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Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Who Is Italo Lopez? Age, Height

Italo Lopez or Lopes is the star of Netflix’s dating show Too Hot To Handle: Brazil. He is out in the villa to soak in some sun and have fun, and probably win the prize money that the show promises. As stated, he is one of the singletons who are too hot to handle and if he abides by the rule of the show he has a shot at the grand prize, but it won’t be easy.

But, who is he outside of the show? Is he on Instagram or TikTok? How old is he? Find all the answers below in this article.

Italo Lopez On Netflix Too Hot To Handle Brazil Season 2

Netflix premiered season 2 of Too Hot To Handle Brazil AKA Playing with Fire on 28 September 2022. The lineup is filled with singletons from different parts of Brazil. Viewers saw the first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle Brazil. The competitors find out that the dating and hookup show they thought they were on doesn’t exist after landing at a posh, romantic villa, and they must instead adhere to The Rules: no kissing, no heavy petting, no self-pleasuring, and no s*x.

If everyone is successful in adhering to The Rules for four weeks, they each receive 500,000 Brazilian Real or around $93,508 in American dollars. However, money is taken out of the pot for each infraction (and the rule-breakers are publicly shamed by a virtual assistant called Lana). It’s exactly the kind of twist that got people’s attention right away.

Italo Lopez is one of the contestants on Too Hot To Handle Brazil. Joining him in the competition are Victoria Macan, Kevin Duran, Sandri Oliveira, Ivan Almeida, Isadora Salles, Nayara Colombo, Justen Nosoliny, Khiara Italia, and Wálison Gomes.

In the Brazilian spin-off, Bruna Louise is the narrator of the dating show. And of course, Lana, the show’s host/virtual assistant is always watching everything the contestants do. Lana basically looks like a fancy, conical Bluetooth speaker, but the amount of power she holds is undeniable.

Distractify reported that the show was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico, and Tibau do Sul, Brazil.

Before the show premiered Italo announced, “What could we have done in this second season of Brincando com Fogo Brasil? September 28th at@netflixbrasil“.

On 3 August, “THE ONE ON NETFLIX!@netflixbrasil The mystery is over… I’m one of the participants of Brincando com Fogo Brasil 2. The program is not to be missed! God, all honor to you! To my friends and family, my gratitude for their support in the most difficult times. Day 09/28/2022. Do not lose!”

Is Italo Lopez Dating Anyone?

Now the show has premiered, viewers who met Italo Lopez want to know that if he ended up making an emotional connection with someone or if is he single. Italo is not giving away anything just yet to maintain the charm of watching and learning what happens to him on the show.

Per his Instagram, Italo appears single. In the teaser of the show, we see Italo making out with Victoria Macan so they certainly developed a connection, and of course, violated the “no kissing” rule. Victoria is a 24-year-old DJ who is a blogger and shares fashion, lifestyle, and travel-style content on her feed. She already has a whopping 210,000 followers on her IG.

Italo Lopez Age

At the time of filming Too Hot To Handle, Italo Lopez was 21 years old. He has shared that his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Italo Lopez Height

Per his TikTok, Italo Lopez stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters).

Is Italo Lopez On Instagram?

Yes, Italo Lopez is on Instagram (@italolopesr_) with 16.4K followers. You can also find him on TikTok (@italolopesr_) where he has 128K followers.

Italo Lopez Job

By profession, Italo Lopez is a lawyer. There isn’t much detail as to which university or college he attended, but he has completed his degree. In November 2022, he also posted a TikTok titled “Day in the life ⚖️”.

Besides being a lawyer, Italo is also into fitness. You can see him training at the gym on his socials. And the chiseled body that he has, the time he spent there has certainly paid off for him. Moreover, he has also dabbled in modeling and has done for several apparel brands.

In addition, Italo is a soccer player. Italo dons No. 79 jersey and goes by the name Italo GG. He is a player for Madre FC.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Italo Lopez From?

Italo Lopez hailed from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

  • When Is Italo Lopez Birthday?

Being a Capricorn, Italo Lopez’s birthday falls somewhere between December 22 to about January 19. But the precise date of his birth is yet to reveal.

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