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Sinead Matthews Bio, Husband, Height, Net Worth

Sinead Matthews portrayed one of the three working-class women featured on Hullraisers, and soon after she summed up the filming for its inaugural season, the actress was blessed with a child.

So, who’s her baby-daddy? Is he her husband yet? And what’s the star’s net worth and height? Find answers as this Sinead Matthews Bio proceeds. 

Sinead Matthews On Hullraisers

Channel 4’s 2022 comedy series Hullraisers — adapted from the popular Israeli show Little Mom — followed the lives of three women as they tried to make the most out of their lives, meanwhile, also juggling their demanding family life and careers.

Sinead Matthews played one of the leads, Paula, starring opposite Leah Brotherhead as Toni, and Taj Atwal as Rana.

Her character, Paula is Toni’s self-deprecating, down-to-earth matriarchal older sister who married her childhood sweetheart Dane (Rana’s big brother). She was portrayed to be the polar opposite of Toni — never imagining herself being anywhere other than Hull. No wonder, she didn’t approve of  Rana’s irresponsibility, and just couldn’t comprehend Toni’s unsettledness and constant need for more.

But Toni’s hilarious personality was exactly what made the show so interesting. Maybe in time, she’ll learn to let go a little and finally be able to move out of Hull as well?

Promoting Hullraisers, Sinead took it to her IG on March 24 to write, “Looky here coming very soon..” Also, on March 30, the actress took it to both her IG and FB to share the trailer captioned, “Here we are! Our official trailer for Hullraisers.”

Hullraisers was scheduled to release on April 12, 2022.

Sinead Matthews Movies And TV Shows

Sinead Matthews stepped into the entertainment industry in early 2000. And so far, she has over 50 movies and TV shows credited to her name. Listing some of them are:

Movies — Us Among the Stones (2019), Muscle (2019), A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life (2019), Happy New Year (2019), Colin Burstead (2018), Jellyfish (2018), Daphne (2017), Kaleidoscope (2016), Wreckers (2011), Nanny McPhee Returns (2010), Pride & Prejudice (2005), and many more.

TV shows — The Crown (2019), Chewing Gum (2017), The Smoke (2014), Way to Go (2013), Ideal (2011), Trial & Retribution (2007), The Afternoon Play (2004), and many more.

Also, Sinead has appeared in over 30 theater plays including The Antipodes, The Starry Messenger, Absolute Hell, Loot, and A Midsummer Nights’ Dream.

Her skills include — Dance:  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Period, Flamenco, Tango, and Irish Dance; and Other: Horse Riding and Photography.

Listing her achievements, Sinead has won The Vanburgh Audience Prize at the RADA Prize Fights (Bold Girls) and has a BASSC Certificate in Stage Combat (Hons). Also, she received an ‘A’ Level Drama Programme certificate from Stratford Upon Avon College in 1998.

Back in 2018, Sinead was represented by Christopher Farrar.

How Old Is Sinead Matthews?

Sinead Matthews was 41 years of age when she appeared on Hullraisers in 2022.

She was the oldest among the three ladies featured on the show.

Sinead Matthews Husband

Sinead Matthews got engaged to the love of her life Sam Frenchum in Feb 2020. The duo then welcomed their son named Frankie Rainn Frenchum on November 15, 2021. However, as of 2022, the lovebirds had yet to walk the aisle.

Talking about Sinead’s future husband, Sam is also an actor and writer best known for his role as “Gary Bell” in the 2014 television series Grantchester. Reportedly, he first started his acting career in 2010 appearing in a short film called Fringe.

As for his training, Sam attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, specializing in Stage Combat. There, he was even awarded the distinction of Best Scene at the RADA Prize Fights in 2014.

According to Sinead, her future husband was one “beautiful crazy bastard” and a “truly unique specimen of spunk.” She loved him to the moon.

You might be surprised but Sinead is 12 years older than Sam.

Fun Fact: Sinead was pregnant with Frankie, all the while she filmed Hullraisers season 1.

Sinead Matthews Height

Sinead Matthews stands tall at a height of 5 feet (152 cm).

Mentioning her district features, Sinead has blond hair and blue/green eyes.

Is Sinead Matthews On Facebook?

Yes, find her on Facebook @sinead.matthews.3.

Also, here’s her Instagram @nadiematthews.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sinead Matthews Birthday?

Sinead receives her birthday wishes on July 19, making her of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Where Is Sinead Matthews From?

She hails from Coventry, Warwickshire, England, UK.

As of 2022, she still resided in her hometown.

  • Has Sinead Matthews Revealed Her Family Members?

Yes, Sinead was open about her family. She was born to parents Mick Matthews and Maura Hennessey, both of whom were actively involved in Sinead’s life.

The last we saw her dad, Mick was hanging out with his grandson in Nov 2021.

Also, Sinead often featured her parents, Mic and Maura, on her IG. Especially on their birthdays, i.e. on Dec 9 and May 6 respectively.

According to Sinead, her mother, Maura is a key worker and her hero.

Sinead’s soon-to-be mother-in-law is Karen Byrne (Sam’s mother).

  • How Much Is Sinead Matthews Net Worth?

By 2022, Sinead garnered a net worth of above $300 thousand.

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