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Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Who Is Victoria Macan? Age, Surgery

Meet Victoria Macan, tattooed beauty in Too Hot To Handle: Brazil. This article attempts to answers questions like, when is her birthday? Did she perform surgery on her body? How old is she? What does she do for a living?

So find out the answers as you scroll down this article.

Victoria Macan On Netflix Too Hot To Handle Brazil Season 2

After a successful season 1, Netflix premiered season 2 of Too Hot To Handle: Brazil on this streaming platform. The show premiered on September 28, 2022, and is also known as Playing with Fire, season 2 on Netflix made its debut. There are many singletons in the lineup, all from different regions of Brazil. The first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle Brazil were seen by viewers.

After arriving at a luxurious, romantic villa, the contestants learn that the dating and hookup program they thought they were on doesn’t exist and that they must instead abide by The Rules: no kissing, no heavy petting, no self-pleasuring, and no s*x.

If everyone follows “The Rules” successfully for four weeks, they will each win 500,000 Brazilian Real, which is equivalent to about $93,508 in American dollars. However, after every transgression, money is pulled out of the pot (and the rule-breakers are publicly shamed by a virtual assistant called Lana). It’s exactly the kind of twist that immediately caught people’s attention.

One of the stunners in the villa is Victoria Macan. She made it to the list of the castaway of Too Hot To Handle Brazil. Joining him in the competition are Kelvin Duran, Sandri Oliveira, Italo Lopez, Ivan Almeida, Isadora Salles, Nayara Colombo, Justen Nosoliny, Khiara Italia, and Wálison Gomes.

In the Brazilian spin-off, Bruna Louise is the narrator of the dating show. And of course, Lana, the show’s host/virtual assistant is always watching everything the contestants do. Lana basically looks like a fancy, conical Bluetooth speaker, but the amount of power she holds is undeniable.

Distractify reported that the show was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico, and Tibau do Sul, Brazil.

In early August 2022, Victoria announced on her IG, “I’M ON NETFLIX MY PEOPLE! YES, I’m the newest participant in the Reality Show PLAYING WITH FIRE Season 2 of@netflixbrasil 😱🥹😭🔥 The launch will be on the 28th of September, ARE YOU AS ANXIOUS AS I AM????? Prepare a pink glitter cloth (preferably about 120 meters, because I’m going to need it) @netflix @netflixbrasil @toohotnetflix @leandrolimafotografia”

Is Victoria Macan Dating Anyone?

Like her fellow casts, Victoria Macan appears single. She rarely shares about her dating life although, unlike other casts, she has been active on IG for a long time.

In the teaser of the show, we see Victoria making out with Italo Lopez. As expected drama is delivered and there is fighting and crying. Victoria was having arguments with Italo later on. So, clearly, they linked with each other on the show, but how their chemistry panned out, watch the show for the whole thing.

Victoria Macan Age

As per Victoria Macan’s TikTok bio, she is 25 years old. She was reportedly born in 1997.

Victoria Macan Surgery

Yes, Victoria has done surgeries on her body. She underwent breast implant surgery between late 2015 and early 2016.

Victoria Macan Before Surgeries (Pic: IG)
Victoria Macan After Surgery (Pic: IG)

In 2017, Victoria got the buttock implants that she flaunted on her Instagram followed by lip-fillers and maybe a few surgeries on her face. She has also answered surgery questions from fans that you can see here. She also posted another short clip about her surgery in the abdomen that you can see in the video here titled “day of her surgery” on her IG.

Is Victoria Macan On Instagram?

Yes, Victoria Macan is on Instagram (@victoriamacan) and TikTok (@macanvictoria).

Victoria Macan Job

Victoria Macan is a DJ and a model by profession. For her turntable gigs, she went by the name DJ Shamanix. In her earlier posts, she posted a lot of pic of herself playing at music festivals and psychedelic parties. Along with her career as a DJ, she also thrived as a model. Back then, she had long braids and tattoos and her beauty made her photogenic.

In addition to that, Victoria has also turned into an influencer, traveler, and lifestyle blogger.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Victoria Macan From?

Victoria hailed from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She has also been to Croatia, Italy, and Thailand.

  • When Is Victoria Macan Birthday?

Victoria Macan’s birthday is in mid-February, likely on the 17th.

  • How Tall Is Victoria Macan?

Victoria Macan’s height measures around 5 feet 6 inches.

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