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TikTok Star Nnapples Bio, Net Worth, Real Name, Job

Fame on TikTok may knock at your door anytime, and when you may have least expected it. The same happened to a TikTok creator named Nnapples who has been going viral on the platform since July 2021. And naturally, people have been wondering ‘Who is TikTok star Nnapples? what’s her real name, and more. Her newfound fans especially have been inquiring and guessing about her occupation. Why is that? Find out in this Bio.

TikTok Star Nnapples Job

So, this happened. Earlier in 2021, one of Nnapples’s TikTok videos, where she is seen wearing scrubs, went viral.

Many, at the time, believed she is a nurse. One user even commented — “Remember when you are a nurse you are supposed to be taking care of people instead of making TikToks.”

And thus responding quickly and sharply to the criticism, Nnapples had clarified she is not a nurse. For this, she made another video, which saw her singing along to a tune where she also featured a real professional nurse.

Shortly, the clip went viral, swept over 20 million views, causing everyone to wonder what is Nnapples’s job if it is not nursing.

Turning the tide in her favor, Nnapples has since smartly started using her followers’ guesses as ideas to base her future videos.

Using these guesses for her career, she has been theming her videos as — each time, she picks a new profession she has been featuring another actual professional dancing alongside her.

Nnapples had joined TikTok just as the first COVID pandemic began.

So, about her real job, KOIN has it saying that she first TikTok in March 2020 pandemic shut down the local community theatre production in Utah.

Natalie was originally cast in a local community theater production in Utah. So, chances are, she is a theatre actress.

Anyway, following the TikTok popularity, she got featured on LADbible and collaborated with the minor baseball team Hillsboro Hops for a video. The clip already had over 6 million views as we write this.

TikTok Star Nnapples Net Worth

TikTok star Nnapples had less than an estimated $400K net worth as of September in 2021.

With her full apparel line coming soon, she will soon be adding more to her wealth.

Nnapples has shared falling into TikTok fame was never her plan. She started TikTok simply just to make a couple of videos. She did not care about the algorithm and did not care about the number of followers or views or likes. But now that a lot many people/businesses are reaching out to her, she does not take it for granted and is rather feels humbled by the whole experience.

How Old Is TikTok Star Nnapples?

TikTok star Nnapples reached the age of 25 as she celebrated her birthday with a beautiful birthday cake on 23 August 2021.

How Tall Is She?

Good-looking and wavy blonde-haired Nnapples is above 5’7” or 1.70 meters in height.

TikTok Star Nnapples Real Name

‘Nnapples’ actually is a social media name of your favorite TikToker. Her real name is Natalie Rose. Why she chose ‘Nnapples’ of all, it was not understood.

What Do We Know About TikTok Star Nnapples Family?

So, Natalie Rose was born to a family in  Pendleton, in the U.S. state of Oregon, and the seat of Multnomah County.

Today (in 2021), Natalie, who seemed to be a Mormon Christian, called Gresham, Oregon her home.

Her mother’s name is Kim Stephens Whittaker. On Mother’s Day, Natalie took to her Instagram to thank her mom for giving her the wonderful life she is now able to live.

“Mom. Happy mothers day. I know Im not too good at expressing it but I do love you. You have given your daughters a wonderful life full of laughter and teachings. We love you.”

And because Natalie wrote ‘daughters’ we know all her siblings are sisters. Natalie has two sisters: Becky Whittaker Morgan and Amber Mason. Becky, on Instagram @the_farmhouse_family, is a proud stay-at-home mommy of three young kids. While, Amber, on Instagram @the.masons.3113, is married to Nik Mason and also has three young kids, all daughters.

Is She On Instagram, Facebook?

Until 17 September 2021, Natalie Rose had 49.6K followers on her Instagram @nnapples_.

Natalie enjoyed 2.2M followers and 60.8M overall likes on her TikTok @nnapples_.

You may also see glimpses from Natalie’s day-to-day life on her ‘Natalie Rose’ Facebook.

TikTok Star Nnapples Husband

TikTok star Nnapples got married to her husband Matt Silcox on 20 June 2015. And yes, she was still married to him in 2021.

As per Facebook, her husband Matt is a realtor at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Momentum. He is from  Salem, Utah, went to Salem Hills High School, and later studied at Brigham Young University (BYU), which is a private research university in Provo, Utah, in the United States.

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