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Tim Spears Bio, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Job, Netflix Outlast

Fans of survival adventures from around the world have taken a liking to Netflix’s Outlast and naturally also to Tim Spears, one of its participants.

So, in this writing called ‘Tim Spears Bio’ we shall tell you all about who Tim is, about his age, family, job, Netflix Outlast journey, and more.

Tim Spears On Netflix’s Outlast

“My ability to survive, my tenacity, my love for nature, and my drive to conquer the unconquerable. I love being in the woods, and this seems to be my most immense challenge yet”, Tim Spears answered when he was asked, “What makes you think you can survive in Alaska?”.

The newest survival competition series dropped on Netflix on 10 March 2023 and introduced to its audience 16 people, including Tim Spears. It all started with them being left off on Chichagof Island by the Neka River, a remote section of Alaska just west of Juneau, in the middle of autumn.

Shortly after, Tim was randomly picked to be part of the Bravo team. Once settled in the group, he had to tackle several problems, including Javier’s constant altercation and micromanaging and the team’s inability to start the fire in one go. Eventually, there seemed to be trouble within the group. It was especially difficult for Tim to carry out the day-to-day activities with Javier’s leadership qualities.

Where Is Tim Spears Today?

So, it appears Tim Spears did not have that great of a time on the show. After it stopped filming, he returned to his home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

After the show was over, Tim also received the certification for completing Concealed Carry Training by Croft Tactical, LLC. in January 2023.

Post Outlast, Tim is likely even busier than before. Still, when he is not hitting the gym, backpacking, and trail running, he makes time for his plant babies, or his other hobbies.

But mostly, he is just focused on his career.

Tim Spears Age

Born in 1987, Tim Spears turned 35 years old in 2022.

Tim Spears Family

Tim, with the full name Timothy, actually gets his name from his father. So, the patriarch to goes around by the same name: Timothy Floyd Spears. And like his son, he too is mostly called Tim. As for his age, he turned 56 years old in October 2022.

Tim senior’s wife, on the other hand, Tammy Barnett Spears, turned 56 years old in March 2023. This year in March, on the 6th, the couple also celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They continued to reside in Rome, Georgia until the time of this writing.

Timi, in his family, also has a sister named Taylor Rae Gibbs. She had been residing in Cedar Bluff, Alabama while married to Matthew Gibbs at the time. She could be found on IG @taylorgibbs.rn and on her TikTok @taylorrae211, she recently supported Tim for going on Outlast. “Go Big Bro!!!”, she wrote sharing a clip of Tim’s moments from the show.

Does Tim Spears Have A Girlfriend?

As of March 2023, Tim Spears’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’.

There are no further related details on his dating life as such. But, he seems to have dated this lady with the name Cori Salin Juelfs in the past. On her IG @cjjuelfs, Cori admits to being a mom and fitness instructor/coach. They can still be seen together in an October 2020 post. In a lengthily written caption, Tim gave a “HUGE” shoutout to Cori for inviting him to one of the funniest things he had done in the fitness world. Kickboxing, he was referring to. “This gem kindly messaged me just to check on my well-being”, he said about her and encouraged people to surround themselves with people who will elevate them and challenge them.

Tim Spears Height

Tim Spears stands above 5’9” in height. And he sports tattoos all over his body.

On his Facebook Bio, he also brags that he is just trying to be healthy.

Tim Spears Job

Tim graduated from Cedar Bluff School in the Class of 2006. It is not clear if he furthered his education. He did however get into the ACE personal trainer study program later. So, today, he professionally practices personal training apart from podcasting now and then.

As of 2023, he had been working as a trainer at Crunch Fitness Fort Collins, where he helps people with different body aesthetics achieve their fitness goals.

Tim says he became a personal trainer to simply help people become the best version of themselves while educating them on the impact fitness has on every aspect of our lives.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tim Spears From?

Tim Spears originally hails from his hometown of Cedar Bluff, Alabama.

In 2017, he moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. And he has been there ever since.

  • When Is Tim Spears’s Birthday?

Tim Spears’s birthday is on November 12th and that makes him a Scorpio.

  • Is Tim Spears On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Tim Spears can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 11 March 2023, his IG account @mothman_thegrey included 365 posts and 592 followers. And he also regularly updated his status on his ‘Timothy Spears’ Facebook page.

Tim also runs a YouTube channel where he has uploaded several informative videos.

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