meche Boyfriend

TikTok star Meche has clearly mentioned on her Facebook that she is single. She has never discussed any details regarding her dating history.

TikTok Star Meche Age

Dexerto revealed that while many believe that Meche is 18, she is actually 16 years old. There are several videos on TikTok of Tessa discussing her most recent drama with Meche. Meche is stated to be 16 in the video rather than 18 by Tessa. Tessa explains, “Meche is 16 years old, not 18.”

Although Tessa makes it clear that she is not attempting to expose her friend, many of her admirers believe that she is in fact acting in the same way. Meche, however, hasn’t responded to or added anything to Tessa’s assertions.

What Is TikTok Star Meche Full Name?

The full name of Meche is Marissa De Yavhé Gaytán.

TikTok Star Meche Family

TikTok’s Meche grew up in a Mexican household and in her one TikTok, she stated she is like a parent to her younger siblings.

In other TikToks, Meche has also featured her beautiful mom and her brother Alejandro. In December 2022, she wished her brother via a TikTok writing, “HAPPY BDAY TO MY ONLY AND MOST AMAZING BROTHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 love you 4eva @🤴🏻.”

Furthermore, Meche has two younger sisters who are frequently featured on her IG. She and her sisters have quite an age gap, she has noted that many people think that she is their mom.

Altogether Meche has three siblings.

How Much Is TikTok Star Meche Net Worth?

As of August 2023, TikTok star Meche’s net worth is above $300K. Meche is primarily a TikTok star with 731.3K followers. Furthermore, her fame on the platform has racked up followers on other platforms too.

Meche’s YouTube channel Marissa De Yavhé Gaytán has 23.9K. She posts music on her channel. Moreover, her Instagram also has 284K followers.

Furthermore, Meche is also pursuing a career as a musician. She releases music under the name Marissa De Yavhé Gaytán. Some of her recent singles are STS, Domoniatica, Masoquista, and Pensando among others. Find her music on Spotify and Apple Music.

TikTok Star Meche Height

TikTok star Meche stands tall above height 5’6”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is TikTok Star Meche From?

Meche from TikTok calls Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico her hometown.

  • When Is TikTok Star Meche Birthday?

TikTok star Meche’s birthday is on 20 December.

  • What Is TikTok Star Meche Ethnicity?

TikTok’s Meche is from Mexico she is Hispanic by ethnicity.

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