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Tony Rodgers Age, Job, Instagram, 1000-Lb. Sisters Amy BF

1000-lb Amy Slaton is in a new relationship and her boyfriend’s name is Tony Rodgers. Amy mistakenly revealed her man on her son’s birthday party vlog. Who is the man she is currently seeing? What is his job? How old is he?

Read all about him in this article below.

Meet Tony Rodgers, 1000-Lb. Sisters Amy Boyfriend

The quest for finding love for 1000-lb Amy Slaton continues. Star of 1000-LB. SISTERS Amy is covertly dating Tony Rodgers and the two of them are already living together at her Kentucky home, The US Sun reported. In mid-August 2023, the outlet reported that she and her new boyfriend have been seeing each other for “about three months” and the nature of their relationship is serious, according to a source of the outlet.

Although their relationship is serious, it seems Amy Halterman has been afraid to disclose it to the public since her divorce and custody struggle with her ex-husband Michael Halterman with whom she shares two boys Gage, 2, and Glenn, 1.

The insider says Amy has entirely moved on from Michael. “He’s pretty much out of the picture,” the insider explained.

Due to their divorce and disagreements regarding the custody of their children, Slaton and Halterman had been fighting in court. Michael divorced his wife in March. In February, Amy accused her ex-husband of domestic abuse, but the allegations have since been dismissed. On June 1, the TLC celebrities were supposed to appear in court. The former couple apparently reached a secret, out-of-court divorce agreement.

The source then added: “She’s been keeping him on the down low, but he’s been living with her in Kentucky.” “From what I know, the kids live with them,” the insider continued.

According to the source, Amy and Tony’s relationship is “going strong” and they “spend lots of time with the kids.”

Tony was visible in a recent video Amy posted on her YouTube account earlier this week, as reported by 1000-Lb Sisters. Amy accidentally disclosed Tony in a video from Glenn’s first birthday celebration at a Hibachi restaurant. In the video, Amy even called Tony “daddy” several times.

One viewer commented: “Yikes… referring to her new boyfriend as daddy is definitely not good for those kids.”

A second posted: “It’s one thing to rebound after a divorce – it’s another to bring them around your kids and be calling them daddy.”

Likewise, another added, “didn’t look very thrilled to be [at Glenn’s birthday dinner].”

Glenn blew out his birthday candles in the remaining portion of the film. The restaurant birthday party for Michael’s son didn’t appear to have him there.

But one person who is not very thrilled about the love quest is her own sister Tammy. Despite Tony supposedly moving into her Kentucky home, Tammy isn’t the biggest fan of her sister Amy’s most recent fling. An insider close to the 1000-lb. Sisters star said: “[Tammy] does not like Tony at all.”

The source claimed Tammy said on a recent group trip to Michigan that he and Amy “fought so much that they missed numerous exits and just screamed at each other the whole time.”

“They are still acting like a happy couple,” the insider alleged. Tammy’s pal claimed Tammy feels as if “Tony does nothing but live off of Amy.”

So what are fans saying about her new relationship?

One wrote, Not too long ago, she complained how Tammy would fall too quickly in relationships. Having your children call a man Daddy who is only 3 months into this relationship is so dysfunctional. Both she and Tammy need to work on themselves and become stable. This just shows how truly lost they are.”

Another wrote in support, “He must be doing something right she is losing weight and looking happier than she ever has. Let her be as long as she is LEGALLY separated and being a great mom who are we to judge?”

Another fan added, “Wow, only 3 months she’s known him. I wish her all the best but I pray someone did a background check, I mean with all the crazies out there today, Moms have to put their kids first!! I personally don’t see why the rush, she’s young with her entire life ahead of her!! But something tells me big brother Chris is on top of things…Love that guy!!!”

Tony Rodgers Age

Although unconfirmed, Tony Rodgers was likely born in 1981 and is currently 42 years old.

Tony Rodgers Job

Unfortunately, Tony Rodgers’s job and career details are not public yet.

How Much Is Tony Rodger’s Net Worth?

Tony Rodgers’s net worth should be under $150 thousand. The exact figure for his total fortune is not out yet.

Tony Rodgers Height

Tony Rodgers based on his pictures stands tall under the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tony Rodgers Birthday?

As of this article, Tony Rodgers’s birthday details are not available.

  • Where Is Tony Rodgers From?

Tony Rodgers is reportedly from Battle Creek, Michigan. Now he resides in Kentucky with Amy.

  • Is Tony Rodgers On Instagram?

No, Tony Rodgers’s Instagram is not available.

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