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TikTok Tessa Ortega Parents: Jose And Alesia Tess Ortega

Get to know Jose and Alesia Tess Ortega the parents of TikTok star Tessa Ortega. Find out about their age, job, and current residence. Keep scrolling down this article to read all about Tessa’s folks.

Here is what we currently know about them.

Who Are TikTok Tessa Ortega Parents?

TikTok star Tessa Ortega was born to her parents Jose Ortega and Alesia Tess Ortega. Jose and Alesia had her on 20 December 1984 and raised her in California.

Tessa is best known for posting family and lifestyle content with her children such as POV videos, mini vlogs, and lip sync performances. On TikTok Tessa currently has 641.9K followers meanwhile on Instagram she boasts 259K followers.

The latest conflict involving Tessa Ortega and her best friend Meche is currently causing a stir on the internet. Unfortunately, they had a falling out, and the drama is currently playing out on the video-sharing website. Tessa Ortega revealed Meche’s true age on TikTok as a result of their falling out, and ever since then, people have been talking about it.

Tessa Ortega can be heard in the widely shared video commenting on Meche’s age and adding, “Meche is not 18; she is 16 years old.” The moment the video went viral, Michelle’s followers were shocked because they had assumed the TikTok influencer was 18 years old. Tessa said that she wasn’t intending to expose her pal after disclosing Michelle’s age.

The TikTok star and Angel were seen in a video that went viral earlier this month. Tessa was also kissing him in the video. Additionally, Angel has been openly making out with Michelle, and the influencer has posted updates online about it. Tessa and Michelle began to distance themselves when the kissing video went viral, and the tension began to develop.

In response to the popular kissing video, Michelle added, “The things that happened already happened. You can’t change the past. It’s not like I can go rewind time and stop it.” After that, Tessa responded to the entire scenario live on TikTok and discussed Michelle and Angel’s relationship. Tessa said that there was no connection between the two and that is the reason why she went ahead and kissed Angel.

Meet Jose Ortega, TikTok Tessa Ortega Father

Jose Ortega is the father of TikTok star Tessa Ortega. Every year, Tessa’s father celebrates his birthday on 25 November.

Unfortunately, there are no details about his job and career. However, you can find him on Instagram (@jayym.o).

Meet Alesia Tess Ortega, TikTok Tessa Ortega Mother

TikTok star Tessa Ortega’s mother is called Alesia Tess Ortega. She is a proud mother and in 2017, she proudly shared that all of her kids were honor roll students and she is a proud mom.

On Mother’s Day 2020, she posted a picture of her and her kids and wrote, “Thank you, Everyone!!! 🥰💕I hope everyone has a blessed Mother’s Day.”

Famous Birthdays reported that Alessia was born on 20 December 1984. It means she is age 38 in 2023. Alessia is the owner of JOSIE ALESIA L.L.C. a company incorporated in 2019.

Find her on Instagram (@alesiatess), TikTok (@alesiatess), and Facebook (@alesiatess.o).

Related FAQs

  • Are TikTok Tessa Ortega Parents Married?

Yes, TikTok Tessa Ortega’s parents still appear together. The couple celebrated their anniversary in November 2020. But in July 2023, fans started noticing that Tessa’s father was absent in several events and family occasions and it left them wondering if they were still together.

  • Where Do TikTok Tessa Ortega Parents Reside?

TikTok’s Tess Ortega’s dad Jose lives in Riverside, California. However, her mom Alesia appears to be living in Riverside, California.

  • How Many Kids Do TikTok Tessa Ortega Parents Have?

Jose and Alesia Ortega shared three kids in total. The other two are named Nate Ortega and Josie Ortega. Nate born on 4 March 2006 is 17 years old. He has 513K followers on TikTok and 89.2K followers on IG.

Their other daughter Josie turned 19 in December 2022. She garnered 1.7 million followers on TikTok and 595K followers on her IG.

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