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TooTurntTony Sister: Who Is Maria Dawson aka toomuchmaria?

TooTurntTony, the rumored Bachelor 2024, got his first Only Fans paycheck in October 2022, and the first thing he did was pay his sister Maria Dawson aka @toomuchmaria’s student loans!

But who is TooTurntTony’s sister? Keep reading to find out.

Meet Maria Dawson aka @toomuchmaria, TikTok Star TooTurntTony Sister

Maria Dawson aka @toomuchmaria is TooTurntTony’s dearest sister who loves him back to the moon. “I’m so proud of you. New York City babby 🎬❤️ can’t wait to come to visit,” she dedicated an IG post to him.

Like Tony, Maria’s also in the spotlight with over a million followers on her IG.

But she wasn’t the only one, their’s bother, Dominic Dawson, a video creator, also stood in the limelight with over 89.9K followers on his IG @toodirtydom and 1.4M followers on his TikTok @toodirtydom. Dominic first rose to fame for his outrageous antics and party-boy personality.

These three TikTok stars were born to their parents, Lisa Bommarito (born: Sep 1965) and Gordon M Dawson. Thanks to their children, they are also now TikTok stars with over 940K and 572K followers on their respective accounts.

Besides TikTok, Gordon worked as an agent at Anmardon LLC.

Did TooTurntTony Really Pay Off Maria Dawson Student Loans?

Yes, TooTurntTony did pay his sister Maria Dawson’s student loans.

In a heartwarming video shared by Tony, he throws a duffle bag filled with enough money to pay off Maria’s student loan debt, leading to a viral sensation. However, as the video gained popularity, questions arose regarding the authenticity of the gesture and whether the student loans were genuinely paid off.

For those who missed the clip, Tony excitedly announces the arrival of his first OnlyFans paycheck, expressing his intention to use $20,000 of it to pay off Maria’s student loans. Accompanied by his pet duck, Tony makes an extravagant entrance into his parents’ house, kicking the door open, much to his mother’s exclamation of concern. He then proceeds to surprise Maria by barging into her room and throwing the bag of cash overhead, declaring that it represents her student loans. The clip then transitions to an emotional Maria, tearfully expressing her gratitude to her brother, even though she finds the situation a bit peculiar.

The heartwarming gesture caught the attention of viewers worldwide, resulting in a staggering 30.5 million views and 4.6 million likes on Tony’s TikTok video. The comment section overflowed with praise and admiration for the TikToker, highlighting the impact he made on his sister’s life.

Maria also joined in the online celebration, posting her own video titled “My big brother paid off my student loan.”

In the video, she jokingly pretended to cry and wiped her tears with the money Tony gave her. In the accompanying caption, Maria expressed her gratitude, stating, “All jokes aside… feeling extremely blessed, thank you, big brother. NO MORE STUDENT LOANS.”

Maria Dawson Age

Maria Dawson was 26 years of age in 2023.

She is 2 years older than Dominic and 2 years younger than Tony.

Maria Dawson Job

Maria Dawson is a TikTok and OnlyFans star. In 2023, she flaunted over 1.2M followers on TikTok and had over 23K subscribers on Only Fans. Her OF subscription cost around $10 per month.

Besides social media, Maria worked as an Operations Coordinator at TooTurntTony, LLC. There, she assisted the company in any day-to-day operations. Mostly, she was responsible for all dealing with all PR including brand deal integrations across the various TooTurntTony socials.

Before this, she has been a Recruiter at Insight Global for a year, a Mortgage Banker Development Program Intern at Quicken Loans for 4 months, Sales Representative at Michelle Bommarito LLC for over 5 years, Team Lead at River Oaks West Apartments for 1 ½ years, and Assistant at Chamber of Commerce for three months.

Her longest job was as Sales Representative at Michelle Bommarito LLC from Nob 2012 to Jan 2018. There, she answered customers’ questions and addressed problems and complaints, and helped them select cakes for different types of events.

As for her education, she attended Western Michigan University – Haworth College of Business from 2015 to 2019 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (with a major in Sales and Business Marketing and a minor in General Business) with GPA: 3.15 overall.

How Much Is Maria Dawson Net Worth?

By 2023, Maria Dawson garnered a net worth of under $500 thousand.

Is Maria Dawson Dating Anyone?

Maria Dawson was dating her boyfriend Spencer Nelson before 2023. The two officially began their relationship on February 27, 2016, and were going strong the last we checked.

Her boyfriend, Spencer worked as a Business Development Director at Point Logistics. He is a Western Michigan University finance student who’s also been a Sales Executive at GoldCoast Logistics Group, Business Development Representative at Coyote Logistics, Account Executive at United Wholesale Mortgage, and a Bank Teller at Chase.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Maria Dawson Reside?

In 2023, Maria resided in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

But she’s originally from Milford, Michigan.

  • When Is Maria Dawson Birthday?

Maria receives her birthday wishes on April 16 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Maria Dawson?

Maria stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Maria has blue eyes, brown hair, and a fit body.

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