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Where Is Claudia Drury Now? Her Parents, Larry Ray Victim

Claudia Drury is one of the victims of Larry Ray who came forward and took the stand against the latter. In her testimony, Claudia said that she made $2.5 million being forced into se* work by Larry. Claudia claimed that for four years Larry made her work seven days a week, providing services to up to five men each day. She claimed that after being arrested three times for prostitution, she continued to earn money for Larry.

Claudia said that Larry stole her money, gave her advice on her escorting advertising, and forbade her from taking time off—not even for holidays or her birthday. She alleged that Larry set up a now-defunct website in her name to embarrass her—and that he made her give him her client list in an effort to blackmail them. The email listed 112 clients by their full names.

Where is Claudia today? How old is she? Who are her parents? Find the answers here.

Meet Claudia Drury, Larry Ray Victim

Claudia Drury claimed that on October 16, 2018, Larry exacted his revenger on her in a room at the Gregory Hotel in Midtown East after she warned her client Stuart that his name was on the website. Around 8 o’clock, she claimed, Larry Ray and Isabella Pollok, his lone alleged co-conspirator and a former student of Sarah Lawrence, entered the room as she was prepared to see a client.

“He started off by saying, ‘Trying to hurt my family? Trying to hurt me? Trying to hurt my family?” And he was mad that I told Stuart about the website,” Claudia testified. “He told me to strip naked. I did.” Days before, Claudia testified about her introduction into the world of BDSM, short for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism. She said that she toted some of her tools from that world in order to ply her trade and that Ray used the items in order to restrain and hurt her.

“Over the course of seven or eight hours, he kept tying me, binding me to a chair, a desk chair in the room, and suffocating me with a plastic bag, multiple times. Smothering me with a pillow. Choking me to the point of passing out with a leash and a collar that I had,” she testified.

“While you were tied to the chair, were you still naked?” Assistant U.S. Attorney Danielle Sassoonasked. “Yes,” Drury replied. Restricting her breathing was just one of the features of the evening that Drury recalled. “He threatened to waterboard me,” she told the jury.

Claudia tried to escape from Larry. He threatened to kill her after putting a bag over her head. “What if anything did the defendant say to you before he left?” Sassoon asked the witness. “He told me to behave,” Drury replied. “He used the word ‘behave’—and work.”

Claudia said she lost 40 lbs in three weeks during the ordeal.

She continued working because she was scared that “I thought that was the only way that I could feel a measure of safety the next day was to have money in my hand.”

Claudia claimed that she didn’t discover that Isabella had recorded the conversation until later. An audio recording of the meeting was played in court, and Claudia Drury’s suffering could be heard on his face. She alternated between tilting her head backward and facing the witness stand. The prosecutor requested Drury to describe the sounds after hearing them in the courtroom.

Initially, Claudia had come to Pinehurst, North Carolina in the summer of 2013 to do landscaping on Larry Ray’s stepfather’s property.

Where Is Claudia Drury Now?

In March 2022, Claudia Drury testified against Larry Ray. Her current where about and what she is doing currently is a mystery.

Who Are Claudia Drury Parents?

Claudia Drury was born to her parents Tom Drury and Claudia Drury.

Her father Tom is an American writer who was born in Iowa in 1956 in Swaledale, Iowa. He received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Iowa in 1980. After his short stories appeared in Harper’s Magazine, the North American Review, and The New Yorker, Drury was contacted by Sarah Chalfant of the Wylie Agency.

Additionally, for the ensuing five years, Tom worked at a number of newspapers, including the Danbury News-Times, the Litchfield County Times, and The Providence Journal. In 1985, he was finally accepted into Brown University’s graduate writing program. The End of Vandalism, Drury’s debut book, was released in 1994 by Houghton Mifflin and named an ALA Notable Book in 1995.

Tom Drury also wrote for the Mississippi Review and The New York Times Magazine, as well as The Black Brook (1998), Hunts in Dreams (2000), The Driftless Area (2006), and Pacific (2013). In addition to visiting teaching positions at Florida State University, La Salle University, and Yale University, he served as a writing instructor at Wesleyan University. He was a St. Petersburg Times editor as well.

Tom presently divides his time between Berlin, Germany, and New York.

Meanwhile, Claudia’s mother, Claudia hailed from London, United Kingdom. She studied Printmaking/Art at Sir John Cass School of Art followed by Graphic design at Goddard College. She is a principal designer at Christian Drury. Formerly she served as Senior Design Director at The Wall Street Journal.

Claudia Drury Age Today

Born in December 1990, Claudia Drury is 31 years old in 2022.

Is Claudia Drury Married?

Claudia Drury keeps herself away from the limelight. So, we are unclear regarding her marital status as we speak. So, whether she married someone or saw someone at the time of this writing, is unclear.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Claudia Drury From?

Claudia Drury hailed from Iowa. She is currently based in New York.

  • Is Claudia Drury On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Claudia Drury is on Facebook (@claudia.drury1) but not on Instagram.

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