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Tom Hamblet Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Masterchef the Professionals

Tom Hamblet is one of the four finalists on MasterChef The Professionals 2023. On 6 December 2023, four chefs went head-to-head for Chef’s Table and Tom was one of them. These hopeful chefs had to cook for a dining room full of culinary legends to make it through Chef’s Table and to carry on to the final. Only three of the four were meant to proceed to the next stage. Was Tom one of them? Let’s explore in this exclusive writing about him.

Tom Hamblet On Masterchef the Professionals 2023

So, clearly, until the finals, Tom Hamblet was still on the show Masterchef the Professionals 2023. Over social media, he also spoke about feeling “incredibly excited” to be in the final 4 with “amazing” fellow chefs.

When Tom got the call saying he made it into the competition he was “absolutely” terrified and “almost” dreading it. He said he did not believe he was good enough. But during the competition, he learned to have more trust in himself and his abilities.

So, around the time of finals week, he said he would have certainly regretted not going in the show. “Now it’s at the point where win or lose, I can hold my head up high and appreciate how far I have come”, he said and then assured his people that he is going to give it all and try to be there at the very end.

Over 21 episodes, the cooking show explored professional chefs going through several skills tests and a signature dish. They were told to make it through, to be able to go onto the quarter-finals for the invention test, and to cook for a panel of restaurant critics. Things get even tougher after knockout week and in the semi-finals. And then happened the ever-awaited Chef’s Table challenge where there remained four chefs to battle it out. Derived from the original 32 contestants, the four chefs competing in the finals were Tom, likewise named Tommy, Charlie, and Kasae.

Tom Hamblet Career

Tom Hamblet was crowned the winner of the Springboard FutureChef competition in 2015 after beating 11 other regional finalists to the title. So, Tom has had a career surrounded by top chefs on a daily basis for a very long time now.

As of 2023, he was still at South Lodge, trying to learn and keep up delivering great standards. Tom said he feels like he is still young, and so is working out his ambitions every day. He says he just wants to have a successful career, maybe a restaurant with a Michelin star, or maybe more TV. At this point, Tom loves to tell people that he is basically up for anything that allows him to progress and become a better chef and person.

Tom Hamblet Age

Tom Hamblet turned 24 years old in 2023.

Who Are Tom Hamblet’s Parents?

On Masterchef the Professionals 2023, Tom Hamblet also opened up about his family. He said he lives at home with his parents, his brother Charlie, and a sister Beth. He also added that both Charlie and Beth are students.

Further, Tom shared that he first became interested in cooking because of his parents who worked late, and as a result, it was he who was required to cook for himself and his siblings dinner. This started when he was 12 or 13 years old.

According to Tom, his dad is a Chef and his attempt to convince him not to be a chef made him want to do it even more. Eventually, after a few months of doing Saturdays, Tom started to take it very seriously, especially after he realized that it could be something he was good at. After finishing school, therefore, he went straight into an apprenticeship aged 17 at Westminster Kingsway College, once a week, in London.

Tom’s mother, Haley Hamblet, has been just as influential in terms of his interest in food and cooking. He loves to tell people that his mom is an excellent baker. So, because of both his parents, Tom has always felt like cooking is in his blood. In the MasterChef show, Tom also mentioned working “so close by” his parents at South Lodge Hotel.

On her IG @bakerraver, Tom’s mother goes by pastry chef and baker. Lewis Hamblet, Tom’s dad on the other hand goes by executive chef at South Lodge Hotel and Spa West Sussex. Fast forward to 2023, the folks continued to be married.

Tom Hamblet Girlfriend

In an episode of MasterChef: The Professionals Tom Hamblet not only mentioned having a “lovely girlfriend called Megan”, but also spoke in length about her. He said that it was because of his girlfriend and dad that he was on the show. He gushed that they would not stop trying to convince him to enter the competition.

Tom Hamblet Height

Tom Hamblet stands below 5’9” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tom Hamblet From?

Tom Hamblet hails from Horsham, which is a market town on the upper reaches of the River Arun on the fringe of the Weald in West Sussex, England. He continued to live here as of the time of this writing.

  • When Is Tom Hamblet’s Birthday?

Tom Hamblet’s birthday is on March 26th making him Aries.

  • Is Tom Hamblet On Instagram?

Indeed. Tom Hamblet can be found on Instagram. As of December 2023, Tom’s IG @tom_hamblet included 25 posts and 11.1K followers. Tom also seemed to enjoy showing glimpses of his life on ‘Haley Hamblet’ Facebook.

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