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Tory Lanez Father: Who Is Sonstar Peterson? His Age, Job

Meet Tory Lanez’s father Sonstar Peterson. After the recent scene that he created at the court during Tory’s verdict, people are interested to learn more about him. This article is about his age, job, his wife, and children.

So keep scrolling down to learn more about Sonstar Peterson.

Meet Sonstar Peterson, Tory Lanez Father

Tory Lanez was born as Daystar Peterson to his dad Sonstar Shemuel Shua Peterson on 27 July 1992 in Brampton, Canada. Following Tory’s verdict, after he was found guilty on three counts of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020, chaos broke out in the courtroom as his father reportedly made a scene and yelled about “evil” prosecutors.

Sonstar and his wife both heard screaming “wicked injustice.” He yelled, “This wicked system stands judged before God almighty!” the Associated Press reported. Then he exclaimed, pointing to two of the case’s attorneys, “You two are evil, wicked people. You know exactly what you did.”

Sonstar screamed even after being removed from the courtroom. Meghann Cuniff, a senior correspondent for Law & Crime, described the courtroom scenario as “downright scary” in a tweet.

Tory Lanez was remanded on the spot, led out in handcuffs by sheriff’s deputies. There was six total in the courtroom, two at door and four behind Lanez, and there was quite a scene when they tried to get Lanez’s father and stepmother under control,” tweeted Cuniff. “One woman in the gallery held up her hand as Tory’s father was screaming about Roc Nation and wicked injustice, repeating ‘In the name of Jesus!’ Deputies were forcing them all out into the hallway and telling the gallery we had to stay seated.”

Sonstar Peterson Wife And Kids

Sonstar Peterson is currently married to his wife Wonder Peterson. The married couple has appeared together on multiple posts on each other’s socials. The couple reportedly tied the knot in 2011. On Wonder’s birthday in 2019, Sonstar opened up about their marriage and relationship.

In the lengthy post, Sonstar wrote, “In January 2011 we were introduced. You were in Kenya Africa and me in Canada North America. Our first conversation began with hello, and 8 hrs later we said, “let’s talk tomorrow and that lasted 6hrs. It was that day I knew for sure that I would marry you. 3 months later I flew to Nairobi to meet your family. I have never forgotten what your mom said. “My daughter has a kind and beautiful heart. She continues to be soooooo right. 3 months after that your father and mother gave me your hand in marriage. 6 months from the day we met. When it’s right, it’s just right.”

He added, “Today is my birthday and our 8th anniversary. My birthday always serves to remind me how much God loves and favors me. He gave me his best; my “One in a Million You.” I will always love you, honour you, cherish you. fight with you and for you, and protect you from the cold and the rain.”

In November 2016, Wonder shared, “Marriage is a beautiful thing. 5 years later and we still feel like the first day! #hubbywifey #loveyou #mytwin #parentingtogether #fitmate.”

The couple share at least two children; a daughter named Teyhani and a son named Seraphim. Their daughter turned 7 years old in March 2022. In June 2017, Wonder posted about her daughter while writing, “our baby girl Teyhani is such a fashionista she fits my clothes, shoes, wears my lipikss (lipstick), etc… every time we watch her grow and how she takes after me reminds me of the relationship we have with Jesus Christ, he is our pattern and therefore we should take after him in all our ways!”

Sonstar also has other five children from his marriage. Besides Tory, another popular member of the family is Destiny Peterson who is also a singer who Sonstar named with seven names “Destiny, Melech, Liberty, Candace, Makedah, Cassia, and Sarah”. The oldest is likely Zoe Peterson Owi, and then there was a son Y’Shua Elijah.

There are also other two boys who go by the name (Yoko Gold, and H.W. Sos,) one of whom is Wolfgang Gatsbyan Peterson.

Is Sonstar Peterson On Instagram?

Yes, Sonstar Peterson is on Instagram (@sonstaruniverse) and Facebook (@sonstarpeterson).

Sonstar Peterson Age

Sonstar Peterson should be above 60 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 27 June.

Sonstar Peterson Job

Sonstar Peterson is reportedly an ordained minister and missionary by profession. Furthermore, he is also an author going by the name John Peterson Carlisle. He has published a book titled The Destiny Of The Black Race which was published by Lifetime Communications.

Per the book synopsis, “The book’s main theme is ‘Racial Reconciliation’ as we work towards a more harmonious relationship within our society at large. Though entitled “The Destiny Of The Black Race”, it is not a ‘black book” but rather a well-balanced work that looks at the ’cause and effect’ of racial disharmony and the main pool of contributors to this dilemma. The work also advances the positive and diverse contributions of the black community to the advancement of racial harmony and Western civilization as a whole. It also points out a “Biblical Destiny of The Black Race”. It is an excellent and powerful reader! You’ve got to read it! It is used largely in a diverse cross-section of the nation as a study aid.”

In November 2016, Sonstar also graced the judges panel for Miss Corporate World 2016.

According to his LinkedIn, Sonstar is the CEO and President at W4S CORP.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Sonstar Peterson Nationality?

Sonstar Peterson is Canadian by nationality.

  • How Tall Is Sonstar Peterson?

Sonstar Peterson stood tall at the height of 5’6″ inches.

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