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Paul Preece Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Instagram, Netflix Outlast

Let us introduce you to Paul Preece from Netflix’s Outlast.

Netflix’s Outlast is a survival show featuring 16 contestants who will compete to survive in Alaska’s freezing wilderness for a $1m prize. They are “lone wolves” who are forced to work together which they find very challenging. But if they can’t work together then winning the prize becomes a distant dream for them because no one who crosses the finish line alone will qualify for the prize.

Any viewer of a competition show will be familiar with what happens over the course of the next eight episodes, but it is brought to the ultimate limit. At first glance, it seems as though we’re in for an enjoyable—if derivative—a mashup of The Hunger Games, Survivor, Alone, Bear Grylls, and Alone. There is kinship. High fives are exchanged. For hunting, there are bows and arrows. Then, enthusiasm and cooperation give way to a growing resentment of both the intelligent and the skilled.

Back to Paul, here we’ll talk about his wife, job, social media reach, and his family.

Paul Preece On Netflix’s Outlast

Paul Preece was among the cast member who was in the winning team of Netflix’s Outlast. He became part of the all-men team Delta Camp which also includes cast members such as Joel Hungate, Dawn Nelson, and Jordan Williams. One interesting about this team was the member comprised teammates who weren’t immediately accepted on the other three teams.

The fact that Delta Camp was the only team with four members after the first several rounds of eliminations gave them a big edge. But, after the crab pot task, events swiftly changed. Jordan was tragically unable to reach the island with the prize even though the crew had built its raft and dispatched him ahead. Paul approached Charlie Camp to ask him to give the allied team some of his catch in order to get some sustenance. In addition to getting a crab pot, he was also offered the chance to move from Delta Camp to Charlie Camp.

Paul initially remained committed to the Delta camp and did not change. Jordan, though, was medically evacuated after being comatose for a while, and Paul was devastated. He switched to Charlie Camp after learning for sure that his pal wouldn’t be coming back, which enraged his prior teammates.

Paul quickly established himself as a key member of his new team and even partnered with Alpha Camp to destroy the other two groups.

Charlie Camp had to bid Angie Kenai farewell due to her failing health after Camps Bravo and Delta were eliminated. The team’s remaining members made a promise to win the match in her honor. While out hunting, Paul again asked Jill Ashock if she would be open to switching camps. After giving it some thought, she declined the invitation.

Justin Court was made the same opportunity by Charlie Camp, and he accepted it. But, Paul’s squad asked Justin to leave their group after finding out that he had damaged the base of his former friends before departing.

Only five of the two teams were left, and they had to go separately to a particular location on the island. Paul was worried if he would be able to complete the expedition after wading through numerous water streams and traveling a considerable distance.

Paul continued his walk after receiving support from his team members. He ultimately achieved success, together with Nick Radner and Seth Lueker.

Where Is Paul Preece Today?

After the show’s premiere, Paul Preece took to his IG where he was seen pouring drinks in celebration. He captioned the clip, “Grab a drink, sit back, and get ready to watch the show of a lifetime! Outlast out NOW on @netflix.”

Paul Preece Age

In 2023, Paul Preece is 48 years old. He was born in May 1974.

Where Is Paul Preece From?

Paul Preece is currently based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He calls Pikeville, Kentucky his hometown.

Paul Preece Job

Paul Preece is currently working as Technical Sales Director at FLSmidth since 2018. Additionally, he has also been working as a Sr. Sales engineer since May 2008 and served the company previously as Product Manager from 2008 to 2014.

Paul had previously worked at Aqseptence Group, Inc. as Business Development Manager from 2015 to 2018. He also worked in the same role at Birtley for a year from 2014 to 2015.

Paul Preece Wife

Paul Preece was married once to his now ex-wife Cathy Preece. There aren’t many details about their marriage. The only thing that we discovered was that Cathy and Paul shared at least two children; one daughter Alexis Jayden Preece and a son named Christian Preece who is 27 years old.

Alexis turned 19 years old in March 2022. She went to Pikeville High School and is currently working at Pikeville Medical Center.

Cathy also has one other child named Madi Deng making her a mother of three. About her job, she working as a Group Exercise Instructor at R.I.P.P.E.D. She attended Lindsey Wilson College. She is currently single.

Paul, on the otherhand, in June 2020 FB post mentioned that, he had a Black girlfriend with whom he shared two daughters. Paul’s girlfriend’s name is Shonda Bailey. He stated in the post, “My GF is black and my babies are obviously mixed. I have friends of all races that I consider family and would fight for. My family is a mixing pot of black brothers-in-law, a Chinese son-in-law, to Albino sisters so when I say this it’s not from hate but from my own point of view you will understand.

Paul and Shonda are still going strong. In fact, they are currently engaged to be married. Shonda is studying Doctor of Pharmacy at South College School of Pharmacy since 2020.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Paul Preece Birthday?

Paul Preece’s birthday is in May.

  • Is Paul Preece On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Paul Preece is available on Instagram (@preecepj) and Facebook.

  • How Tall Is Paul Preece?

Paul Preece’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

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