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Toeknee Corrado Bio, Age, Family, Dating, Height, TikTok

Who better than TikTok star Toeknee Corrado to inspire us to live gracefully through tough times? Since unveiling his cancer diagnosis in May 2023, Toeknee has been documenting his journey on TikTok. As we write this in August 2023, he enjoyed over 458.6K followers and 26.1M likes on his TikTok @toekneecorrado. Keep reading and we shall tell you all about him.

Meet Toeknee Corrado, A TikTok Star Fighting Comedy Through Cancer

Toeknee Corrado was nearing his 27th birthday when he learned he had cancer. He was diagnosed with lymphoma after undergoing what he thought would be just a hernia surgery. Doctors uncovered after the surgery that he had a cyst in his lymph node which after the test gave positive for the cancer.

His initial reaction was shock of course. On the second day, he was annoyed and a little bit angry, and by the third day, he was ready to “rock it”. He said he shifted into a positive mindset quickly. He does not know till now how that happened, but he just saw his diagnosis as an opportunity to help people on a deeper level. And comedy became his medium.

“In making people laugh and with a younger demographic who could be going through something similar, I wanted to show people they could laugh and make fun of something rather than be scared of it,” he said in an interview.

And so Toeknee documented all of it, his journey. In a June 23rd video, he filmed his first round of chemotherapy.

Many including Children’s research hospital St. Jude have commended Toeknee’s positivity during treatment.

So, while facing cancer treatment with a hilarious outlook and inspiring people, Toeknee has also been helping raise funds for Lymphoma Research Foundation’s (LRF) Chicago Lymphoma Walk. This organization is the nation’s largest lymphoma-focused health organization devoted to enhancing care through education and support services and improving outcomes through investments in innovative lymphoma research. Just on 7 August 2023, Toeknee posted a video on TikTok sharing¬†that he participated in the 2023 Chicago Lymphoma Walk.

Toeknee Corrado Age

Toeknee Corrado was born in 1996. So, he reached the age of 27 in 2023.

Toeknee Corrado Family

Toeknee’s mother Gina Wood, AKA Gina Maria Corrado, turned 51 in November 2022. She can be found on IG @ginamaria17. While on Facebook, she describes herself as “Glen Ellyn’s “Drama Queen” ūüėā”. The former Trinity High School alum further mentioned working¬†at Glen Ellyn’s Drama Queen, and about now living in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

On 16 August 2019, she married Aaron Wood. Aaron, Chicago Construction Inside Sales Supervisor at Revere Electric Supply, is not Toeknee’s biological father.

Toeknee in one of his YouTube videos also mentioned his “little sister Candice.

Another family member of Toeknee known is his grandparent Agnes M Corrado of River Forest, Illinois.

Does Toeknee Corrado Have A Girlfriend?

Cancer also has not contained Toeknee Corrado in indulging in a relationship. He continued being in a relationship with Ashley Irene as of 2023.

Toeknee Corrado and Ashley Irene as seen on 17 April 2023 (PIC: Instagram)

Toeknee has been together with Ashley of Chicago, Illinois since at least 2020. Since then they have literally documented their relationship on social media. So, Back in August 2022, they were seen getting a place together.

Fast forward to today, they seem to have continued being in a relationship. Yet, the details of it are not so much known lately, now that the two of them are mostly busy fighting cancer.

Ashley also is a TikToker. However, until now, she did not have as many followers on her account @ashleyylorenzz.

Toeknee Corrado Job

As per Facebook, Toeknee Corrado has been working at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios since 12 March 2020.

Before that, i.e. between 214 and 2016, he studied Improvisation at Second City Training Center Chicago. Also, he went to Glenbard West High School in the Class of 2014.

Toeknee loves to introduce himself also as a musician and podcaster. He has around 35 monthly listeners on his Spotify channel. Also, over the years he has been a part of many theatre works including The Wizard Of Oz,¬†You Can’t Take It With You, and a film called¬†Anguish.

Speaking of his ‘ToeKnee Two Cents’ podcast, on his first ever episode, dropped on 16 February 2022, he talked about Valentine’s Day, The Superbowl, Slave-Free Chocolate, and a lot of other things.

For a while now, Toeknee has also been selling his merch, i.e., his “Lymphomie Tank” and “Lymphomie Tee”. They are available on his website¬†and they are priced respectively at $35.00 and $40.00.

Toeknee Corrado Height

Toeknee Corrado stands an easy 5’9″. As per his actor portfolio for Illinois Theatre Association, he weighed 155 lbs by February 2018. His hair color is mentioned here as brown and of eyes as hazel.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Toeknee Corrado From?

Toeknee Corrado originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. As of 2023 though, he had been living in Chicago, Illinois.

  • What Is Toeknee Corrado Real Name?

Toeknee’s real name is Anthony Corrado.

  • When Is Toeknee Corrado’s Birthday?

Toeknee Corrado’s birthday is on June 4th and that makes him a Gemini. Last year on this day, showing glimpses of them celebrating his day Ashley gushed “Celebrating him is my favorite thing to do!!!”.

  • Is Toeknee Corrado On Instagram?

Toeknee Corrado can be found on Instagram. As of 9 August 2023, the IG account @toekneecorrado included 190 posts and 15.6K followers.

The other places one can find him are on ‘Anthony Corrado’ Facebook,¬†on YouTube @ToeKneeCorrado, and on Twitter @toekneecorrado. He also has a Cameo account where he is “highly responsive”

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