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Antonio Mattei Bio, Job, Family, Age, Height, The Ultimatum

The newest season of The Ultimatum titled “The Ultimatum Marry Or Move On” premiered on 23 August 2023 and from its trailer alone one could see it is drama-packed. As the reality show started, one person in every five different couples had been issued an ultimatum in their relationship. Antonio Mattei and Roxanne Kaiser were one of these couples.

In the rest of the writing, we shall explore what happened to them and discuss all about Antonio Mattei.

The Ultimatum Season 2: Are Antonio Mattei And Roxanne Kaiser Still Together?

At the time of this writing, it was not understood if Antonio Mattei and Roxanne Kaiser managed to be still together. As of August 2023, Antonio’s relationship status on social media read simply “single.”

Yet, on the show, people were told that the moment Antonio laid eyes on Roxanne, he knew that she was wife material. Roxanne too talked about feeling a strong connection. Nevertheless, the two did not go into a relationship until years later. They eventually reconnected over social media, and by this time they were both quite sure that they were meant for each other. So, they continued and when they chose to be on the Ultimatum show they had been together on and off for the past four years. And in their romance of theirs, at this time, it was Antonio who issued an ultimatum. He thought marriage to be the natural next step in their relationship. This was, on the other hand, the last thing on career-focused Roxanne’s mind. She instead wanted Antonio to match her income and business ambition.

Antonio, despite liking his partner’s entrepreneurial spirit, wished that she would pay him more attention, particularly when it came to showing affection. So, Antonio thought of giving Roxanne the ultimatum, thinking “That kind of pressure needs to be applied” for her to accept his proposal.

Antonio knew Roxanne was more than what people thought she was from the moment they first laid eyes on her and that she might be “wife material” for him. But it wasn’t until years later when they finally met after a social media reunion that he got to express this clearly, only to discover their shared love wasn’t enough. Given that they had been on and off for four years, he also understood that they had their fair share of problems, but he still had faith that they could resolve them.

Antonio had no idea that, despite her acknowledged love and admiration for him, arranging a wedding was the furthest thing from this ambitious, career-focused 31-year-old’s mind. The main reason for this is that Roxanne had always envisioned having a life partner whose financial situation, business savvy, general ambitions, etc., matched hers, but he just fell short of all of her expectations. Additionally, there was the element of unadulterated respect; although the 30-year-old Freight Broker didn’t initially think so, several of their disagreements did suggest she believed she was superior to him.

However, Antonio made it clear that while he greatly respected her drive, he also expected her to take charge of their relationship by paying closer attention to him or speaking out about her feelings. He issued this ultimatum in the hopes that it would exert enough pressure on her to persuade her of the seriousness of both his proposal and the concept of marriage in general. He essentially wanted her to understand that, contrary to popular belief, her trial marriage to Alex Chapman had helped her maintain her freedom.

“I love Antonio, but I had a lot of high expectations,” Roxanne conceded early on. “I want someone who works really hard and is ambitious, and that’s just not Antonio… He knows I’m extremely, extremely career-focused; I don’t know why I’d put marriage in the middle of things all going in the right direction.” But in the end, upon actively trying to build a career, he again asserted he’d be her champion if they tied the knot even though he knew it wouldn’t be exactly reciprocated. “I would always go above and beyond for you…,” he said. “waking up in the morning trying to do the right thing.”

As seen on social media, Antonio’s last post with Roxanne was almost a year ago.

Late in July 2023, when he was finally allowed to talk about Ultimatum, he took to the internet to invite people to see him on The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On 2 and find out if he got married or not.

Antonio Mattei Age

Because Mattei was born in 1992, he reached the age of 31 in 2023. He was a year younger when he decided to be a cast member of The Ultimatum.

Antonio Mattei Family

Antonio’s mother is Stacy Mattei. She can be found on IG @stacyloves2fly and also on Facebook. On Facebook, she mentioned being still married to Lulo Mattei. Antonio’s father.

So, Stacy turned 58 in December 2022, and her husband turned 61 in March next year. It seems these two have lived around Atlanta, Georgia for some time now. Earlier though, one of them, i.e., Lulo went to the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar (or simply El Pilar ) private Catholic subsidized school in the Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid, Spain.

In his family, Antonio also has a sister named Ceci Mattei Barrow (on IG @3smartcooki3). As per Facebook, she is the owner of Batteries Plus, a company that claims to offer a wide selection of nearly 60,000 batteries, light bulbs, and related products and services to meet the growing demands of retail and business consumers at the national and local levels. Ceci, who turned 32 in October 2022, got married to Cory Barrow a year before.

What Is Antonio Mattei’s Ethnicity?

Antonio Mattei is believed to have acquired his parents Puerto Rican heritage.

Antonio Mattei Job

On Facebook, Antonio mentioned working at NBA on TNT, a TV channel, from January 2015 until now.

On 23 July 2023, sharing a picture of him posing in front of the “TNT World” office, he gushed about being officially a business owner. He continued that it’s been a long road but he is almost ready to open up shop. “TintWorld Tyrone, GA coming soon 💛🖤”, he added while also showing people other “pictures from New Owner Training at Tint World HQ down in Boca .”

Further, on his LinkedIn, it had been cited that Antonio has been working full-time as a territory sales manager at Priority1. Also here, it was mentioned that he went to Georgia State University for his high school education in Film and Journalism from 2012 through 2016.

Previously, Antonio also worked as a Director Of Recruiting at Morningstar LLC for five years and as a freelance photographer for nearly four years.

Not to miss, on the Ultimatum show, Antonio was also introduced as “a freight broker looking for a little more investment from his girlfriend.”

Antonio Mattei Height

Back when Antonio was in his junior year at Alpharetta High, he stood 6′ 2″ and weighed around 185 lbs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Antonio Mattei From?

Antonio Mattei was born and bred in Allen, Texas. Later though, he started calling Atlanta, Georgia his home.

  • When Is Antonio Mattei’s Birthday?

Antonio Mattei’s birthday is on August 6th and that makes him a Leo.

  • Is Antonio Mattei On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Antonio Mattei was on Instagram and Facebook as of August 2023. His IG @amattei2 included 65 posts and 2,305 followers.

He also showed regular glimpses of his life on ‘Antonio Mattei’ Facebook and talked about it on Twitter @toni_el_tigre.

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