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Tony Rock Wife, Net Worth, Height, Chris Rock Brothers

Tony Rock, brother of Chris Rock recently defended him on one of his stand-up gigs. He was performing in Raleigh, North Carolina, and opened up the show with a warning, “If you think you gonna walk up on this stage, this ain’t the motherf—ing Oscars.” He reminded his audience of actor Will Smith slapping his brother Chris at the 2022 Oscars.

He continued, “And if you walk your a— up here, you ain’t nominated for s—t but these motherf—ing hands”.

Tony then added, “I didn’t want to start the show like that!. He also called Will’s wife Jada, a “B—h”. Will recently apologized for laying his hands on Chris but Tony replied on Twitter to one of his fans that he didn’t accept the apology.

Are Tony Rock And Chris Rock Brothers?

Tony Rock is the younger brother of comedian Chris Rock. They are among the seven siblings born to their parents Rosalie (Tingman) and Christopher Julius Rock Jr. Besides Tony, Chris’s remaining siblings are Andre, Jordan, Brian, Kenny, and one sister named Andi. They also had one half-brother Charles Ledell Rock.

  • Charles Ledell Rock

Charles was the older half-brother of Chris, born two years before in 1953. He struggled with alcoholism and addiction and reportedly died while living in a homeless shelter at the age of 52 in 2006.

  • Andre Rock

Andre was born in 1967 and celebrates his birthday on 16 April. He has kept himself away from the spotlight. He reportedly runs a trucking business named Julius Rock Trucking Inc.

  • Brian Rock

Not much is known about Brian except for the fact that he works as a church minister.

  • Kenny Rock

Reportedly born in 1979, Kenny has worked in the entertainment industry. He worked as an actor in movies like Vesuvius and Coincidental Killer. In February 2020, Kenny wished Chris his birthday via an IG post that he captioned, “Wishing my brother a Happy Birthday!”.

He shares his birthday with his brother Andre which falls on 16 April. He is active on Instagram (@therealkennyrock) and enjoys sharing family photos.

In an interview with The New York Times, Kenny shared about Chris in 2017 where he detailed how he sees his brother, regardless of his ease in front of stadium-sized crowds, as an introvert. “Chris has a different, high-caliber circle of people around him, and he’s very socially awkward,” Kenny said. “When you’re around him outside of work, you’re not going to get many words out of him at all. He’s very introverted.”

  • Andi Rock

The only sister of the six brothers, Andi Rock celebrates her birthday on 24 March. She recently turned 36-year-old. She is also on Instagram (@supercoolandi).

  • Jordan Rock

Jordan Rock is the youngest brother of Chris and Tony. Born in 1991, he also pursued a career in comedy. He is known for landing the role in HBO Max’s ‘Love Life‘ and the film Big Time Adolescence. Tony once described Jordan as the “hipster, cool kid, skateboard and wise beyond his years”. He grew up in South Carolina and moved to Brooklyn to pursue comedy after dropping out of high school.

Tony has also mentioned that he preferred Jordan over Chris based on his comic ability. He previously hesitated to support Jordan.

Tony Rock Wife

Tony Rock doesn’t seem to be married but he is in a relationship with his lady who he hasn’t shared much about. According to his IG post, his love-lady celebrates her birthday on 12 October. In 2020 he wished her via an IG post, “Happy Birthday Mommy 🎉🎉🎉 You gonna trust me next to this cake?… #RocktheWorldForever  #ThePrinceofTheRockEmpire”.

Two of them welcomed a son named Charleston in May 2020 which he had announced via an IG post. He quoted Bible verses in his lengthy post which summed up what it means to be a father.

Tony Rock’s prospective wife with their son Charleston (Pic: Tony’s Instagram)

On Mother’s Day 2020, Tony shared a picture of his baby mother holding their son. He captioned the post, “Happy Mothers Day to Charleston’s favorite person on earth. Thank you for loving him abundantly, teaching him, and nurturing his sense of wonderment with the world around him. We celebrate you today and every day. Thank you, Nana”.

Tony and his baby mother haven’t confirmed any details on the engagement or marriage. It appears he is waiting for the right time to ask her to be his wife.

What Does Tony Rock, Chris Rock’s Brother, Do For A Living?

Tony Rock is pursuing a career as a comedian/actor/producer. He performed for years and gained a reputation as a young star. He grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York and developed a natural knack for entertaining.

Tony once shared, “On a daily basis I’d see a dozen characters (and I emphasize the word characters). One moment I’d be fighting for my life. The next minute I’d be laughing hysterically. There’s a lot of drama in the city and I took it all in.” It also provided a host of rich characters on which to draw.

He booked his first show just in six months in the business. Tony performed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he became a more popular figure than “Ed Joost Swarte”. In 2001, The Hollywood Reporter picked him as one of the hot young talents to come out of New York.

Furthermore, he started landing roles in movies and TV shows besides stand-up. Some of his notable on-screen works are All of Us (2003-2007), Three Can Play That Game (2007), Everybody Hates Chris (2008-2009), The Tony Rock Project (2008-2009), Busted (2017), Mann and Wife (2015-2017), Living Biblically (2018), and many more.

When in Los Angeles, he’s a regular at “The Comedy Store”, “Improv” and “Icehouse” and he headlines at “The Laugh Factory”.

Tony Rock Net Worth

As of 2022, Tony Rock should have a net worth under $350 thousand.

Tony Rock Height

According to IMDB, Tony Rock stands tall at 5 feet 10.5 inches (1.79 meters).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Tony Rock?

Born on 30 June 1974, Tony Rock is 47 years old as of Spring 2022.

  • Is Tony Rock On Instagram?

Yes, you can find Tony Rock on Instagram (@tony_rock).

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