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Tong Zou Bio, Age, Today, Career, Married, Trust No One

Tong Zou, whom we are going to tell you all about, infamously lost his life savings in a crypto exchange scam after his trader died taking the password to access funds to the grave. The startling case has now been explored by Netflix in a documentary series, Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King.

Tong Zou is one among the thousands of customers left out of pocket following Gerald “Gerry” Cotten’s yet-unsolved death in 2018 at the age of 30.

With that being said let us tell you about the whole situation including ‘who Tong Zou is?’ in this ‘Tong Zou Bio’.

Meet Tong Zou, One Of The QuadrigaCX Customers Featured On Netflix’s Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

Tong Zou, like thousands of other users, trusted QuadrigaCX with his money. But when its co-founder died mysteriously during a honeymoon in India, the money was seemingly lost forever. Netflix’s latest documentary Trust No One explores what happened to the late Gerald and the fate of the cryptocurrency exchange platform in Canada.

Tong was working in the software industry in San Fransisco, California, and was looking to invest in Bitcoin. This was back in 2017 and the cryptocurrency’s value had skyrocketed. So, he wanted to make money through the investment. A year later therefore he took out three loans totaling more than $80,000 and put it all into Bitcoin. But not too long after that, the value of cryptocurrency crashed, leaving Tong with a lot of debt and a high-interest rate.

Tong then sold his apartment to clear his dues and move to Canada. He managed CA$400K but to avoid the commission charged by the Canadian bank he decided to trust the cryptocurrency exchange instead. Enter QuadrigaCX.

Following this, Tong bought Bitcoin the CA$400K and then sold it on Quadriga. Had it all gone well, Tong would have had CA$500K in his Canadian account. But that money never came through. Worried sick and sleepless, all he could do was pray that it was not a scam. He made his parents worry too.

Where Is Tong Zou Today?

“It just makes me more depressed about it. I could have invested it in real estate. I could have put it in stocks. So far, nothing’s been found. It sucks”, Tong Zou told Sky News in recent times.

On the Netflix show and other places, Tong has admitted being irresponsible and he is now also part of a lawsuit to get the money back. Since the sore experience, he has mostly gotten out of cryptocurrency trading. We also learned that he now lives in a rented apartment in Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada. And there’s of course his IT job.

Tong Zou Career

Tong has been working as a senior software developer at Kong Inc., a tech company in Vancouver since March 2019. On LinkedIn, he explains that he is a full-stack engineer at Kong, working on developing the Kong Manager Enterprise and Konnect software.

He formerly worked as a frontend engineer at BitTorrent, Walmart eCommerce, Spigit, and Switchfly, Inc., at different time lengths.

Speaking of his educational background, he got his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Toronto from 2006 through 2011.

Tong Zou Age

The 25th of May is when Tong Zou celebrates his birthday, making him a Gemini. On this day in 2021, he turned 33 years old.

Is Tong Zou Married?

Tong Zou, a proud Canadian with Korean heritage, appeared to have already separated from his wife in July 2018. At that time, likely as humor, he tweeted “that’s the sole reason I got divorced – my wife would continually wear flippers, an orange dress, and gas mask to bed.”

By September 2020, Tong was back to the visual novels/dating sims as he thought the dating scene in real life to “suck so bad”. By March 2021 and he had been writing things like “If only girls on dating apps gave me the same attention and messaged me as much as recruiters do to me on LinkedIn…” on his Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tong Zou From?

Tong with a “Canadian mind and Korean heart” was born likely in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario; has been currently based in Burnaby, British Columbia. But, over the course, he relocated to different places. He moved to Shenyang, Liaoning in 1988; Kingston, Ontario in 1992; Orillia, Ontario in 1994; Toronto, Ontario in 2006; Seoul, Korea in 2014; to San Francisco in 2011.

  • Is Tong Zou On Instagram?

Tong Zou could be found on Instagram @teezee44 where he had 2,065 posts and 767 followers as of 2 April 2022.

Other than that, Tong has also been running a YouTube channel for a few years now, with videos covering a wide range of interests. He also occasionally posted on Twitter and Facebook, and on its BIO described himself as a developer, musician, blogger, and tech geek.

  • How Much Is Tong Zou Net Worth?

Tong Zou managed to make above $300K as his net worth as of April 2022; after, of course, he lost about 500K Canadian dollars, including $200,000 that was given to him by his parents.

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